providing a neutral platform and ‘safe’ space for different political stakeholders to come together to frankly discuss challenges

CUD is a safe place, where the sole purpose is to advance education, knowledge and the growth of the community and the world.

Nov. 14, 2017. Federal National Council, UAE: Students from the Introduction to Political Sciences Class with Dr. Wided Dafri visited the FNC on giving students the opportunity to see how the legislative authority in UAE is administered.

The visit was divided into three stages; firstly to attend parliamentary sessions and see how deputies discussed the rules and voting process. During the second stage the students met with HE deputy Mrs. Naima Al-Sharhan (a member of the Education Committee in Parliament), who provided an overview of the Council and the role of the Deputies

Thanking the students for visiting she encouraged local students to be potential deputies in the future.

The final stage of the visit stage involved visiting the FNC Museum where the students were briefed on the history of FNC and were shown details of previous Presidents of the Council.

During the visit, the students saw the different gifts received from different parliaments in the Arab or non-Arab countries. Students were also shown examples of gifts that the FNC offers to others Councils.

Speaking about the visit Dr Wided said that it was fruitful and helped students widen their knowledge and aspirations.

One student “Abdulla Rashed AlKetbi”, said: “the visit encouraged me to study more and more to achieve a good GPA, and be one of the FNC employees.” Visiting students were very optimistic and expressed their desire to be members of FNC.

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Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has joined hands with leading international etiquette expert, Marchioness Mita Luciani Ranier, to develop a unique suite of corporate training programmes on protocol and diplomacy in a business context.

A descendent from Italian nobility, Marchioness Mita is head of Galateo International Etiquette and Protocol School in Rome. Having acquired extensive experience of delivering custom-made programs to a diverse range of clients around the world, Marchioness Mita will now bring her unique expertise to help organisations in the UAE to understand the principles and practices of general and corporate etiquette in a globalised business environment.

The new programmes are built on the Galateo concept - a blueprint for good manners that was published in the 16th century by Monsignore Giovanni della Casa, a Venetian ambassador, renowned for his refinement.

The first of the training sessions will be held on October 17 and 18, 2016, with registration open until September 28. Each session will be dedicated to a specific topic, which will be taught in a combination of lectures, workshops, and even role-plays.

The courses will cover topics such as personal communication, body and verbal language, the dynamics of cultural diversity, and international protocol and diplomatic etiquette. The training will also adapt age-old principles to modern times, covering subjects such as communication with phones, email and social media.

The new programmes will complement CUD's current corporate training curriculum, which includes courses such as International Trade & Corporate Diplomacy, and Building Competence in a Cross-Cultural Environment.

It is also anticipated that there will be opportunities for undergraduate students in the School of Communication and Media Studies to benefit from Marchioness Mita's expertise, through dedicated workshops around specific etiquette and protocol-related themes. Speaking about the importance of the subject matter, Marchioness Mita said: "Knowing the rules of etiquette is a universal language. Learning this language empowers you to gain self-confidence in all situations of your life, either private or professional."

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The Faculty of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology (FEAST) at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has brought together speakers and delegates from across the globe to discuss the emerging challenges and opportunities in the areas of wireless and mobile communications and networking technology. The three-day International Symposium on Networks, Computers and Communications (ISNCC) heard keynote addresses from world-renowned scholars and practitioners in the field, including representatives from NASA, du, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The event opened with a presentation from Dr. Mohamed Abid, who is the Mars Sample Return Payload Chief Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Having worked as Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer on the Mars Perseverance mission, Dr. Abid spoke about the intricate technical challenges the team overcame to successfully land the most advanced rover NASA has sent to another planet.

The day-one afternoon session began with a keynote address from Dr. Muriel Médard from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at MIT, who discussed the new trends of error correcting codes in 5G technology. Also, on the subject of 5G, Dr. Mahmoud R. Sherif, Head of Technology & IT Strategy at du, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, spoke about how telecoms operators can effectively monetize their investment in infrastructure through Next Generation Use Cases.

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Canadian University Dubai (CUD) lecturer, Mr. Ryan Sisson, joined a panel of leading local and international experts to discuss sustainable development in higher education at the UAE’s first Sustainable Campus Initiative conference, hosted by the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi (EAD).

The inaugural conference set out to establish a platform for debate, exchange of ideas, and transfer of international best practices on sustainable development measures in the higher education sector. It heard from international experts from Europe, Africa, Asia and North America, who shared their experiences of sustainable campus principles from across the globe.

With his experience of sustainable campus initiatives in Canadian higher education, and his campaign efforts on campus at CUD, Mr. Sisson was invited to join a panel of higher education practitioners to discuss the need for mainstreaming sustainability across universities and colleges in the UAE.

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  • Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

About the professor

Dr. Davide Contu holds a PhD in Environmental Economics/Advanced Quantitative Methods and a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. Prior to joining CUD, Dr. Contu has worked as a senior manager in market research, data and digital transformation initiatives, for instance leading the development and launch of the app ‘Emaar One’.

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