5.6.4 Does your university as a body have accessible childcare facilities for students which allow recent mothers to attend university courses?

December 5th, 2018, CND Nursery: A large number of visitors from both within the university and beyond attended the opening ceremony in the grounds of the newly launched Canadian Nursery Dubai (CND), Touche à Tout.

There was a host of varied activities available for the young ones and the adults were treated to music and refreshments as well as having the opportunity to tour the facility.

Canadian Nursery Dubai, Touche à Tout is an inclusive English speaking with French immersion Day Care Centre that offers the Canadian accredited curriculum of Toronto providing a high quality pedagogical approach to childrens’ development.

One of the key elements of the program is the education of children through music and the opening saw the launch of Music BabyLab. This promotes the first music education steps for a child based on cutting edge scientific neuropsychology evidence. The initiative will be organized in CND by Dr. Efthymios Papatzikis, Associate Professor in Canadian University Dubai.

Overseeing the event was Mrs. Malika Attou, Director of the Centre who was pleased to see the turnout for this important occasion.

The Centre is now officially opened for business and will cater for children in the CUD family as well as the general public.

To learn more please visit their website https://cndubai.ae/