Sustainable Development Goal3(SDG3) Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. SDG 3 aspires to ensure health and well-being for all, including a bold commitment to end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other communicable diseases by 2030. It also aims to achieve universal health coverage, and provide access to safe and effective medicines and vaccines for all.

The United Arab Emirates is committed to the health of people and the SDG3 for this reason has developed different strategies seeking to make health a public right and guarantee health to all people in society, achieve universal health coverage, including financial risk protection, access to quality essential health-care services and access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all. Support the research and development of vaccines and medicines for the communicable and noncommunicable diseases that primarily affect developing countries, provide access to affordable essential medicines and vaccines, in accordance with the Doha Declaration on the TRIPS Agreement and Public Health, which affirms the right of developing countries to use to the full the provisions in the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights regarding flexibilities to protect public health, and, in particular, provide access to medicines for all.

Canadian University Dubai shares its health resources with students, staff and vulnerable communities in Dubai in this way making a positive impact on people and their health and well-being. CUD frequently carries out different events aimed at improving the health of all the people in the community, additionally CUD carries out awareness campaigns on different health issues, the University carries out sporting events that involve the entire community with the purpose of generating spaces. Each year CUD intends to continue contributing to SDG3 in a more active way.

University Relevant Events

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has embarked upon a five-year partnership with Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada to collaborate on curriculum development and student transfer initiatives in the fields of health and social sciences.

Building upon CUD’s existing suite of programs in the School of Public Health & Health Sciences, it is anticipated that the new agreement will see the two institutions work on curriculum development in disciplines such as psychology, water science and environmental science. The partners will also work on the creation of opportunities for existing CUD Environmental Health Management students to transfer their studies to health science programs at Laurier.

As CUD prepares to bring forward a new undergraduate degree in social work, the partnership is expected to explore how Canadian accreditation principles will be incorporated in the curriculum, and how students can incorporate a period of Canada-based study in their program.

Meanwhile in the social sciences field, the two institutions will work collaboratively on ideas to create combined honours degrees that will attract awards to both universities. It is also anticipated that CUD will benefit from Laurier’s expertise in policing education, and explore the opportunity of delivering degrees and corporate training to the police service in Dubai.

Wilfrid Laurier University has more than a century of history in Canada’s higher education landscape, offering more than 110 programs in nine different faculties. With over 19,000 students across two campuses and two additional sites, it is a university with an international outlook, already holding exchange agreements with institutions in 28 countries.

This new agreement comes following a visit by CUD President, Pr. Karim Chelli, to Laurier’s campus in Waterloo, Ontario, where discussions took place on the areas of mutual interest to the two institutions. The visit culminated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding which will take forward the areas of cooperation.

Speaking about the partnership, Pr. Chelli said, “We are delighted to embark upon this collaboration, which promises to open up several new, exciting avenues for strategic development for both our institutions. Equally, we are honoured to have Wilfrid Laurier University join our ever-growing network of Canadian partners, and to provide our students with another range of opportunities to access the best in Canadian higher education.”

Dr. Deb MacLatchy, Laurier’s Provost and Vice-President: Academic, and incoming President and Vice-Chancellor said, “We are very happy to have signed this MOU with the Canadian University Dubai. This agreement will bring together some of the strengths of each institution to create pathways for students and exciting collaborative research opportunities. We welcome the knowledge and talent that faculty and students from CUD can share with us as we build on the teaching and research possibilities that come from this partnership.”

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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an array of social and economic challenges that have had an unprecedented impact on public health, food systems, and the world of work. To shed some light on the actions the International Labour Organization (ILO) are taking to assist countries with their occupational health and safety measures, Dr. Manal Azzi recently spoke to our 4th year Canadian University Dubai (CUD) Environmental Health Management (EHM) students about the role of ILO in Occupational Health and Safety worldwide. Dr. Manal Azzi is a Senior Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Specialist at the ILO based in Geneva, Switzerland. In her 16 years with the organization, she has had the opportunity to supervise interventions around the world. Dr. Azzi currently manages the branch’s work on chemical safety and the environment and leads ILO's activities on health promotion in the workplace including improved wellbeing, nutrition, and the prevention of stress, psychosocial risks, violence, and substance abuse in the world of work.

She also coordinates the world day for safety and health at work, which focuses on 2020 and 2021 and ensuring safety and health at work during the COVID-19 pandemic. At present, she manages a global project to improve OSH in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. She also works on advancing OSH management systems and ILO Conventions 155 and 187 among others, to develop policies and programs and strengthen national systems on OSH in numerous countries.

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Dr. Yassen Al Foteih, Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Public Health and Health Sciences Chaired a Conference on Healthcare issues organized by the ‘12th World Congress on Industrial Health, Healthcare and Medical Tourism.’ This World-renowned Organization invited speakers from US, UK, Ireland and the GCC countries to speak on a range of topics concerning Healthcare. Representatives from various Health Authorities throughout the GCC were in attendance to learn about recent developments in healthcare.Dr. Yassen, a member of the Conference Organizing Committee and keynote speaker talked on the subject of ‘Shisha, the Silent Killer.’ As part of his recent research, Dr. Yassen has discovered the existence of six strains of bacteria found in Shisha which can be harmful to health. He also chaired both plenary sessions in the Conference.

As a follow-up to the Conference Dr. Yassen has been invited to a Health Conference in Japan in November where he will further expand on his theories and speak on the second stage of his studies which will be to try and identify if viruses exist in Shisha which may also be harmful to health. Dr. Yassen commented that only by getting together at events such as this, could growing concerns about health be addressed. He expressed the hope that by planting ideas in peoples’ minds about issues affecting their personal health could improvements in healthcare be brought about.

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Media channels in the UK and Australia are the latest to focus the spotlight upon the ground-breaking research of Dr. Efthymios Papatzikis, Assistant Professor of Educational Neuroscience at Canadian University Dubai (CUD). An expert on the role of music and sound in infants’ learning and brain development, Dr. Papatzikis has been invited to act as a consultant to the UK’s national broadcasting organization, the BBC. The collaboration with the BBC’s pre-school channel, Cbeebies, focusses on fostering activities that can support early years education. Dr. Papatzikis explained, “Cbeebies aims to boost and enrich toddlers’ exposure and understanding of music and sound from an early stage in life, which requires a valid and verified approach based on music and brain research.

This is where I come in, helping them to connect theory to practice in a dynamic yet pedagogical way, always keeping in mind the specific audience’s age range, limitations, and developmental needs.” He continued, “For example, it is one thing to say that music and sound activates the brain holistically, hence promoting brain development, but another thing to present pictures and specific sounds through a game-based approach that implicitly connects between brain development, music and sound.

All this needs academic specialization to organize and implement effectively.” Meanwhile, in Australia, Dr. Papatzikis’ research has been cited in a journal article about the benefits of music education on children. Published by Music Australia, the organization that represents all aspects of the country’s music industry, the article quotes Dr. Papatzikis’ findings, which show how music interaction in the early years of life can help in a child’s intellectual and emotional development. Locally in the UAE, students from Dubai English Speaking College and the American School of Dubai have been learning about Dr. Papatzikis’ unique area of research through a week-long program of seminars on brain activity in relation to education, music and sound.

Throughout the seminar week, participating high school students heard from Dr. Papatzikis about brain function and structure, and the research surrounding brain and music interfaces. The unique academic activity week covered a variety of subjects ranging from basic neuroscience topics to specific research areas such as Multiple Sclerosis and music. The educational exercise also took in a visit to the University of Sharjah Hospital, where Head of Medical Diagnostic Imaging and Associate Professor of Radiology, Dr. Abdulmunhem Obaideen, led a tour of the hospital’s Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Electroencephalography (EEG) facilities.

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Students from the School of Public Health & Health Sciences at Canadian University Dubai have heard from Dr. Mazin A. Gadir, Senior Specialist at Dubai Health Authority (DHA), about the organization’s five-year strategic development plan for the City.Dr. Gadir, who represents DHA’s Executive Office for Organizational Transformation, outlined the strategy’s vision, ‘Towards a healthier and happier community’, and revealed the mission to transform Dubai into a leading healthcare destination by fostering innovative and integrated care models, and by enhancing community engagement. Developed to align with the UAE national strategic development plan, Vision 2021, the strategy consists of three key goals: to driven and ensure compliance and accountability through an innovative health governance framework; to protect and improve population health; and to ensure patient happiness by providing world-class healthcare services.

Discussing the process for the development of the strategy, Dr. Gadir revealed that input was sought from a broad range of stakeholders from the public and private sectors, and collected through a variety of channels including one-to-one interviews, workshops, focus groups, virtual and online platforms, and brainstorming workshops.

Going on to discuss the values that characterize the strategy and the process of its implementation, Dr. Gadir spoke about the 15 programs and 96 initiatives that have been established under the four headline themes of population and healthy lifestyle, service delivery, smart health, and governance. The presentation concluded with a reflection on all the stakeholders that would be involved in making the strategy a success.

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A group of fourth-year students from the Environmental Health Sciences Department attended a one-day training workshop focused on occupational health safety (OSH). The session was facilitated by Dr. Adnan Kaddaha, Chairman and Managing Director of CEDARS, who welcomed CUD staff and students and explained the history of the hospital. CEDARS includes one of the largest occupational health departments in the region. Following the introduction, the students and staff received a detailed summary of the activities that CEDARS staff members are involved in, which includes new prevention strategies for labour inspection, OSH standards and OSH management systems. Students also learned about the planning and performance of inspection and reporting.

The presentations were followed by a hands-on training session for the students. Speaking after the event, Dr. Yassen Alfoteih, Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, explained how occupational diseases lead to adverse health conditions. The occurrence or severity of these health conditions are related to exposure to hazards in the job or work environment. Such hazards can be physical, chemical, ergonomic or psycho-social stress.

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The Department of Environmental Health Sciences hosted a panel discussion focusing on the refined Diagnostic Related Group (DRG) insurance payment model. In order to increase competitiveness in health care, Dubai Health Authority is planning to introduce a DRG, which would help build stronger relationships within the health care industry in Dubai.

DRG, an internationally-vetted insurance billing system that will be implemented in Dubai in 2018, ensures transparent billing and easier payment processes to help avoid excess payments and overbilling. It will be adopted by all health care facilities in Dubai by 2020. At the moment, if a patient undergoes a particular surgery, the final bill varies widely from hospital to hospital. But with DRG, there will be a fixed fee for every procedure. The discussion, featuring speakers from Claims Care, Al Zahra Hospital and Dubai Health Authority, focused on the impact of DRG on the health care industry in Dubai and recommended best practices to ensure a successful implementation.

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Call and its general manager, Ousama Alnazzal, has hosted a day-long event dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing among everyone on campus. Several trained professionals attended the event, including certified Obesity Medicine specialist, Dr. Charles F. Cheatham. The specialists from Health Call provided a full health examination for curious students, which included Smokerlyzer tests, blood sugar tests, and cholesterol tests. The students were also provided with a full height, weight, and waistline analysis. Many of the attendees among students and staff were also given a generous variety of vouchers, in addition to the free consultations. Taking place at the same time as CUD’s Student Club Signup event, the whole day ran smoothly thanks to the organizers, the Student Council, whose members were present throughout. The experts and managers from Health Call attracted quite an audience of curious students who were more than happy with the advice that they were given. The students who attended agreed that the event was a great success.

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Students from the School of Public Health & Health Sciences at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) have been given a firsthand insight into the functioning of patient safety procedures during a recent trip to Belhoul Specialty Hospital in Dubai. Accompanied by Assistant Professor, Dr. Ahmad Okasha, the group of senior students from the Bachelor of Science in Health Organization Management undertook the visit as part of their course in Risk Assessment and Patient Safety. The trip sought to develop the students’ practical understanding of patient hazards, their mitigation, and the methods that hospitals adopt to support patient care and well-being throughout their stay. During the fieldtrip the students visited the hospital’s laboratory, intensive care unit and radiology department. They met a wide range of hospital officials from the CEO, Hospital Operational Manager and Assistant Operational Manager, to the Hospital Safety Officer.

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Canadian University Dubai (CUD) and Al Wasl Sports Club (AWC) have established a new partnership to promote education and professional development opportunities that will help build capacity across the UAE’s growing sports management sector. The new collaboration was sealed with the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two organizations. The partnership is set to boost cooperation and engagement through a range of initiatives, including student internships, academic-related projects and events, research activities and outreach programs. A fast-track course for professional development in the sector is one initiative currently in the works. The MoU signing follows the launch last year of CUD’s Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Management program. The first undergraduate degree of its kind in the UAE, the four-year course prepares students for a career in the dynamic and exciting business of professional sports.

The program is led by Associate Professor, Dr. Leonardo Jose Mataruna-Dos-Santos, himself an accomplished sportsman, having participated as part of the Brazilian Olympic Judo Team in London 2012, Beijing 2008, Athens 2004, and Sydney 2000. Alongside his extensive academic experience in the region, Dr. Mataruna-Dos-Santos is also a commentator and advisor for the Arabian Football Gulf League.

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A team of students from Canadian University Dubai (CUD) recently joined forces with local charity, Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP), to help launch a new initiative to raise awareness of male cancers. The 'Shanab' ('moustache' in Arabic) Campaign is part of FoCP's early detection program, which aims to promote a culture of open dialogue around male-specific cancers, and to build awareness about its early signs and symptoms. The team of CUD students took part in a public engagement event at this year's DP World European Golf Tournament at Jumeirah Golf Estate, meeting members of the public attending the event and encouraging them to find out more about the campaign.

Student volunteer Dino Skikic said, "Our mission on the day was to engage as many people as possible in the crowd, making sure they received and read the leaflets, and encouraging them to routinely examine themselves. "Thanks to all the materials I read from FoCP, I was able to get really well acquainted with the symptoms and provide more information to the public about early detection." Fellow volunteer, Ache Hamid Moussa, stressed the importance of targeting women as well as men in the campaign. She said, "Male cancer was something I knew little about before volunteering to help out with this initiative. I learnt a great deal myself and so I made sure that I spoke to a lot of women during the event as well as men."

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Canadian University Dubai (CUD) students had an opportunity to gain new insights into e-crime, traffic safety, mental health and substance use at the ‘Protect Yourself’ safety campaign, organized by Dubai Police on campus. The campaign aimed to raise awareness about safety and responsibility amongst the university community. The event also featured a live performance by Dubai Police K-9 units for students to observe the police dogs in action. Lt. Ahmed Al Kaabi, Head of Community Programs, in collaboration with Lt. Khalid Al Hashmi and Lt. Rashed Al Shaamsi ran an interactive workshop, where students and other attendees learned how to stay safe on the internet, protect their social media accounts, and report an e-crime. This was followed by another informative workshop delivered by Dr. Amany Haroun, Consultant Psychiatrist at Al Amal Psychiatric Hospital, covering topics such as drug addiction and substance use and how they can be linked to mental health issues.

Commenting on the initiative, Ms. Raneem Nageeb, Student Counselor said: “The Protect Yourself awareness campaign definitely fulfilled its purpose. Students walked away with an improved understanding of the laws that protect them and their rights and responsibilities as young adults. The e-crime workshop was one of the most insightful due to the popularity of technology and social media use. Student’s learned what constitutes an e-crime, how to protect their accounts, and how to report e-crimes and online harassment to the authorities.” Alongside the workshop series, CUD Hall C Atrium hosted an exhibition of various Dubai Police departments including General Department of Anti-Narcotics, General Department of Criminal Investigations, Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions and Department of Community Service. The event was concluded by a Q&A session led by Dubai Police representatives addressing questions from the audience.

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Haya Merai, a graduate of the Bachelor of Health Organization Management program at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has returned to the University to promote skin cancer awareness as part of a campaign by her now employer, Friends of Cancer Patients. Haya, who is a Junior Project Executive with the Sharjah-based charity, brought the ‘Mole Talk’ campaign to the CUD campus, to help create awareness about the importance of prevention and early detection of skin cancer among young people in the UAE. Speaking about the campaign, Haya said, “At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a widespread awareness in the UAE about the risk factors associated with skin cancer, despite the country’s climate, so our aim is to work with organizations such as CUD to deliver information about the importance of being sun-safe and looking for early symptoms.”

The Friends of Cancer Patients campaign is based on the ABCDE guide to detecting changes in the characteristics of moles. Organized by the Student Affair’s Health Centre team, the campaign also brought a doctor and nurse on campus to allow students and university personnel to be examined by specialist medical practitioners. Haya, who also undertook her internship with Friends of Cancer Patients while studying at CUD, will be returning to the University campus later in the year for the breast cancer awareness and shanab campaigns, which will involve a series of fundraising events organized by Student Services.

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To celebrate Mandela Day, Canadian University Dubai (CUD) joined 'The Biggest Judo Class' on April 18, 2021 organized by the European Judo Union in Lisbon, Portugal. The event was hosted by Olympic Athlete Nuno Delgado during the 2021 European Judo Tournament, with participants attending virtually from all over the world. Performing physical exercise in live streaming mode for 30 minutes and using hashtag #BJC2021 on social media, participants were brought together around the values of judo and its moral code; respect, courage, modesty, self-control, friendship, sincerity, honour, courtesy, and sustainability. Students and faculty of CUD’s Sports Management program took part in the festivities from their homes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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A group of students from the School of Public Health & Health Sciences at Canadian University Dubai has taken part in a Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training session to mark MENA Heart Saver Month. Under the supervision of Assistant Professor, Dr. Yassen Alfoteih, and Associate Professor, Dr. Rami El Khatib, the students attended the program hosted by the Critical Care Committee of Latifa Women and Children’s Hospital, which was organized to coincide with CPR awareness day. This aim of the workshop was to train non-medical members of the local community to enable them to recognize emergencies and to provide a first response to victims in need.

The students were taught and practiced simple steps of CPR and learnt more about how these ‘Know and Start’ CPR actions could help to double or triple the survival rates of the victims if applied early in an emergency situation. MENA Heart Saver Month is an annual campaign that aims to promote heart health and raise awareness of heart-related illnesses and first aid. Reflecting on the training, third year Environmental Health Management student, Crizelle Vaz said, “This was a very interesting and practical session that provided us with important revival skills and I’m pleased that I now feel able to respond in an emergency.”

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Congratulations to our sports teams who were successful at the Dubai Inter-University Sports League launched in October 2022. Our Basketball team captained by Artur Gareyev won a closely fought final narrowly defeating Middlesex University by 61-57. Our girls were narrowly defeated by a strong team from UOWD Volleyball Final losing by two sets to one. Middlesex got their revenge in the Girls’ Basketball winning by 33-18. The football final went down to the wire resulting in a scoreless draw at full time. Rochester Institute of Technology won the subsequent penalty shoot-out by 3-2. Each of the Competitions was run on a league basis with the top teams in each Competition taking part in the finals.

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A total of 32 competitors took part in a closely fought Pool Competition organized by Mr. Dusan Popovic, Sports Coordinator of CUD.Students and staff members battled through the initial stages, each game consisting of a single frame with the winners progressing through to the later stages. The semis and the final were each fought over three frames. The winner of the competition was Kristin Mathew who was awarded a trophy and AED 500. She defeated Abdallah Baswaid who nevertheless picked up AED 250 and a silver medal. In third place with a bronze medal and prize of AED 100 came Farouk Mohammed Dalhatu who defeated Sheikh Mohammed Abzal in the losers final. Two new Pool Tables were brought in for the Competition, increasing the facilities now available for indoor sport in the university.

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Local High schools competed for CUD's Canada Cup 2019 under the direction of Mr. Dusan Popovic, Sports Coordinator in the university. The event was held in JSS Private School, CUD’s practice venue for soccer. A total of fifty-five students from four teams took part in the competition with the American International School, Dubai emerging as eventual winners, defeating the International School of Arts and Sciences in the final. Third and fourth places went to Dubai National School Al Twar and the Collegiate American School respectively. Speaking after the event, Mr. Dusan said the competition was close and the standard of football was excellent. He thanked JSS Private School for providing the venue and congratulated all the coaches for preparing their teams so well.

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The University holds a free basketball tournament where students, staff and the local community could participate by registering as tournament participants on the web portal, the event was an open door for the public of the community to observe the tournament and become part of the culture of sport and well-being that the University promotes in its facilities.

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  • Canadian University Dubai Sports Day

The university, in order to promote the culture of sports in the community, celebrated the Sports Day where CUD opened its doors for the participation of students, staff and people from the local community as well as other universities from the different sports activities that rewarded the winners, football matches, basketball, table tennis. The event was free to access and relatives of the participants' spectators gave encouragement in the competitions.

Dr. Louise Lambert, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Ethics at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) advised people facing sexual harassment in the workplace to ‘speak up’ and report the matter to concerned authorities when they feel the ‘line has been crossed’. Speaking at a workshop on ‘Sexual Harassment at Workplace’ at the university on the eve of International Women’s Day, Dr. Lambert gave an overview of common examples of sexual harassment, common responses, ways of extricating oneself from a situation and the role of HR in handling such issues. Focusing mainly on student-faculty cases of sexual harassment, she recommended taking a firm line from the start when contracted with ‘unwanted attention’ by way of emails, looks, phone calls, notes, gestures, touch or presence beyond the necessary.

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CUD hosted the anti-smoking Campaign in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority and Al Zahra Hospital. Research has proven that the more you learn about what you might experience after you quit smoking, the more easily you'll be able to navigate the ups and downs. The Campaign included a free Lung Test and an informative Health lecture in the Red Theatre about the effects of smoking.

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University Strategy/Procedure/Policy

In order to promote a culture of sports and well-being that leads to people's health, the University carries out different events and activities that promote the aforementioned, participating universities, also creating well-being among the entire university community and, in turn, activities for the staff. they are carried out to generate a good work environment, additionally the local community is also invited to the events to make them part of the sports culture.

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  • Sports at CUD

At CUD we recognize that the importance of staying healthy and active and offer a number of sporting activities to our students on campus. Students, Staff and Local Community are encouraged to take part as an active role in sports at university can help them develop practical skills like team work, discipline, sportsmanship, cooperation, dedication and decision making, supporting both their physical and personality development, and helping them progress in the future. Our dedicated Sports Program offers students the opportunity for regular training and practices, intra and inter-mural competitions, and our sports teams play matches in tournaments and events across the UAE.

  • Sports at CUD - Football and Basketball Field

The University's soccer and basketball fields are often used by the local community for different events that are totally free and that create spaces for sportsmanship and well-being among people of the local community.

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The university has a free service for students and gym staff that allows them to exercise every day of the week. This service for the community has a cost that, depending on the economic situation of the person who wants to access the monthly subscription, has a discount for people from the local community who do not belong to the university.

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  • The importance of sexual health is a relevant part of people's lives, since it influences on a physical, mental, emotional and social level. Therefore, it contributes to well-being and personal happiness. For this reason, Canadian University Dubai is committed to the sexual health of the entire university community, providing different services in sexual health and guidance that help the university community in different processes that are essential in life.

In order for students to have optimal sexual health and to avoid future problems, the University within Health Services has a sexual orientation service in which students or couples of students are advised by experts on psychological and sexual issues about of the paths they can take to have a healthy and responsible sexual life. This service is free for university students.

Additionally, this service provides:

  • Promotion of safe sex behavior

  • Promotion of proper use of condoms

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To take care of the sexual health of students, the University provides a family planning and contraceptive service with which students can protect their well-being, couples who need information of some kind about this free service can approach the Health Services.

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The university offers women who belong to the university health care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. CUD believes that each stage should be a positive experience, ensuring that women and their babies reach their full potential for health and wellness. In this way, the University contributes to the health of pregnant women who are CUD students. This service is free for female students or those who are part of the staff. To access this service, it is located at the Health Services at CUD.

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  • CUD Smoke Free Campus Environment

Canadian University Dubai is a smoke-free establishment. In order to promote and maintain a healthy environment at Canadian University Dubai, and to promote the prevention of illness and encourage students, staff and faculty to lead a healthy lifestyle, a smoke-free campus environment policy has been created to reduce the use of tobacco products on campus. The objectives are to reduce the number of smokers on campus and to support those who wish to stop smoking; through raising awareness on the dangers of smoking and educating young adults with an aim to ensure they do not pick up the habit. To create awareness amongst the university community about the dangers of smoking regular no-smoking campaigns are showcased throughout the year, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health. Tobacco products include - but are not limited to - any lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, midwakh, dokha, bidi, electronic cigarette or any other smoking device, along with any form of smokeless or spit tobacco such as dip, chew, or snuff. Each and every member of the University community is responsible for maintaining this policy.


Those responsible for the application of the policy are the Security Supervisor and Security Staff, Student Affairs Division, and the Human Resources Department. While students, staff, faculty and visitors are encouraged to make healthier choices, Canadian University Dubai has created clearly-marked designated smoking areas. These marked areas are the spaces between Halls B and C, Halls C and D and the space behind Hall C. These designated smoking areas are equipped with benches and ashtrays.

Warning System:

There is a three-point warning system in place for Canadian University Dubai students caught smoking outside these above-mentioned designated areas.

    • First time violation: the student will be given a verbal warning (University Security or Student Affairs Division) and their Canadian University Dubai ID will be confiscated. The student will need to register with the Security Supervisor and can collect the ID card one week after the incident

    • Second time violation: should the student be caught violating the policy a second time, he or she will be given a first official warning letter (Student Affairs Division), which will be placed in his/her file

    • Third time violation: a third violation will lead to a final warning letter (Student Affairs Division) or possibly putting the student on registration holds for one semester. The case will be sent to the disciplinary committee

    • Disciplinary committee decision will be taken and student will be informed accordingly

    • Students have the right to appeal the committee’s decision (in writing) to the President’s Office

  • CUD Fire Safety Policy

Canadian University Dubai prohibits smoking in any of its buildings; there is a designated smoking area outdoors for those wishing to smoke. All students are expected to observe these regulations. Fire exit signs are posted at all exits to be used for evacuation and smoke detectors are placed in various strategic locations to provide early detection of smoke or fire. All fire extinguishers will be periodically checked by an outside company to ensure that they are in good operating condition. They will also do a safety inspection and check the building for fire hazards. The Fire Marshal will supervise and coordinate the fire drill to ensure that all buildings are evacuated. Designated staff will be assigned as fire officials to take charge of the evacuation of a particular building in the event of fire. In addition, designated staff members will be trained as first aid attendants to assist fire officials with the evacuation. Fire drills will be practiced each semester in the academic buildings on campus to ensure that proper procedures will be followed in the event of a real fire.


    • Know your work area; know alternative routes and fire exits

    • Know the location of firefighting equipment and how to use it

    • Avoid overloading electrical sockets

    • Report promptly any faulty equipment

    • Keep fire exits clear at all times

    • Smoke only in the designated area

To Report Smoke or Fire:

    • Activate the building fire alarm system. Alarms are located on each floor. The alarm signal will alert the rest of the staff and students.

    • The Information Officer in the Reception area will immediately contact the Department of Civil Defense by dialing 997 and advise them of the location of the fire.

When an alarm rings:

Follow RACE procedure:

    1. R: Rescue anyone in immediate danger

    2. A: Activate building fire alarm to alert others and report the incident

    3. C: Confine the fire by closing all doors

    4. E: Evacuate the building using the closest exit and move to a safe distance away from the building

Use of Fire Extinguisher: (Only use if it is safe to do so)

Follow PASS procedure:

  1. P: Pull the safety pin from the extinguisher, distance yourself 6-10 feet back from the fire

  2. A: Aim the hose at the base of the fire

  3. S: Squeeze the handle

  4. S: Sweep the extinguisher from side to side starting from the front edge of the fire

Canadian University Dubai Catalogue 20-21

V. 2.0| 2nd Edition Page 81 of 401

Fire Evacuation Plan

Steps to Take in Case of Fire

    1. Activate the building fire alarm system. Manual alarms are located on each floor. The alarm signal will alert the rest of the staff and students.

    2. The Student Information Officer in reception will immediately contact the Department of Civil Defense by dialing 997 and inform them of the location of the fire. The Registrar will take student attendance registers and the students’ emergency phone numbers.

    3. Class teachers are responsible for ensuring the safe orderly evacuations of any students that they have with them in the event of a fire, closing room doors behind them and going to the designated assembly point. Staff members who do not have students with them at the time of the fire should proceed to the nearest Hall and assist with evacuation.

    4. The nurse will collect the emergency first aid kit and assist with the evacuation of students.

    5. Each designated fire official and first aid attendant will ensure that everyone has left their building and that all doors are closed, placing red “all clear” signs on the outside of the door.

    6. Security will turn off all the AC units and then assist fire officials.

    7. Class teachers are responsible for confirming that each of their students is outside of the building in the designated ASSEMBLY POINT as indicated below.

    8. All staff and students in Halls A and D will proceed to the right-side car park; those in Hall B will go to the left side car park and those in Hall C will exit to the rear car park

    9. The Fire Marshal will supervise and coordinate with fire officials and first aid attendants to confirm that all buildings have been evacuated.


    1. Stay calm

    2. Use the stairs only. Never take an elevator

    3. Always use the nearest fire exit to leave the building. Go to the ASSEMBLY POINT

    4. Do not stop to take personal belongings with you

    5. Staff is responsible for the evacuation of all students with them at the time; call for help if you need it

    6. Students and staff are not to return to the building until instructed by the fire department

    7. If you are trapped in a room, close and seal the doors. Call Security and tell them of your location

    8. Take an alternative route in case fire is located near your designated exit-proceed to the nearest exit in your location

Fire Officials

Canadian University Dubai Fire Marshal: The Facilities Manager’s office is Hall A1-12, and can be reached at 04-709-6212 / Mobile: 055-4626624

CUD First Aid Attendants

Smoking, the burning of incense or candles, or using any open flame other than the kitchen stove is prohibited. Any student detecting smoke or fire must sound the fire alarm, call the fire department by dialing 997, and inform the Security Officer. Students must evacuate the building in the event of a fire alarm. Please ensure to be familiar with your address location.

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UAE Initiatives

The UAE’s National Agenda 2021 is in line with SDG 3 of the 2030 Agenda as health is one of the six national priorities of the UAE’s Vision. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) is striving to enhance community health by providing innovative and fair healthcare services as per international standards. In addition, MOHAP acts as a regulator of the sector through an integrated health legislative system. The UAE is aspiring to create one of the best healthcare systems in the world by the nation’s Golden Jubilee.

Policies and Initiatives

  • New regulation regarding the code of marketing for breast milk substitute to enhance breastfeeding (2018). The aim of the regulation is to contribute effectively to the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding. This will be achieved through the coordination of marketing and promotion activities for supplies and products related to infant and young children, and by providing appropriate information for the protection of their health

  • National Policy for the Promotion of Mental Health in the UAE (2017)

  • Roll out of an excise tax on Tobacco (100%), Energy drinks (100%), and soft drinks (50%) in 2017

  • Launch of the 3rd phase of ‘Your Health Comes First’

  • A mass media awareness campaign focusing on health risks associated with drinking sugar-sweetened beverages

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