4.3.3 Does your university as a body host events at university that are open to the general public: executive education programmes (this refers to short courses for people who are not attending the university; this specifically excludes courses like MBA) and/or vocational training?

Dr. Mohamed Ben Moussa, Dean of the School of Communication and Media Studies, has been discussing the impact of rap music upon young people in the Arab world, at a recent international communications conference.

Dr. Ben Moussa presented his paper, ‘Rap it, Share it: Arab Youth Culture and Identity in the Digital Age’ at the Asian Conference on Media and Mass Communication, hosted recently in Kobe, Japan.

Discussing the growing popularity of rap music in the region, Dr. Ben Moussa revealed how the versatile art form has come to reflect complex tendencies and trends in youth culture, from mimetic ‘westernization’ and hybrid cultural expression, to radical political discourse and activism.

Dr. Ben Moussa highlighted the role of social media in helping this unique genre of music spread around the region and discussed its implications for youth culture and movement, as well as for social and cultural transformations in the Arab world.

Drawing upon computer mediated discourse analysis (CMDA), and sociolinguistics, Dr. Ben Moussa went on to explore the semantic and discursive narratives and practices communicated in the lyrics, video clips, and users’ comments of rap songs, in particular, those disseminated and shared via YouTube.

Dr. Ben Moussa concluded that “Through sharing and consuming rap music online, young people are producing speech communities and resistance identities that are questioning dominant discourses, social taboos and cultural representations, and challenging power relations dominant in these countries.”

The Asian Conference on Media and Mass Communication is an international academic forum held in affiliation with some of the world’s leading universities and NGOs.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) celebrated the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) on April 6, 2021 with Al Wasl Sports Club (AWC) by participating in the Peace and Sport’s #WhiteCard campaign.

Established by the United Nations General Assembly and the International Olympic Committee, April 6 recognizes the role that sport plays in society and its power to foster dialogue, understanding, social inclusion, and peace.

To commemorate this special day, Canadian University Dubai organized an Academic Seminar of Football Management with the partnership of AWC. 

Dr. Leonardo Mataruna, Professor of Sports Management, Canadian University Dubai, said: “This year, we are all still facing an unprecedented situation. This occasion provides the opportunity for CUD and AWC to highlight the unique power of sport in supporting people and communities to overcome the challenges imposed by the pandemic.”

With reference to the yellow and red card in many sports, a #WhiteCard is a symbol created by the Peace and Sport organization to represent the positive power of sport for peace and social inclusion.

The core message of the 2021 #WhiteCard campaign is “behind each #WhiteCard, there is a story.” It seeks to highlight and draw attention to the stories of individuals and communities who have been positively impacted by sport all around the globe. Through a #WhiteCard, everyone can advocate for the unique power of sport for social development and peace, sharing personal stories on how sport has helped people to overcome challenges.

Yousef Al Sayed, Marketing Manager, Al Wasl Sports Club, said: “We are very proud to promote this initiative of the #WhiteCard with CUD in the United Arab Emirates. This is a universal movement from the sport community which has contributed to the promotion of peace all around the world."

CUD and AWC established a partnership with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in April 2021. The MoU represents an ongoing relationship that supports cooperation and engagement between the two parties through various activities, including: internship opportunities, academic-related projects and events, research initiatives, outreach programs, and much more.

This event was organized through CUD’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Management program, that gives students a profound understanding of the issues and practices prevalent in sport management, while teaching them how to negotiate contracts with players and vendors through athletic valuation, attract crowds to sports events, and coordinate external communication through traditional and digital media.

About Al Wasl Sports Club

Al Wasl Sports Club, established in 1960 under AlZamalek Club, is a football company registered in the UAE Pro League. Credited as the Club of the Century in the UAE by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), AWC promotes the values of sports as an educational tool, contributing to the development of the community and its future leaders.

About Peace and Sport

Peace and Sport, established in 2007, brings together and develops partnerships between the Peace (NGOs, UN Agencies, Academics), the Sport (Olympic Family, International Federations, National Olympic Committees, Athletes) and the Political worlds with the aim of implementing and ensuring the sustainability of field programs, maximizing the use of sport for development and peace and leading social transformation in every area of the world affected by poverty or social instability.

Thursday, April 22, 2021: Layla Khawatmi, senior Environmental Health Management student, Canadian University Dubai, was invited by Dr. Rashed Karkain, Founder, Sustainable Development Research and Training Institute, and Professor, Canadian University Dubai, to be a guest on his talk show "Young Environmental and Sustainability Leaders.”

Speaking to her environmental and sustainability achievements, Ms. Khawatmi shared her success in the community and her involvement with voluntary activities, academics, and innovation. Part of her discussion with Dr. Karkain also touched on how youth have become more conscious, more caring, and more concerned about protecting their environment to ensure the sustainability of public health.

Ms. Khawatmi originally enrolled at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) to learn more about food safety when she took courses that touched on water treatment, air pollution, and waste management. These courses broadened her horizons and opened her eyes to what she didn’t know, pushing her further into the direction of wanting to help the planet.

CUD offers over 30 programs in a variety of industries that introduce students to a wide range of disciplines. The Bachelor of Environmental Health Management prepares students for the technical and professional demands of careers in the field of Environment, Human Health, Safety, Healthcare Institutions, and Research. It also gives students the chance to be actively involved within their communities, through the planning and execution of environmental and health projects.

When asked about what advice she has to offer future leaders, Ms. Khawatmi said: “Never stop at one thing. Even if you have an idea, always try to improve it. Always try to seek advice from people with more knowledge to enhance it and achieve more. Reach for the sky.”

About Sustainable Development Research and Training Institute

Sustainable Development Research and Training Institute offers quality all-round education and knowledge via training programs both as synchronous and asynchronous; as well as workshops to individuals and employees of both private and public sectors in addition to scholars, researchers, and students from varied backgrounds. The organization operates under the umbrella of Dubai's SME, as part of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid's Program and is licensed by Dubai's Economic Development Department and approved by Dubai's Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Delegates from the UAE’s government and business sectors have been developing their legal skills during a recent corporate training course at Canadian University Dubai (CUD).

The Drafting Contracts in English program is part of a suite of law-related courses offered by CUD in collaboration with international legal training consultants, EMG Associates. The program provides a practical introduction to the essentials of negotiating and drafting commercial contracts in the common law tradition.

Among the trainees on the two-day program was law graduate Jyothi Mani, who is now responsible for case management at the Dubai International Arbitration Centre located within Dubai Chamber.

Jyothi said, “As lawyers we all bring our own approach to legal drafting, so it has been extremely helpful to learn about how to take a logical, concise and standardized approach to the task. This course has been invaluable to me in reinforcing some of the key principles of legal drafting and learning new techniques that will be beneficial in my day-to-day work.”

The course was part of CUD’s Corporate Training portfolio, which offers traditional and tailor-made training programs to business and government sector clients from the UAE and beyond.

Lawyers from the region’s leading diversified real estate and property services company, Majid Al Futtaim Properties LLC, have been benefitting from the Canadian University Dubai (CUD) Corporate Training and Consultancy Services through a dedicated skills development program in legal English.

The delegates took part in a two-day course on Drafting Contracts in English as part of their professional education in legal practice. During the program, the trainees benefitted from the professional expertise of CUD Assistant Professor, Ms. Jeanette Teh, a Canadian-qualified lawyer who has practiced law both in Canada and Dubai; and Ms. Elahe Ghazinoori of EMG Associates, a non-practising solicitor with vast experience of leading training in the field.

The Drafting Contracts in English program provides a practical introduction to the essentials of negotiating and drafting commercial contracts in the common law tradition. As most international commercial agreements are drafted in English, irrespective of the nationality of the contracting parties, it is a program that is proving popular among legal professionals from both government and business entities in the UAE.

The course was part of CUD’s growing portfolio of Corporate Training and Consultancy Services, which offers established and tailor-made training programs to business and government sector clients from the UAE and beyond, across a wide range of disciplines, including: management and leadership; communication, interpersonal and language skills; information and communication technology; and creative arts, multimedia and animation.

April 3rd, 2017: A group of students from the School of Public Health & Health Sciences at Canadian University Dubai has taken part in a Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training session to mark 2017 MENA Heart Saver Month.

Under the supervision of Assistant Professor, Dr. Yassen Alfoteih, and Associate Professor, Dr. Rami El Khatib, the students attended the program hosted by the Critical Care Committee of Latifa Women and Children’s Hospital, which was organized to coincide with CPR awareness day.

This aim of the workshop was to train non-medical members of the local community to enable them to recognize emergencies and to provide a first response to victims in need. The students were taught and practiced simple steps of CPR and learnt more about how these ‘Know and Start’ CPR actions could help to double or triple the survival rates of the victims if applied early in an emergency situation.

MENA Heart Saver Month is an annual campaign that aims to promote heart health and raise awareness of heart-related illnesses and first aid. Reflecting on the training, third year Environmental Health Management student, Crizelle Vaz said, “This was a very interesting and practical session that provided us with important revival skills and I’m pleased that I now feel able to respond in an emergency.”

January 8th, 2017: A group of 17 employees from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) have completed a two-day course in SPSS Statistical Analysis for Surveys, conducted by Canadian University Dubai (CUD).

The training provided participants with an insight into designing effective questionnaires, matching questions and appropriate statistical techniques, and using SPSS results for analyzing project data for reporting purposes. It was delivered by Hezlin Harris, who has extensive experience in teaching Statistics and SPSS to undergraduate and postgraduate students and has worked with clients in the field of telecommunication, manufacturing and education.

Anuar Berahim, Corporate Training Manager at CUD, said, “This is the first training program delivered for RTA by Canadian University Dubai, and covered key areas of statistical analysis for surveys. The participants were very enthusiastic in acquiring updates in this important field. We look forward to providing more such courses to RTA and other government organisations.”

The certificates were presented to the participants by Brian Banford, CUD's Executive Director, Community Outreach and Corporate Relationships.

The participants praised the course and the topics covered, “Our core area is data analysis and traffic accidents. Currently, we are doing analysis with a different application, but SPSS is an analysis app programme that can produce better results. What I liked about the course is that the trainer tailored it smartly though the participants came from different fields and levels of awareness,” said one of the trainees.

Another participant added, “The course was informative and up to date. We discovered that with SPSS we can get more accurate results. This knowledge will enable us to analyse more effectively people’s requirements and satisfaction levels.”