3.3.6 Does your university as a body have a 'smoke-free' policy?

The University’s policy on smoking is designed to secure a healthy and safe environment for students and staff as well as eliminating passive smoking from its premises in keeping with the Smoking, Health and Social Care.

Scope & Purpose In order to promote the health and safety of both students and staff, the University will endeavour to ensure that its premises are free from tobacco smoke. The smoking of tobacco is not permitted in University buildings and on all other premises.

Canadian University Dubai Health Center provides primary healthcare services and supports the safety and wellness of students, faculty and staff on campus.

Professional, licensed nurses are available to offer first aid and medical care for minor illnesses and injuries, provide health education and promote disease prevention.

The Health Center services are free of charge and available on a walk-in basis or by appointment for doctor's consultation. Information regarding the health insurance benefits, coverage and networks is also available.

The Center is equipped with a range of equipment to help maintain and monitor your health. Emergency cases are referred to the ambulance service.

The Health Center regularly collaborates with community organizations to conduct awareness raising activities such as no smoking campaigns, cancer awareness events and blood donation drives.

Students with medical needs or disabilities who require regular assistance on the campus may submit a medical report from their physician stating their health condition and special requirements.

All health records, forms and documentations are securely stored. The release or transfer of medical Information requires patient's approval, unless legally authorized, or in a life-threatening situation.

Canadian University Dubai prohibits smoking in any of its buildings; there is a designated smoking area outdoors for those wishing to smoke. All students are expected to observe these regulations. Fire exit signs are posted at all exits to be used for evacuation and smoke detectors are placed in various strategic locations to provide early detection of smoke or fire. All fire extinguishers will be periodically checked by an outside company to ensure that they are in good operating condition. They will also do a safety inspection and check the building for fire hazards. The Fire Marshal will supervise and coordinate the fire drill to ensure that all buildings are evacuated. Designated staff will be assigned as fire officials to take charge of the evacuation of a particular building in the event of fire. In addition, designated staff members will be trained as first aid attendants to assist fire officials with the evacuation. Fire drills will be practiced each semester in the academic buildings on campus to ensure that proper procedures will be followed in the event of a real fire.


• Know your work area; know alternative routes and fire exits

• Know the location of firefighting equipment and how to use it

• Avoid overloading electrical sockets

• Report promptly any faulty equipment

• Keep fire exits clear at all times

• Smoke only in the designated area

To Report Smoke or Fire:

  • Activate the building fire alarm system.

  • Alarms are located on each floor.

  • The alarm signal will alert the rest of the staff and students.

  • The Information Officer in the Reception area will immediately contact the Department of Civil Defense by dialing 997 and advise them of the location of the fire.

When an alarm rings: Follow RACE procedure:

1. R: Rescue anyone in immediate danger

2. A: Activate building fire alarm to alert others and report the incident

3. C: Confine the fire by closing all doors

4. E: Evacuate the building using the closest exit and move to a safe distance away from the building Use of Fire Extinguisher: (Only use if it is safe to do so) Follow PASS procedure:

1. P: Pull the safety pin from the extinguisher, distance yourself 6-10 feet back from the fire

2. A: Aim the hose at the base of the fire

3. S: Squeeze the handle

4. S: Sweep the extinguisher from side to side starting from the front edge of the fire.

Environment Canadian University Dubai is a smoke-free establishment.

In order to promote and maintain a healthy environment at Canadian University Dubai, and to promote the prevention of illness and encourage students, staff and faculty to lead a healthy lifestyle, a smoke-free campus environment policy has been created to reduce the use of tobacco products on campus. The objectives are to reduce the number of smokers on campus and to support those who wish to stop smoking; through raising awareness on the dangers of smoking and educating young adults with an aim to ensure they do not pick up the habit. To create awareness amongst the university community about the dangers of smoking regular no-smoking campaigns are showcased throughout the year, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. Tobacco products include - but are not limited to - any lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, midwakh, dokha, bidi, electronic cigarette or any other smoking device, along with any form of smokeless or spit tobacco such as dip, chew, or snuff. Each and every member of the University community is responsible for maintaining this policy.


Those responsible for the application of the policy are the Security Supervisor and Security Staff, Student Affairs Division, and the Human Resources Department. While students, staff, faculty and visitors are encouraged to make healthier choices, Canadian University Dubai has created clearly-marked designated smoking areas. These marked areas are the spaces between Halls B and C, Halls C and D and the space behind Hall C. These designated smoking areas are equipped with benches and ashtrays.

Warning System:

There is a three-point warning system in place for Canadian University Dubai students caught smoking outside these above-mentioned designated areas.

• First time violation: the student will be given a verbal warning (University Security or Student Affairs Division) and their Canadian University Dubai ID will be confiscated. The student will need to register with the Security Supervisor and can collect the ID card one week after the incident.

• Second time violation: should the student be caught violating the policy a second time, he or she will be given a first official warning letter (Student Affairs Division), which will be placed in his/her file.

• Third time violation: a third violation will lead to a final warning letter (Student Affairs Division) or possibly putting the student on registration hold for one semester. The case will be sent to the disciplinary committee.

• Disciplinary committee decision will be taken and student will be informed accordingly.

• Students have the right to appeal the committee’s decision (in writing) to the President’s Office