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The UAE is endowed with plentiful of oil reserves however, it is not immune to the world’s energy challenges such as rising pollution, depletion of deposits and increases in energy demand. These threats require great innovation and the UAE has risen to the challenge. The UAE’s Vision 2021 has a formulated clean energy indicator developed since 2013. The UAE launched the Energy Strategy 2050 with a target of producing 50% of its energy requirements from clean sources. For instance, the Peaceful Nuclear Energy Program, which will begin operation in 2019, will make a great contribution to diversify energy sources and support the UAE in its aim of reducing its carbon footprint.

CUD has a wide range of courses related to energy efficiency and how to integrate it into buildings, as well as a policy of supporting the United Arab Emirates' process to generate better clean and renewable energy, and has participated in several events over the past few years.

  • Energy policy

CUD considers energy issues to be an integral component of its operations. Responsible management of these issues is essential to achieve success in its business and to enjoy the acceptance of society and the communities linked to the company's development.

The university recognizes and accepts the principles of sustainable development as the general framework for its activities. This applies to all of the university's operations.

As part of their course, students from Marine and Air Pollution Class (ENV 409) visited Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability (GESS) facility in Dubai, accompanied by Engr. Rashed Karkain.

During the visit, Mrs. Anita Nouri, CEO/Business Development Director of GESS raised awareness of the importance of minimizing the emission of Green House Gases into ambient air, and innovative technologies that can be implemented.

GESS, associated with Dubai Chamber, are project developers and fully integrated service providers of “Green Energy Solutions. They are committed to the development of clean and sustainable energy strategies with a primary focus on Waste Management in the MENA region.

Their services include Landfill Gas Projects, CDM Registration Consultancy, Project Management, and Engineering, Power Generation from Landfill Gas and ISO Consultancy and Certification.

GESS is a success story, in which contributes to protecting the environment and achieving objectives of Climate Change in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals"

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  • Courses

Within the university there are a variety of courses that are related to various departments, these are correlated and integrated together in projects and research.

Several of the courses address the energy issues that exist today by designing strategies and imparting them to the future generation of CUD professionals.

The Department of Electrical Engineering provides students with world-leading Canadian engineering education in Dubai, in collaboration with its partner institutions in Canada. At CUD you have the chance to study in top-class laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, mirroring the best engineering schools in North America. Students are taught by leading experts who bring extensive research and teaching experience in the field.

As a CUD student at senior level, you will have the unique opportunity to get involved in industry-relevant research, alongside members of faculty and the University's Office of Research Services. You can also elect to transfer to Canada and follow our engineering students who have successfully continued their studies at top Canadian institutions, such as the University of Toronto, Concordia University, and the Queen’s University.

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The Department of Architecture at CUD is the intersection of design, business, technology, and creativity. Our degrees provide a balance of theory, design work and professional experience and as a graduate you'll learn how to lead on projects, solve complex problems and communicate your ideas while thinking about the wider responsibilities of an architect.

Our interactive program is aligned with the Canadian standards and delivered in a studio setting by faculty experienced in both teaching and professional practice. Students enrolled in this program develop knowledge and skills that enable them to become multi-functional professionals with the ability to blend the fundamentals of architectural design with business and creativity in technology and art.

Our program reflects contemporary design approaches and is facilitated by full-time faculty and professional architects and engineers who bring practical as well as theoretical experience, providing deep insights into the local and international world of design. The department maintains a close relationship with the UAE Society of Engineers and other professionals in the industry, with many of them coming in to deliver guest lectures, conduct professional workshops, and inviting our students into their workplaces and factories.

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Dr. Adel Ben Mnaouer, Professor of Engineering at Canadian University Dubai, has been awarded the prize for Best Workshop at the International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference, hosted recently in Tangier, Morocco. [6]

One of eight specialized workshops taking place at the conference, Dr. Mnaouer’s session was organized under the theme ‘Energy Efficient Networking Systems and Protocols for WSNs and IoT (E2NSP 2019)’. It brought together leading researchers in the field of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to share their insights on energy efficient approaches to powering systems that support devices and applications associated with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Backed by technical sponsor, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the annual conference is gaining growing recognition as an important platform for information exchange within this domain of breakthrough technology. The 2019 event attracted over 900 paper submissions and saw over 300 participants attend the week-long convention.

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Students from the Environmental Health Program took part in the annual Inter College Environmental Public Speaking Competition. The presentation was titled “The Future of Power.”

This is the seventeenth year for the competition with this year’s proceedings held in honour of the visit of the Minster of Environment and Climate Affairs of sultanate of Oman. Students from many Universities in the UAE took part.

As part of the Project work associated with their programmed, supervised by Dr. Yassen Alfoteih, students Zahra Hashi, Amruta Nikite, Sumiya Haji and Shaikha Mohammed delivered a presentation on the use of biofuel bacterial cells to produce energy.

Speaking about the CUD presentation, Eng. Rached Karkain one of the judging committees stated that the project presented by CUD was eye opening. He encouraged them to look for a funding donor or any local or regional organization interested in adopting the idea because of its importance where converting bio- waste to energy using bacterial fuel champers is one of the most innovative approaches in this field, he remarked.

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Dr Karlson ‘Charlie’ Hargroves, world-renowned sustainability transitions consultant, researcher and author, has highlighted the need for UAE to adopt advanced integrated transportation and renewable energy solutions, as the country races to implement the ambitious Vision 2021 against the backdrop of being one of the fastest growing desert nations in the world.

Dr. Hargroves spoke on the sidelines of the first-ever ‘Executive Program on Sustainability, Innovation and Economic Growth in the Middle East’ hosted by Dubai Municipality’s Environmental Centre for Arab Towns (ECAT) and Canadian University Dubai

This course on sustainability has great relevance to GCC countries and offered very valuable tips on topics like waste management, and renewable energy.

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