systematically measure/track women’s application rate, acceptance/entry rate and study completion rate at the university

With the purpose of informing men and women of opening to apply to academic programs, CUD uses its web portal and social networks to give the necessary information on the dates, in addition to informing about the scholarships for each year, the University bases its acceptance of applications on the personal merits of each prospective student and not based on gender, race or conditions other than those mentioned. CUD considers it important to accept applications while maintaining gender equity so that the same number of men and women enter the University equally.

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  • Number of applications men vs women 2021

Canadian University Dubai believes in gender equity and equal opportunities for women, for this reason CUD each year counts how many male and female applicants apply to the University, in order to measure application traffic and give the same opportunities to enter higher education for women. It can be seen in table 1 that 52% of women applied to the University in 2021, exceeding expectations about how many women wanted to enter the University vs. 48% of men, in the end they were admitted to the University 485 women equivalent to 53% while 420 men were admitted equivalent to 47%, thus demonstrating that CUD achieves gender equality in access to higher education by women.

The University with the purpose of providing the necessary information to people interested in applying for CUD constantly updates and provides information on how to apply to the University, through its social networks and web portal, where the "Online Application" Platform is located, where the Interested person registers with personal data and thus begins their application process.

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The student interested in applying to the University must register in the apply form, with an email where CUD will contact the person to carry out the due admission process if admitted, so that the person is registered in the System of the University.

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Within the basic information fields that the University requests from students who want to apply to CUD, there is a gender field where in this way the University can measure the traffic of applications from women and men who apply to the University each year and so on. In order to maintain gender equity in access to higher education, for CUD it is essential to guarantee that the applications of men and women are kept at a minimum of 50% - 50%.

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Canadian University Dubai has requirements and admissions appeals where it is made clear to the prospective student that in the event of an anomaly in any application, rejection based on gender or discrimination of some kind, the student may appeal the decision and the university will take action before a similar situation.

Prospective students are welcome to apply for admission for CUD undergraduate programs if they

  • are holders of UAE secondary education certificate

  • Fulfil program-specific requirements to the program which are listed in the tables given below

Holders of a non-UAE High School Certificate will be processed in accordance with decrees No. 199/2019 and 883 /2019 of His Excellency the Minister of Education UAE, as follows:

  • The High School certificate is valid for admission to a public university of the country in which it was issued

  • The High School certificate is obtained on completion of at least 12 years of schooling

  • Equivalency Certificate is Issued by the Ministry of Education in the UAE

  • The High School certificate includes at least six (6) subjects covering the four core fields of: Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, and the Social Sciences & Humanities or Arts

  • The High School Certificate is the highest-level certificate if it is issued from a country that has two levels of High School Certificates

The applicant is also required to fulfil program-specific requirements to the program which are listed in the tables given below.

The applicant can be totally sure that the requirements that the university asks for to apply are not based on conditions such as gender, CUD assures women the same admission requirements as for men, requirements that are reflected in the web portal of the university and are mentioned below, in this way it is verified that the university is based on the merit of each person.

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Should a student’s Application for Admission be rejected, he/she may appeal the decision as follows:

  • Inform the Admissions Office of his/her dissatisfaction and request a review, in writing, within thirty (30) days of having received the written reason for the rejection

  • The Admissions Office will acknowledge receipt of the applicant’s request and forward it to the Admissions Review Panel which is composed of the Program Leader and two faculties, one from the relevant Department and one from a different Department

  • The applicant may make a presentation to the Panel but may not be represented by a third party at the Panel

  • The Panel will submit their decision to the Registrar for his/her approval

  • The Admissions Office will inform the applicant of the decision in writing

  • The decision of the Registrar is final and binding. Should the decision be in favour of the applicant, the applicant will be admitted to his/her chosen program, or an alternative should no place be available in his/her chosen program. Under no circumstance will a student already admitted to the University be disadvantaged by the findings of the Review Panel

  • If the student making the appeal has evidence that he/she was not admitted due to gender or some type of discrimination that does not belong to the admission requirements mentioned

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