Education for SDGs in specific courses on sustainability

Calling all Faculty of Management students to attend the FREE student webinar titled ‘Championing the Agenda for Sustainable Development: Youth for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)’ on Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the ultimate blueprint to achieving a sustainable future for all. The SDGs touch upon pressing topics such as inequality, climate change, poverty and more through their 17 goals that are intertwined with each other.

Organized by Pearl Initiative in collaboration with AIESEC, this webinar will help you discover the role of youth in effectively implementing the SDGs framework in your future careers and in contribution to building a sustainable society.

Learn how the youth of today have a responsibility to demonstrate their leadership, organization, advocacy and determination in order to achieve the ambitious SDGs by 2030!

Webinar speaker: Simarna Singh, Chief Sustainability and Impact Officer, Coco Veda

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We look forward to your participation!