Does your university as a body collaborate with NGOs and/or businesses to tackle the SDGs through:

  • student volunteering programmes

  • research programmes

  • development of educational resources

Volunteering/Community Service Events

  • Volunteer day;

  • Work with local non-profit organizations on community-based day projects, such as park/community clean ups, support for local shelters, assistance in local schools;

  • Volunteer as a group to help at a community charity fundraiser;

  • Sign up for a community walk/run.

October 23rd, 2014: Dr. Hoshiar Nooraddin, a professor in the School of Architecture and Interior Design at Canadian University Dubai, has addressed a gathering of municipal government officials from across the GCC to reveal the key ingredients for a livable Smart City.

An architect by trade, Dr. Nooraddin developed expertise in the Smart Cities initiative through research and professional practice during his time in Norway. As a specialist in the region, he was called upon to deliver the keynote address at the 4th annual GCC Municipalities and Smart Cities Conference held at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai.

The two-day symposium was attended by leaders and senior decision makers from several GCC government municipalities, and examined topics such as modern management, IT and e-Government, customer care services, education, and knowledge management.Dr. Nooraddin was at the head of the conference agenda, which saw an elite group of experts from the public and private sectors share their insights into international best practices in the field.

The Smart Cities initiative has become a priority for municipalities across the region in recent years. Dubai, under the direction of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has developed a raft of strategic projects to transform the Emirate into one of the world's most connected and sustainable Smart Cities for the inception Expo 2020.

Introducing the notion of 'livable' Smart Cities, Dr. Nooraddin said, "The challenge for any city in this process is to work in parallel with innovations in technology to consider the social and human aspects of development.

"Smart Cities need to take account of lifestyle and environmental considerations to achieve sustainable growth. A livable Smart City is one that embeds quality of life in its evolution."

Dr. Nooraddin shared lessons from the Norwegian city of Oslo, which was recognized by the European Union as an exemplar in the 2013 Smartest City Rankings. He revealed the eight strategic objectives implemented by the city to provide a good quality of life while delivering its Smart City objectives.

Among the key strategies, Dr. Nooraddin highlighted the importance of integrating the national culture of a country into the design of buildings and urban space, the need to focus on climate-friendly initiatives, and to develop a city oriented towards the use of public transportation.

He also stressed the importance of 'smart continuous community participation', saying, "Smart Cities must integrate knowledge of the initiative into education, support continuous media involvement, and promote active community participation in all Smart City related projects."

He concluded that there is no ideal, prescribed model for a Smart City. "Each city needs to establish its own agenda and create sustainable strategies to ensure it is responsive to future changes" he said.


May 14, 2018: As part of their course, students from Marine and Air Pollution Class (ENV 409) visited Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability (GESS) facility in Dubai, accompanied by Engr. Rashed Karkain.

During the visit, Mrs. Anita Nouri, CEO/Business Development Director of GESS raised awareness of the importance of minimizing the emission of Green House Gases into ambient air, and innovative technologies that can be implemented.

GESS, associated with Dubai Chamber, are project developers and fully integrated service providers of “Green Energy Solutions. They are committed to the development of clean and sustainable energy strategies with a primary focus on Waste Management in the MENA region.

Their services include Landfill Gas Projects, CDM Registration Consultancy, Project Management, and Engineering, Power Generation from Landfill Gas and ISO Consultancy and Certification.

GESS is a success story, in which contributes to protecting the environment and achieving objectives of Climate Change in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals"

Feb. 28th, Four Seasons Hotel, Jumeira: A group of twenty CUD students acted as volunteers for the 7th Annual Crossroads Conference organized by the Harvard Business School (HBS) Club of the GCC, in the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance for the UAE.

The students were responsible for registering attendees and VIP guests and acting as the first point of contact for the event, and were honored to meet with His Excellency during the event.

The event was initiated by CUD alumnus, Abdulla Mansoor, who is presently interning with HBS GCC. He facilitated a meeting between Ms. Naoise Lane, Career Services and Internship Coordinator and the organizers of the event, which led to the University’s participation.

Harvard Business School Club is a non-profit organization based in Dubai. They were formed by HBS Alumni from various industry sectors, representing over 1,000 Harvard Business School Alumni in the GCC.

The event brought together industry-leading CEOs from the region to discuss business strategies and the significance of embracing tolerance within business settings and operations.

HBS GCC organize world-class events and unique conferences and bring the very best business education to the region. They connect students, executives and governments, culminating in the organization of this flagship Annual “Crossroads” event.

The organizers were extremely impressed with the caliber of students offered by CUD, and have expressed their willingness to reach out to CUD for future volunteering opportunities.

Speaking after the event, Goulam Amarsy, President of the HBS Club thanked CUD for their help throughout the Conference.

Addressing the student

and we wouldn’t have done it without each one of you. Your cooperation was of big help in making this event a success.”


About the role

The Media Research Volunteer will be part of the Brand & Communications department, working on different stages of the research cycle.

The volunteer will lead media data collection, analysis and present information and perspectives on media landscape & monitoring in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The findings will be used to improve communications approaches to enhance The Fred Hollows Foundation’s medical identity & to better communicate and advocate about eye health among targeted audiences.

Key responsibilities & outcomes

  1. Media Landscape Research:

  • Carry out & conduct comprehensive media landscape research in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh using desktop techniques: reading national and international news, academic studies, NGO and government reports, and local press sources in order to draw out relevant conclusions for the analysts.

  • Contribute to theinformation management, drafting documents, and ensuring that all data is up to date.

  • Suggest new sources and approaches for the research.

  • Prepare a presentation/report about key findings and recommendations at the end of assignment.

2. Media Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting:

  • Carry out daily pressmonitoring andanalysis to support Advocacy, Branding and Communications strategic planning & initiatives.

  • Produce short press briefings, charts and graphs on specific eye health-related issues: gender equity, cataract, trachoma & refractive error.

  • Assisting with key media figures identification across national, health, childhood & women news reporting.

  • Analyse data and draw out trends from studies conducted into avoidable blindness dynamics.

About You

  • Currently studying towards Bachelor’sdegree in Communications, Media Studies, Marketing or Business Administration.

  • Fluency in Arabic & English.

  • Good research, datacollection & analytical skills using different sources.

  • Creative, innovative, and initiative.

  • Ability to use MS desktop applications (excel sheet, word & PowerPoint).

  • Attention to details.

  • Ability to work with minimum supervision.

  • Own a laptop/ desktop machine.

Employer: Fred Hollows Organization (Refer to the attached file)

Send your updated CV to with the title of the position in the subject line


Media Research_Fred Hollows.pdf

A team of students from Canadian University Dubai (CUD) recently joined forces with local charity, Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP), to help launch a new initiative to raise awareness of male cancers.

The 'Shanab' ('moustache' in Arabic) Campaign is part of FoCP's early detection program, which aims to promote a culture of open dialogue around male-specific cancers, and to build awareness about its early signs and symptoms.

The team of CUD students took part in a public engagement event at this year's DP World European Golf Tournament at Jumeirah Golf Estate, meeting members of the public attending the event and encouraging them to find out more about the campaign.

Student volunteer Dino Skikic said, "Our mission on the day was to engage as many people as possible in the crowd, making sure they received and read the leaflets, and encouraging them to routinely examine themselves.

"Thanks to all the materials I read from FoCP, I was able to get really well acquainted with the symptoms and provide more information to the public about early detection."

Fellow volunteer, Ache Hamid Moussa, stressed the importance of targeting women as well as men in the campaign. She said, "Male cancer was something I knew little about before volunteering to help out with this initiative. I learnt a great deal myself and so I made sure that I spoke to a lot of women during the event as well as men."

The collaboration with FoCP was facilitated by CUD's Student Services team, which organizes a range of employment, internship and volunteering opportunities for students across the University.

Speaking about the opportunity, Dino continued, "The experience I gained goes much deeper than just work experience, it has helped me to understand a disease that could potentially influence my life, and now I know what to look for. I also saw that people really took notice, wanted to know more and took away our message."

Ache concluded, "I feel that as responsible citizens it's important that we give something back. I enjoy meeting new people and this experience allowed me to do this, while learning a lot in the process."