process for employees to appeal on employee rights and/or pay

Canadian University Dubai gives all the tools to employees and staff members, in this sense the university has mechanisms that are intended to allow employees to submit their grievance regarding certain issues, if the employee presents or knows of any type of abuse or discrimination in the work area, for this CUD developed policies that protect human rights and at the same time have the procedures to report any case, in addition to having a Human Resources department that is available in the university facilities.


The grievance procedure is designed to supplement the informal departmental means of resolving staff members’ problems or complaints. It may be used whenever a staff member’s efforts to solve the problem through discussion with the immediate supervisor have been unsuccessful. The staff member may invite someone to accompany him/her to the meeting(s) with the department head, dean/director or review committee.


The following steps comprise the grievance procedure:

Step 1

  • The staff member shall present a request to grieve the problem or complaint in writing to the department head. This shall be done as promptly as possible–generally no more than one week after the incident or action under question

  • Upon receipt of the written statement, the department head and/or designee will promptly contact the staff member to schedule a meeting to hear the grievance. The department head and/or designee will reply in writing to the staff member with his/her decision and the reason for it as promptly as possible

  • If the department head’s and/or designee’s decision does not resolve the problem to the staff member’s satisfaction, the staff member shall contact the appropriate dean or director within one week of receiving the department head’s response under Step 1

Step 2

  • The staff member shall send the dean or director a copy of the request to grieve the complaint and the response from Step 1 along with a letter explaining his or her reasons for dissatisfaction with the response or outcome

  • The dean or director and/or designee will promptly meet with the individual and any others concerned. The dean or director and/or designee will reply in writing generally within two weeks of the meeting with the staff member. In cases where the dean or director and/or designee find the need for a longer inquiry, he/she will inform the individual within two weeks as to approximately when the decision will be rendered

  • If the staff member feels that the problem has not been satisfactorily resolved at Step 2 and desires further appeal, he/she may refer the grievance to the review committee

  • The review committee is chaired by a senior administrative official of the University and includes two other persons selected by the president who have not been involved in any earlier review of the problem. The associate vice president for Human Resources and/or designee serves as an ex-officio member of the committee and assists in procedural and policy matters

Step 3

  • Within two weeks of receiving the response from Step 2, the staff member shall provide the chair of the review committee with copies of the 1st and 2nd step statements and responses, along with an explanation of his or her reasons for dissatisfaction with the decision received at Step 2

  • The review committee will schedule a meeting for the staff member to present his or her case. A decision will be issued in writing generally within three weeks of the meeting. In cases where the need for a longer inquiry is necessary, the individual will be advised as to approximately when a decision can be expected

  • The decision of the review committee completes the final appeal step and is binding upon all parties within the University


The Department of Human Resources is available to assist staff members in both the informal and formal resolution of their grievances. Help may also be obtained from the University Intercessor.

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Policy Aim

Under the UAE Code, protected grounds are race, color, descent, place of origin, indigenous identity, religion, marital status, familial status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, political beliefs, and unrelated criminal convictions. The Policy's function is to defend the human rights of all employees and staff members.

Policy Statement

It is the policy of Canadian University Dubai to develop, implement and distribute policies, procedures, guidelines, and work rules for staff at all levels; and monitor its application and compliance through models, communication and training by management in the following areas:

      • Workforce planning and employment

      • Training and professional development

      • Benefits and compensation administration

      • Labor and employee relations

      • Risk management

      • Effective use of information systems

      • The Department of Human Resources at CUD will establish, maintain and disseminate additional policies, procedures and/or guidelines to carry out this Policy

Workforce planning and employment

Job analysis

Is the process of gathering and analyzing information about the content and the human requirements of jobs, as well as, the context in which jobs are performed this process is used to determine placement of jobs Under CUD Values the decision-making in this area is shared by units and Human Resources specific internal approval processes will be determined by the unit's organizational leadership.

Training and Professional Development

Canadian University Dubai shall encourage employee participation in sponsored professional development activities and programs that address the unique needs of employees to achieve individual career and organizational goals.

Benefits and compensation administration

The University strives to provide base compensation for exempt and non-exempt staff that is externally competitive with the relevant market and internally aligned with market reference ranges of individuals who have similar responsibilities, demonstrated competencies and experience. The University will utilize variable compensation (incentive plans and recognition awards) as appropriate to further support the achievement of the University’s goals and core values while considering the competitive market for positions.

Labor and employee relations

Canadian University Dubai shall analyze, develop, implement, and evaluate the workplace relationships and working conditions that balance University and employee needs and rights in support of the University’s strategic goals, objectives, and values.

Canadian University Dubai shall provide employees with information pertaining to the University’s work rules, employment practices, performance and conduct expectations; benefits and compensation administration; and relevant administrative procedures.

Canadian University Dubai shall facilitate the negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreement.

Risk Management

Canadian University Dubai shall promote a respectful, safe, secure, and healthy workplace environment by deploying risk management strategies, sponsoring wellness activities, and complying with applicable federal, state, and local laws. Additionally, the University shall minimize risk and liability by implementing a record retention policy, business continuity, disaster recovery plans and other policies and practices to support this effort.

Information Systems

Canadian University Dubai shall determine and implement the strategic application of existing and available integrated technical tools, systems, and business machines to increase the efficiency of human resources management functions, automate processes, and produce and evaluate metrics and measurements for decision support.

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The Department of Human Resources and Administration of the Canadian University Dubai. CUD trust our employees and the leadership of our university. The goals are to define an organizational structure that drives productivity, to develop effective coordination and communication within the organization, to spend time finding the right people and developing their skill bases, and to embrace broader social and ethical developments. Our goal is to promote flexibility, innovation, competitive advantage, develop a fit-for-purpose organizational culture, and improve performance on a daily basis.

The Department of Human Resources and Administration focuses on success and building high levels of loyalty to the university. Our responsibility is to establish knowledge and knowledge of the regulations, statutes and applications of human resources and administrative matters to regulate the relationship between the university and its employees. We also provide the elements that are capable of achieving the objectives of the university and promote the optimal investment in the human element to be a competition magnet in the world that seeks to join us.


Human resources department is keen to use the quality mechanisms in their work to meet the university employees’ interests which is one of the objectives of management to achieve job satisfaction among all employees of the university which will enable them to contribute in achieving the vision of the university.

​Tasks & Services

  • Training and staff development

  • Security and safety

  • Ensuring compliance with labor laws

  • Identifying work needs

  • Planning career tracks

  • Managing promotions process​


  • Polarization

  • Appointment

  • Evaluating staff performance

Salaries and Wages:

  • Employees' salaries

  • Rewards and incentives

  • Secondments

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The human resources department created an online complaints system, where the staff member or student can report their complaints or problems that arise at the university. CUD ensures total confidentiality and protection of the person who reports a case based on their Policy of Protection for Complaints Discrimination and Retaliation. The department will contact the staff member or student to make a personal appointment where the case will be discussed and the measures to be taken as well as the investigation carried out.

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Report discrimination

By law, discrimination is a crime. You can report discrimination through:

  • online channels of the UAE police across the country, or file a lawsuit through judicial authorities.

  • You may also report discrimination experienced at workplace through the online channels of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization for the private sector employees

  • through the online channels of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR), which is responsible for human resources grievances in the government sector.

Human rights issues can be reported online through the eServices from the:

    • Judicial Department – Abu Dhabi

    • Community Development Authority (CDA).

    • You may contact CDA on the toll-free number 8002121 or email at

    • Contact the Ministry of Tolerance and Co-existence (Arabic only) in the UAE to share any discrimination issues or email at: