commitment to meaningful education around the sdgs across the university

Sustainable Development Research and Training Institute offers quality all-round education and knowledge via training programs both as synchronous and asynchronous; as well as workshops to individuals and employees of both private and public sectors in addition to scholars, researchers, and students from varied backgrounds. The organization operates under the umbrella of Dubai's SME, as part of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid's Program and is licensed by Dubai's Economic Development Department and approved by Dubai's Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).


Canadian University Dubai, established in 2006, is a higher academic intuition located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Ranked 42nd overall in the Arab region and 9th in the UAE (according to the 2021 QS World University Rankings), CUD offers a broad range of academic programs at undergraduate and graduate levels based on the Canadian curriculum and serves as a gateway for students to pursue higher education, research, and employment opportunities in Canada.

  • Licensed by the UAE Ministry of Education - Higher Education Affairs

  • Accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation

  • Ranked in the top 2% (601-650) worldwide and top 4 in the UAE (QS World University Rankings 2022)

  • Program accreditations from industry bodies

  • Regional affiliation: AArU

  • International accreditations: IAA, PRSA, PRME, ECO Canada

  • Leading industry certifications: CIMA, CFA, ACCA


Canadian University Dubai is licensed to award degrees by the UAE Ministry of Education - Higher Education Affairs. In addition, all of our degree granting programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education - Higher Education Affairs through the Commission for Academic Accreditation.

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has been ranked amongst the top 601-650 universities in the world by the QS World University Rankings 2022. The unprecedented achievement positions the University among the top 2% of institutions for higher education worldwide as it enters the internationally renowned ranking system for the first time in its history.

CUD was among an elite group of universities across the globe to qualify for assessment under the 2022 ranking process. Evaluated against a range of measures, including research citations, reputation, teaching, employability of its graduates, and internationalization, the University was also placed among the top 4 universities in the United Arab Emirates.

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Canadian University Dubai is a research-oriented institution, with a broad portfolio of academic publications and expertise. Across our seven academic Schools – Architecture & Design; Business Administration; Communication and Media Studies; Engineering & Applied Science & Technology; Environment & Health Sciences; Liberal Arts & Sciences; and Graduate Studies – the University has made significant research contributions across a range of disciplines.

The purpose of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) is to support and sustain institution-wide continuous improvement efforts at Canadian University Dubai. This is accomplished by using relevant, up-to-date information to support assessments, decision making and policy formation.

IRP supports business sustainability through continuous improvement of the University’s internal processes, via comprehensive and integrated Strategic and Performance Management methodologies targeted at Students and Academic Programs, Employee and Financial outcomes.

Vision & Mission

VISION: To be a reliable strategic partner that provides institutional data, information and knowledge to drive quality assurance and promote performance driven learning and services for the advancement of the University.

MISSION: To ensure accurate, useful information and the availability of the appropriate tools for institutional planning, decision making, academic assessment and operational improvement; and to coordinate these services in an objective, systematic, thorough and transparent manner, in direct support of the Canadian University Dubai Strategic Plan.

The key Behaviors of IRP that supports CUD’s core values (PRIDE) are:

  • Ethical: We are principled in delivering our services with full transparency and commitment.

  • Strategic: We will ensure clear lines of sight towards the University’s strategic direction in implementing our action plan.

  • Quality: We provide secured reliable data, analysis, and information for reporting, planning, and decision making.

  • Efficient: We use our resources wisely.


  • To facilitate Canadian University Dubai strategic planning and performance monitoring, focusing on the alignment towards the vision, mission and strategic goals.

  • To facilitate all aspects related to accreditation including standards compliance, applications, reviews and self-evaluation documents related to the CAA.

  • To manage all institutional surveys and evaluation and close the loop to provide information and measure the impact of the related performance gaps.

  • To conduct research and benchmarking to ensure state-of-the-art knowledge acquisition, application and preservation.

The goal of the institutional effectiveness program at Canadian University Dubai is to ensure that the strategy is being developed and managed via SMART measures of academic, service, and administrative units in a consistent and transparent manner.

The Office is itself a service office with the mandate to help administrators design, conduct, analyze, and ultimately direct planning through these assessment activities. ‘Closing the loop’, whereby evaluative findings are incorporated into the planning processes, is the ultimate goal of any assessment activity at a university and is essential for the continued improvement of services and academic quality at Canadian University Dubai.

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Assistantships in Research (ARs) are appointments provided to students who perform research in coordination with a faculty member as a part of their training. Funding is generally provided by faculty member research grants. In the Natural Sciences and Engineering divisions, most students are supported by ARs after their first year of study and during summers. It is expected that research activities performed under an AR appointment satisfy the student’s degree requirements and contribute to their dissertation research.

The tuition and stipend components of an AR are the same for students across all divisions. The stipend component of an Assistantship in Research is provided as salary. If a student has additional sources of funding from the university, the tuition and stipend amount of such funding are prorated accordingly depending on the percent of AR commitment.

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Faculty members at Canadian University Dubai are engaged in a wide range of groundbreaking projects, reflecting the diverse academic expertise that exists among our research community.

With a number of long-established transnational research partnerships, we are applying our expertise in collaboration with leading academics and institutions around the world, and have attracted grants from renowned international research institutes.

From the creation and application of new technologies, to the development of new business processes and techniques, CUD faculty are working across a number of disciplines to bring forward innovations that will help to advance society, both in the UAE and globally. The impact of this research can be seen in the publications and patents that result from these projects, as well as the numerous international research awards conferred on our faculty members.

Research projects in:

  • Architecture & Design

  • Business Administration

  • Communication & Media Studies

  • Engineering, Applied Science & Technology

  • Liberal Arts & Sciences

  • Public Health & Health Sciences

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Researcher at Canadian University Dubai covers a diverse range of disciplines and specialisms. Across our seven academic schools, researchers collaborate on national and international studies, speak at conferences around the world, and are frequently called upon to provide their expertise at local and regional events and in media and publications.

Students can to explore opportunities for research collaborations or to obtain an expert opinion in a particular field.