policy that ensures that access to these activities is accessible to all, regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability or gender

With the purpose of caring for the entire university community, students as well as staff members, the University has an Equality and Diversity Policy whose main function is that the human rights of each member of the university community are not violated and are respected. The university believes in the diversity of the human being, for this reason I developed this policy that rejects and prohibits any type of discrimination caused by another member of the university or a third party.

Introduction and Statement

  • Canadian Dubai University is committed to promoting and implementing equality of opportunity in the learning, teaching, research and working environments

  • The University aims to create a learning and working environment based on fostering good relations between all people, with a shared commitment to promoting respect for all, and challenging and preventing stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination and harassment

  • The University is committed to inclusiveness, which “embraces diversity by valuing and respecting the perspectives and contributions of all our colleagues and students”, to the benefit of the University community in respect of its learning, teaching, research, management, administration and support service activities

  • The University upholds the principle that, in their areas of expertise, relevant staff of the University shall have freedom within the law to hold and express opinion, to question and test established ideas and received wisdom, and to present controversial or unpopular points of view without placing in jeopardy their employment or any entitlements or privileges they enjoy

Scope of the Policy

This Policy applies to all members of the University community, including:

  • All members of staff holding a contract of employment, and staff from other institutions on placement at, or visiting the University.

  • Individuals with honorary or affiliate status

  • All students, including visiting and placement students

  • Visitors, including external persons or agencies using the University’s premises, facilities or services

  • Contractors working at the University

  • Individuals working or acting on the University’s behalf, including suppliers of goods and services

The Policy

  • The University aims to ensure that all members of its community are treated with fairness, dignity and respect

  • The University will apply this policy in compliance with and in the spirit of the relevant legislation

  • The University will not discriminate on grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation (hereafter referred to as the ‘protected characteristics’) in any decisions concerning student admissions, progression or support provision

  • The University will not discriminate on grounds of any protected characteristic, in decisions concerning staff recruitment and selection, career development, promotion, staff development opportunities, pay and remuneration, or reward and recognition

  • The University will not discriminate against any person on grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex or sexual orientation, in the provision of facilities or services, or in the exercise of public functions

  • In the provision of residential accommodation, the University will seek to provide an inclusive living and studying environment

  • The University will not discriminate against any person on grounds of disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex or sexual orientation.

  • Under-represented groups are encouraged to apply to work and study at the University

University Responsibilities

Overall responsibility for Equality and Diversity lies with the University Court. The University Principal takes responsibility as overarching Equality Champion, supported by Equality Champions for each of the equality strands, drawn from the Senior Management Group.

The University will ensure that:

  • Staff and students are made aware of this Equality and Diversity Policy through the University’s web pages, publications, induction and training provision, and through the line management structure, as appropriate

  • Publicity material reflects the diversity of the University’s community

  • Staff, students and visitors are treated fairly, irrespective of their protected characteristics. The University will take prompt action over alleged discrimination, victimization or harassment

  • Reasonable adjustments are made, as appropriate, to enable disabled staff and students to overcome substantial disadvantage in the working and learning environment, and in the use of recreational facilities provided by the University

  • Existing procedures for staff and student complaints, grievances and discipline/conduct matters are applied in a just, fair, open and timely manner

  • Staff involved in staff recruitment, student admissions, selection and promotion panels receive training on equality and diversity matters

  • External contractors are made aware of their responsibility in relation to equality and diversity and will be required to comply with university policies and regulations

  • Learning and teaching material, where practical, includes positive, diverse, non-stereotypical content

  • Public events are held, wherever possible, in accessible locations, and where accessibility is limited by necessity, this is made clear to potential attendees

Individual Responsibilities

All University staff, students, contractors and visitors have a responsibility under the Equality and Diversity Policy. All individuals are:

  • Responsible for making themselves aware of the University Equality and Diversity Policy

  • Expected to participate in training which supports the implementation of the University’s Equality Policy, as appropriate

  • Responsible for their behavior and expected to treat others with dignity and respect. This includes cases where alleged or proven discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimization has occurred

  • To support the University’s determination to promote good relations and eliminate discrimination and harassment

  • Staff responsible for schemes of work, teaching content and resources should demonstrate sensitivity to equality and diversity issue

  • Staff responsible for dealing with appeals, complaints, grievances, staff discipline and student conduct matters should demonstrate sensitivity to equality and diversity issues

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If a situation arises in which a student or staff member needs psychological support to overcome a case of discrimination caused by a third party, the university offers its university community "the Personal Counseling" where they will be attended by experts who will help guide the member or student of the university who is in this situation and in this way take care of their well-being and mental health.

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The purpose of Personal Counseling is Create and maintain a healthy balance between academics and personal life. The student college counselor is here to guide through this process and help you overcome challenges, find clarity, build resilience, and achieve the goals of the college community thereby providing mental health. She has experience and professional training and is committed to a multicultural approach, based on strengths and focused on solutions so that the student can solve any problem they face in their process at university as well as external problems of their social environment. Common issues college students face include stress, anxiety, time management, motivation, self-esteem, life transitions, and identity development. With personal counseling, you are given a safe, non-judgmental environment to effectively discuss, understand, and manage these issues and any others. While counseling is offered, referrals are provided if additional or long-term services are needed.

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November 23, 2017, GEMS Wellington School, Silicon Oasis: Students from GEMS school accompanied by CUD staff recorded a song, celebrating the diversity of Dubai titled ‘You’re Dubai.’

The song was written by Dr. Franziska Apprich, Assistant Professor and Head of Learning Zones and Incubation in CUD, in collaboration her Communications students.

The recording of the song is a follow up to an initiative in early October when students from the Communications Department worked closely with GEMS students on the subject of bullying. During their classes the GEMS students wrote and recorded lines about anti- bullying.

The students were so impressed by the creativity of the students that they felt motivated to prolong the relationship and as a result encouraged Dr. Fran to pen a song.

The song was recorded by the GEMS School Choir ‘Resonance’, under the supervision of music teacher Olivia Shields and, music coordinator Danielle Boylan. The choir was accompanied by members of staff from CUD.

The song is about the beauty and innovation of Dubai and how it has given us all a home. We’re all part of Dubai and are happy to be living in this peaceful and tolerant place.

Many of our students have been born in Dubai and consider this to be their home. Every time Fran comes into a classroom she is reminded of the diversity and beauty of Dubai.

Dr. Fran expressed the hope that the song would receive the maximum exposure through Radio and Social media as she felt that many people share the values of the song and music video.

The song is the end product of an initiative between CUD and Gems School addressing issues around bullying and examining strategies for coping.

Speaking on behalf of the GEMS School, Thomas Nelson, Head of Emerald House and Physical Education teacher who originally invited CUD to participate in the anti-bullying campaign said that it was important to encourage students to acquire confidence when discussing issues around bullying in the classroom, making it easier for students to talk about bullying issues when they happen, and also providing a better understanding of why they happen and how people are affected.

We wanted to establish a link with The Canadian University of Dubai and with the help of Dr. Fran and her students, we were able to work together to deliver songwriting workshops that allowed our students to express their feelings and experiences around the theme of prejudice and discrimination.

For the future, our ambition is to ensure that this awareness and message remains a focal point at the Academy throughout the academic year. As a school we know we have made a positive difference to our students in recognizing, reporting and responding to bullying.

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Canadian University Dubai celebrates Canada’s biggest strength, Cultural Diversity on-campus at an energetic evening of live singing, dancing, food and extraordinary fashion.

Students from countries including Afghanistan, Algeria, Canada, Jordan, Kazakhstan, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Tajikistan, Tanzania, UAE, USA, Uzbekistan & Yemen held live shows exhibiting their national dances, fashion and music. Many established tents on the campus grounds containing items representing their various cultures and serving traditional food.

The International Cultural Day celebrations highlighted the diverse population of the University. The university teaches students from more than 101 different countries.

The event was also attended by visitors from the Embassy of Algeria, Ambassador of Tajikistan and Yemen to encourage students of these countries.

Nigeria was voted Best Performance for their extra-ordinary crowd pleasing performance and Yemen earned the title of Best Stall for their outstanding efforts.

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March 28th – 30th: Canadian University has proudly hosted the Dubai Model United Nations Academy, in collaboration with United Ambassadors.

Teams from as far away as the Democratic Republic of Congo took part in a packed four-day program where they were treated to a magnificent Opening Ceremony followed by two days of intensive workshops and presentations. The event culminated in a keenly fought debate on the final day, addressing some of the major issues facing our world, including sustainability, discrimination, conflict resolution and world poverty.

The event was introduced by Nabila Elassa, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of United Ambassadors with contributions from Mr. Omar Hernandez, Lead Trainer and Mr. Ahmad Al Ammar, Facilitator and former MUN participant. United Ambassadors is a world-leading international Model United Nations Education non-profit organization with a mission of building the next generation of youth leaders and global citizens, through Model United Nations.

Students learnt about the importance of demonstrating effective leadership skills and having empathy with their stakeholders. During the workshops and presentations they developed skills in public speaking, writing proposals, reaching consensus, interpreting briefings, diplomacy and negotiation skills, all interspersed with a variety of fun activities.

Several of the delegates also made personal statements for their audience reflecting their determination to make an impact on their communities.

The MUN initiative was created to provide a platform for young people to learn about international issues, diplomacy and inter-government relations and to develop their capabilities in critical thinking, research and debate. The model simulates the United Nations forum itself, with each group of students representing a country in the debate over a range of issues from health and social progress to the economy and global finance.

Speaking after the event, Mr. Omar Hernandez, Lead Trainer with United Ambassadors, praised the standard of commitment and debate displayed by the delegates. He said, “this is a remarkable opportunity for young people to gain a unique perspective on how diplomacy works. The skills they are learning will help them make a difference in their future lives, and with the delegates coming from different backgrounds and culture, they are able to appreciate the importance of tolerance in today’s world.”

Eszter Meszaros, Administrative Coordinator for United Ambassadors in Dubai said the purpose of the event was to help the leaders of the future realise how they could make a difference.

The event concluded with presentations to the delegates and a series of presentations from the leaders of each group.

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February 8, 2018 Block C Atrium: Alumni from University of New Brunswick currently living in Dubai attended a get together in the presence of UNB faculty who were visiting CUD.

Representing UNB were Dr. Eddy Campbell, President and Vice Chancellor along with Dominic Blakeley Innovation and Leadership Strategist and Christopher Beardsworth, Director of International Recruitment.

Dr. Campbell, in his address, welcomed local UNB alumni and CUD faculty, and underlined the importance of the partnership between both universities recalling that UNB had been part of Canadian University Dubai’s journey since the beginning.

He believed Dubai was an exciting part of the world with its diversity, amazing mix of people and its energetic and booming economy pointing to the success of Canadian University Dubai in the region and the many returns the partnership between both institutions has resulted in.

He concluded his address by thanking Canadian University Dubai and expressed his hope that the partnership would continue to flourish as it was clearly in line with both universities’ visions in support of the higher goals of education, confident it would last well into the future.

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