measurement/tracking of women’s likelihood of graduating compared to men’s, and schemes in place to close any gap

CUD is an institution that has made great strides in gender equality, this can be seen reflected in the degrees of the year 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 where female and male students graduated, the University with the purpose of measuring the amount of graduates by gender and in this way know the number of women and men who graduate for the following years carry out and maintain strategies that allow continuing to maintain gender equity, make comparisons, in table 1 and table 2 an increase in 1% in women graduated from the University, in the year 2019-2020, 210 women graduated being equivalent to 51% while in the year 2020-2021, 280 women graduated being equivalent to 52% having an increase that demonstrates the commitment that this CUD in this field.

The university has a unit that is dedicated to giving students tools so that when they graduate from university, men and women alike have job opportunities in the labor market and thus ensure that all its students are prepared for life. professional, through the CUD Career Services and the different professional orientation activities for students and graduate students of the university, the aforementioned is shown below:

Canadian University Dubai Career Services

Careers advice is available to assist students in developing their professional goals and objectives, and regular career workshops are held to provide support in finding employment and preparing for life in the workplace. The aim is to make students career conscious and start building their life skills early on. All students are welcome to attend to start improving their life skills and employability, especially final year students. In career workshops, students can learn how to create a professional CV, design a cover letter, develop their interview skills, use networking and negotiate an offer.


The ills of the Career Services is to make a student’s transition from illsiona to illsional life a success story. This is meant to be a shared success; therefore, the Career Center invites you to collaborate and work together with your professors, internship mentors, and use the services and resources of the Career Services throughout your studies. Participate in events, start thinking about your career plans and set SMART career goals from your first year on. The Career Center ill work to motivate you to take action and discover your possibilities, using your resources strategically. Throughout all events and one-on-one sessions, we ill work on improving your life skills and employability, preparing you to enter the 21st century job market.

Regardless of year of studies, major or interest, every student can benefit from the following services:

  • Advice on career related matters – job and internship search strategies, setting career goals, objectives and a step-by-step plan

  • Improving career correspondence (CV, thank you notes)

  • Improving profiles and visibility on career platforms

  • Assistance in finding internships, part-time or volunteer opportunities

  • Workshops to develop interview skills, online and offline networking and personal branding

  • Our annual Career Fair to be introduced to companies and organizations

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Mr. Liaquat A. Shakoori, President of North American College of Information Technology and President of Global Channels Inc., a leading organization in the field of workforce development, addressed our students on a number of important topics relating to international students studying and working in Canada. Mr. Shakoori has 25 years’ experience in the field of business and accounting and has trained over 2,500 professionals. During his presentation, he explained that those who travel to Canada in search of study and work opportunities can sometimes end up working in jobs for which they lack the necessary qualifications. The paradox occurs when employers require employees to possess a certain level of experience but do not provide employees with adequate work experience opportunities to acquire the skills they need.

To address this problem, Global Channels has offered international students the opportunity to acquire Canadian Experience Reference Building (CERB) skills, which helped guide their career paths more efficiently and avoid having to work in low level jobs regardless of their qualifications. Mr. Shakoori concluded by thanking the audience and reminded them that Canada is not as far away as they think. Students working and studying there are allowed a great deal of social support. Finishing your degree in Canada can help open a huge number of opportunities for career improvement.

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Students in the Communication Department under the guidance of Ms. Sama Al Rasheed and Dr. Franziska Apprich have come up with a novel idea to help creative students overcome the difficulties associated with converting their ideas into tangible business opportunities for themselves such as lack of finance, peer pressure or absence of good advice. Utilizing the facilities of the new Business Incubator initiative in CUD, in cooperation with Ryerson University, it is now possible to create a business with revenue generated by the incubator’s first venture set to be directed to students who want to advance their creative ideas. Inspired by the success of the recent Scarf fashion show, the incubator’s first venture will be the creation of a scarf embroidered in real gold thread. The design will take the form of a horse’s head, one of the most potent images of a thriving UAE.

This will be woven into the material intricately with a quotation from the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), which states “Goodness is tied to the forelocks of horses until the Day of Resurrection.” The embroidered material will then be enhanced with a real emerald representing the eye of the horse. The scarf will then be auctioned to a selected audience of significant people whose faith, knowledge, and support will make this project sustainable.

The proceeds are to then be used to start the “Innovation Fund.” As a one off exercise this will only have a limited value so it is proposed that the business will branch out into other products which can either be auctioned or sold thereby enhancing the fund. Applicants who wish to be considered for funding will then be advised to submit their proposals under the guidance of a dedicated Business Mentor and the completed proposal will be considered by a panel of expert judges who will choose the best ideas for financial support. Speaking of the students’ idea, Ms.Sama Al Rasheed, Lecturer in the Communications department stated that the horse symbolizes passion and appetite for freedom and the motivation required to persevere.

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The Canadian University Dubai (CUD) Job Portal is now open for business following the recent online launch of the new Career Services search tool. Developed by Students Affairs in collaboration with, the Job Portal is a one-stop-shop for students and graduates of CUD to access information on part-time work, graduate jobs and internship opportunities. The Job Portal has already seen several employers post immediate job vacancies targeted at CUD students and graduates.

Both current students and University alumni are encouraged to register on the portal, which allows users to create a profile, search an extensive range of job postings, set up email alerts, and even apply directly for positions that are of interest. The service has been established exclusively for CUD students and graduates, with the support of, the University's strategic jobs partner. Akanksha Seth, Business Development Executive at said, "Online recruitment portals provide an optimal state-of-the-art platform for jobseekers to build a dynamic and professional brand and for employers to directly tap into relevant top talent quickly, easily and effectively.

"With regional recruiters across the industry and career spectrum tapping into the wealth of core and peripheral resources that leading career portals offer, it is imperative that professionals maintain a compelling, complete and competitive online presence that is geared towards their preferred career domain and discipline".

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Employers from leading international and local firms were on campus at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) to seek out talented students and graduates for a range of employment and internship opportunities at the recent annual Career Fair. This year's turnout was a clear indication of the UAE's buoyant employment market, particularly for graduate-level positions. The Fair saw leading UAE corporations, including AST Telecom, join international names, such as Bosch and Thomson Reuters, to tap into CUD's student and graduate talent pool, in search of new recruits for a range of professional disciplines.

With five undergraduate schools offering a diverse range of degree programs, the Fair attracted companies across the whole business spectrum, from banking, recruitment and real estate, to architecture, engineering and technology. Among this year's recruiters was former CUD student Imad Haddad, who attended the Fair to represent his now-employer, Dubai-based Architects and Engineering Consultancy, LaCasa. As a graduate of CUD's Bachelor of Architecture program, Imad knows all about what it takes to find the perfect job.

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As online profiles have become the new generation CV, students from Canadian University Dubai (CUD) have been learning about the importance of establishing themselves in the marketplace through the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn. Mr. Rajai El Khadem, Head of Government & Alliances (MENA) at LinkedIn, visited CUD to share his expertise with students on how to create their own online brand. The workshop, organized by Student Affairs, guided students from the School of Business Administration through the process of creating a professional profile and configuring it to their own requirements.

The workshop particularly targeted graduating human resource management students, who not only need to look into establishing their own profile, but might also be considering the network from the point of view of the recruiter. Dr. Rommel Sergio, Chair of Human Resource Management, said, “Social networking platforms feature strongly in our employment discussions in class and the session was very beneficial to the HRM students who are now more aware about the features of a profile that attract potential employers.” A second workshop targeted at the entire student body highlighted the value of tools such as LinkedIn for networking as well as job search, and also for professional learning and development.

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Canadian University Dubai (CUD) and Bank of China (Dubai) Branch (BOC) have joined forces to support a series of education, research and professional development initiatives for students and employees in Dubai’s banking sector. The collaboration was sealed with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at a ceremony presided over by Her Excellency Lingbing Li, Consul General of China, and Chancellor of CUD, Mr. Buti Saeed Al Ghandi.

The agreement will provide undergraduate students with exposure to the banking industry through job search support and internship opportunities, while sharing business research and intelligence through BOC guest lectures on campus at CUD. The partnership will also facilitate higher learning amongst BOC employees and promote Chinese cultural events across the university community. China is one of the UAE’s largest trade partners and CUD has welcomed a growing Chinese student population in recent years. During her address at the MoU ceremony, Her Excellency Mrs Li said, “The implementation of this agreement not only combines the strengths of both entities, but also tightens the relationship of both countries”.

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Students of the BBA in Human Resource Management at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) have gained some valuable insights into the practical operations of a successful business, during a recent site visit to Nestle Dubai Manufacturing. Organized by Assistant Professor, Dr. Fermin Castillo Jr., the visit enabled business students to witness fundamental corporate functions in action, in a real operational environment. They gained firsthand exposure to the processes surrounding various HR responsibilities, including job orientation, diversity, ethics and policies, occupational health and safety, and corporate social responsibility. During the visit the students heard from Factory HR Manager, Mr. Khaled Adra, and HR Specialist, Mr. Thomas Leedham, and had the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session on some of the challenges and issues that HR professionals might face in the workplace. They were also given an exclusive tour of the factories producing some of Nestle’s most famous products.

Read more; the first web portal dedicated to the employment of youth in the Middle East, providing work experience and employment opportunities to students and graduates; hosted an employability workshop on campus for students. The objective of the workshop was to prepare students as they approached the next stage of launching their careers thereby offering them training in skills building, tips for job hunting, with particular focus on the importance of self-branding and its link to education and employment. Facilitated by Orsi Urban, Work Placement and Careers Coordinator at CUD, students were introduced to a series of skills development and profile-building exercises; different ways of engaging with prospective employers, demonstrating how a CV video could help candidates to stand out from the crowd, and providing tips on how to achieve a high-ranking professional profile.

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Business School Industry Talk Series #3 on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Esha Khurshid Anwar, Chief Visionary Officer of Key2Enable, on Thursday, March 3, 2022, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The purpose of the event is for students and graduated students to connect, collaborate and find equal employment opportunities. Inclusive received government support and funding and awards.

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