undertaking policy-focused research in collaboration with government departments

Canadian University Dubai is a research-oriented institution, with a broad portfolio of academic publications and expertise. Across our seven academic Schools – Architecture & Design; Business Administration; Communication and Media Studies; Engineering & Applied Science & Technology; Environment & Health Sciences; Liberal Arts & Sciences; and Graduate Studies – the University has made significant research contributions across a range of disciplines.

Goals & Objectives

The research initiatives and projects conducted at Canadian University Dubai are aimed at:

    • Providing a means to reach out to student communities, industry practitioners and the wider business community, and to raise awareness of the great opportunities that research at Canadian University Dubai offers in addressing local and global challenges.

    • Fostering and facilitating broad, multi-disciplinary involvement and interdisciplinary collaboration.

    • Creating a web-based resource repository to facilitate research, education, and outreach to the student community.

    • Stimulating industry/business/community interest and investment in university research by demonstrating the way scholarly research can fuel business growth and innovation.

    • The success of the research initiatives at the University will be measured by:

    • Collaborating with government institutions, industry, and other stakeholders to engage in research activities that directly and constructively impact the UAE's economy and society.

    • Engaging our students in research to broaden their knowledge and enhance their understanding of effective methodologies and scholarly journals in their respective academic disciplines.

    • Providing resources to faculty and students to in their research activities.

    • Organizing international conferences and workshops to serve as forums for researchers and practitioners to exchange, network, present, and discuss their research and knowledge, and contribute towards the sharing of such knowledge among the University and wider community.

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The student internship may be a required part of the program curriculum. Whenever it is part of the program, the purpose of an internship is to provide Canadian University Dubai students with an opportunity to have professional work experience in a setting related to the student's major, program objectives, and career goals. An internship is a way for students to gain practical, on the-job experience in business, industry, or governmental agencies. Canadian University Dubai considers student internships as an important bridge between students and the careers that they are studying to enter. Simultaneously, an internship introduces public and private organizations to students that might fit their field of interest, skills, and training for possible future placement.

Place of Internship

The internship place will be approved by Canadian University Dubai Internship Office so that it matches the area of specialization of the internee and meets the program’s internship objectives and requirements.

In the case of students who are already working in an organization, the place of internship is decided based on the following features:

    • If the current work and job specification coincide with the intern’s area of specialization, then the current place of employment will be chosen for the internship, and the employer in charge of the internee will have to function as the field supervisor; he or she will need to supervise a well-defined internship project to ensure that the internee not only applies the concepts learned but also that the work place benefits from the internee’s project.

    • If the current work and job specification do not match the internee’s area of specialization, then the internee should switch to an alternative department in the same firm or transfer to another firm which offers appropriate internship opportunity matching the area of specialization, chosen by the Internship Office.

    • It is the Internship Office’s responsibility to place students according to Canadian University Dubai’s internship regulations. Students should refer to the Internship Manual available at the Student Services office for more information.

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Faculty members at Canadian University Dubai are engaged in a wide range of groundbreaking projects, reflecting the diverse academic expertise that exists among our research community.

With a number of long-established transnational research partnerships, we are applying our expertise in collaboration with leading academics and institutions around the world, and have attracted grants from renowned international research institutes.

From the creation and application of new technologies, to the development of new business processes and techniques, CUD faculty are working across a number of disciplines to bring forward innovations that will help to advance society, both in the UAE and globally. The impact of this research can be seen in the publications and patents that result from these projects, as well as the numerous international research awards conferred on our faculty members.

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Statement of Purpose

An independent study course should be taken as an elective, used for individual pursuit of topics within or beyond a student's major field of study which transcend the regularly available curriculum. It will normally involve research, primary source reading, or field work. When planning for independent study, the student and his or her advisor should strive to maintain a balance between this mode of study and other elective courses. A disproportionate number of independent study courses will tend to prevent a student from taking other elective courses which are equally important to scholarly development. The institution must limit that grant of such courses to 6 semester hours for programs below the bachelor’s degree and 9 semester hours for a bachelor’s degree.

Credit and Grade Point Average Guidelines and Requirements

Matriculated students who have completed at least 50% of their program requirements are eligible for independent study. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 is required, subject to waiver by the Faculty Dean. The faculty sponsor is responsible for checking the student's grade point average and determining that the student has the ability to plan and execute a long-range project. Departments may establish additional criteria for initial approval of, and supervision of, independent study projects.

The Independent Study Course

An independent study contract consists of two parts: the proposal and the enrolment form. The faculty sponsor is responsible for preparing a detailed syllabus containing:

    1. A detailed description of the course with clear learning outcomes;

    2. The amount of time devoted to each major aspect of the course;

    3. A description of prior course work or other experience which prepares the student for the proposed activity;

    4. The frequency and duration of meetings with the faculty sponsor; and,

    5. Dates for completion of project milestones where applicable.

    6. The methods by which the student's work will be evaluated must be clearly stated in the syllabus. Some appropriate forms of evaluation include a paper, a performance, and/or a presentation.

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Through the Office of Research Services, Canadian University Dubai continually seeks to foster research collaborations with both academic and business partners to generate knowledge that will be of benefit to wider society. This provides a unique opportunity for researchers within the University to contribute to first class research programs in collaboration with their peers in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and other international settings

Research initiatives are implemented in close collaboration with partner universities from Canada, including:

  • University of British Columbia.

  • Lake Head University.

  • University of Windsor.

  • University of Regina.

  • The University of Western Ontario.

Additional research partnerships have been initiated with:

    • Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA.

    • Columbia University, New York, USA.

    • Multimedia University of Malaysia.

    • EMLyon Business School in France.

    • The Qatar Foundation in Qatar.

These partnerships make the university a portal to Canadian and other international education systems and give Canadian University Dubai a global stature.

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A group of students from Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has triumphed in their first outing at the annual Dubai Customs Intellectual Property (IP) Awards. The team of nine students from the University’s Bachelor of e-Business program overcame tough competition from veterans of the contest to take first prize in the Best IP Website category.

Now in their 8th year, the Dubai Customs IP Awards are designed to encourage community engagement in IP protection and education, and to promote research, innovation and IP development among the student population.

The competition runs across seven different categories and attracts major higher education institutions from across the whole of the UAE. The CUD team was first up among all the winners to collect their trophy during the award ceremony at the Marriot Jaddaf Hotel, which was held in conjunction with World Intellectual Property Day on April 26th.

Supervised by Dr. Anas Najdawi, Assistant Professor of e-Business, the CUD team combined their programming, design and content development skills to produce a comprehensive, interactive and user-friendly website, including both English and Arabic content. Alongside the website, the students were challenged with creating an eye-catching logo and a simple yet relevant name for their new site.

According to student Munir Abdullahi, it was a daunting but exciting challenge to take on. He said, “This is the first time any of us have entered into anything like this and while we were determined to work hard on the project, we never imagined we would win.”

The team took their inspiration from the Dubai skyline and the national flag to create an imaginative logo for the website, which they named Dubai Intellectual Property Awareness or ‘DIPA’ for short. Students Nada Al Sharidah and Joshua D’Souza took charge of creating the written content, while Salem Amin went in front of the camera to shoot an entertaining and educational video explaining the basics of IP.

Nada said, “Working on the website content was a big challenge. IP can be seen as a complicated and mundane subject, so we had to concentrate on making the language accessible and the content as interesting as possible.”

Fellow student Ahmed Hassan was the team’s motivator, waking up his teammates each morning to make sure they met on time to work on the project. He also applied his motivation and sense of fun to the website production.

Ahmed explained, “We wanted to engage the audience in different ways, so alongside the written and video content I came up with the idea of a quiz, which challenges users to test their knowledge of IP.”

Following the win, the team is now set to fully deploy their website at www.dipa.ae and have also been invited to continue working with Dubai Customs to develop the platform as a public source of IP information, carrying the Dubai Customs logo.

For Joshua, the association with such an organization is a huge motivation. He said, “To have our project recognized as the best by an organization such as Dubai Customs is a great honour for us all.”

Having developed a strong team dynamic, the group is now keen to work together to further develop their creation. Salem concluded, “The Award has been a major milestone for us, but it’s also the beginning of a project that we will continue to work on to develop and improve.”

Dr. Najdawi, who supported the students throughout the process, said he was delighted by the team’s success. He revealed, “I was extremely impressed by the ideas, functionality and components the students came up with, with little previous experience and in such a short period of time.

“Participating in such competitions is an opportunity for the University to support the society it is a part of, as well as a valuable learning experience for our students. I am delighted we have been able to produce something that will ultimately be of benefit to the wider UAE community.”

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Canadian University Dubai to host industry leading international conference at Atlantis, The Palm.

World experts in mobile and wireless networking will meet in Dubai to discuss the future of the industry at the 6th Joint IFIP Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference (WMNC'13) later this week.

The event is hosted and organized by the Canadian University Dubai, and co-sponsored by the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IEEE) and the International Federation for Signal Processing (IFIP) - the world's largest professional associations for the advancement of technology.

Education and business leaders from the public and private sectors from across the UAE will attend WMNC'13 at Atlantis, The Palm to discuss brand new reasearch that will revolutionise the future of wirlesss and mobile networking usage and technology.

WMNC'13 is the world's leading discussion forum for researchers, practitioners and students interested in new developments in mobile and wireless networks, services, applications and mobile computing. Some 134 research papers will be presented and discussed by a panel of over 80 experts.

Chairing the event is Prof Rachid Benlamri, an expert in wireless and mobile networking. He said: "The Canadian University Dubai is proud of its own research partnerships with top research laboratories around the world. We hope that by hosting WMNC'13 we can share our passion for discovery with the wider UAE community.

Prof Karim Chelli, President and Vice-Chancellor of the Canadian University Dubai added "Through WMNC'13 and other events, the Canadian University Dubai aims to bring the best minds to Dubai in support of education and innovation, not just for the benefit of our students and scholars, but also the wider UAE community."

In line with the future strategy for Dubai, key members of the Dubai eGovernment Department have been invited to attend. The Dubai eGovernment Department's strategy is: "to utilize both centralization and decentralization to help government departments optimally utilize their resources and provide online services to customers in a cost effective manner for both parties."

Mr Buti Saeed al Ghandi, Chancellor of the Canadian University Dubai stated "As an educational institution it is our social responsibility to support the initiatives of Government throughout the UAE. Mobile and wireless technologies play a key role in these initiatives so we are pleased to be able to bring together world-class experts and Government stakeholders for discussion and presentations that are very relevant to Dubai's future growth."

Receiving special invites to attend are some of the biggest and most important institutions in the public and private sectors in the UAE, including Government Ministries, Municipalities, Universities, Airlines, IT Firms, Banks and wireless communication giants Etisalat and Du.

Leaders in the fields of networking, wireless and mobile communication, and cloud computing will be flown in especially for the conference. Prof Muriel Medard from MIT, Boston, Prof Norman Beaulieu

from Alberta, Canada, Professor Abbas Jamalipour from Sydney, Australia and Professor Bayan Sharif from Khalifa University in the UAE will deliver keynote speeches to hundreds of delegates from 37 countries.

This year's research papers cover a range of practical applications that will have far reaching consequences for users of mobile and wireless networks. Body Area Sensor Network for Evaluating Fitness Exercise, Remote Health Monitoring Using Social Media Systems, Cross-Platform Mobile Applications for Android and iOS and the Impact of Trust in Vehicular Applications are just some of the papers that have been accepted.

For more information on WMNC'13, visit the official webpage: Click here

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Canadian University Dubai (CUD) and global professional services firm, KPMG, have come together to collaborate on new educational, training and research initiatives as part of a recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) established between the two organizations.

The MOU aims to further bridge the gap between academia and the local business community by facilitating the joint development and delivery of education and training services for professional learners, as well as supporting collaborative research initiatives that are relevant to the regional business environment.

The new collaboration was sealed with the signing of MOU by Ms. Tasneem Lakdawalla, Partner, KPMG Lower Gulf Limited, and Dr. Karim Chelli, President of Canadian University Dubai. Also in attendance at the signing ceremony were Ms. Judit Karfner, Associate Director, KPMG, and senior faculty and staff members from CUD.

As part of the MoU, the two organizations are also set to explore the creation of a KPMG Academy within the University, to provide a platform for the development of a comprehensive catalogue of professional training solutions.

The MOU will help to inform and enhance CUD’s current corporate training portfolio, which provides standard and tailor-made programs across a wide range of professional disciplines, for business and government sector clients in the UAE and beyond. For KPMG, the new collaboration will help to provide the academic framework and infrastructure to reinforce its continual professional education agenda.

Speaking on behalf of KPMG, Ms. Lakdawalla said that the collaboration would draw upon the expertise of the two organizations to bring out mutual benefit for the business and academic communities.

On behalf of CUD, Dr. Chelli commented, “We are privileged to be embarking upon this collaboration, which will impact learners at every level throughout the University. The applied knowledge and practical experience that KPMG brings to the collaboration will help us to provide a holistic learning experience and further harmonize our curriculum with the needs of the business world.”

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Dubai's future investment in green technology and the environment will be discussed at a newly-established forum for international experts.

Top officials from Dubai government will join with green economy practitioners, educators and researchers from around the globe at a series of summits organised by the Centre of Excellence for Green Development.

The International Conclave on Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Action Research and Cases in Power and Energy takes place from 24th - 26th February at the Canadian University Dubai, marking the launch of the Centre of Excellence for Green Development.

Members of the Ministry of Environment and Water in the UAE will be among those meeting with delegates from global power companies, such as NTPC Ltd - a public sector company owned by the Government of India and one of the biggest power producers in the world - to discuss a broad range of environmental projects ranging from Dubai's initiatives to phase out inefficient light bulbs to how businesses can improve their LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating.

Dubai has announced grand projects to reduce its carbon footprint, most recently with the announcement last October of the launch of the AED120million solar power plant at the AED12billion Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. Still, the UAE has the largest ecological footprint in the world, more than ten times that of India.

Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency in India and lead author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), said: "For corporates everywhere, sustainability is no longer a 'feel good' issue, but a necessity to make them future-ready.

"This conference will provide a forum for the sharing of lessons and experiences in adopting green practices, and stimulate the accelerated adoption of these practices".

Wassim Adlouni, Partner and Board member at The Sustainable City, believes that sharing knowledge between countries will encourage best practice here in Dubai.

"This is a very important conference for us and for Dubai," he said. "Partnering with the government, we have implemented many environment-saving solutions such as the use of solar panels, recycling of waste water, the reduction of emissions in construction, but we have much to learn. We hope to pass on some of our experiences and get ideas from other countries for the benefit of Dubai and the rest of the world."

Other confirmed speakers include Neeraj Bansal, Head of Real Estate and Construction, KPMG India, who will shed new light on the debate between balancing the environment with construction.

All delegates will be given a chance to experience first hand some of the success stories here in the UAE, including a tour of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, recognised internationally as one of the 'greenest' buildings in the region.

The Canadian University Dubai and the Centre of Excellence for Green Development are both owned by Dubai Education.

The purpose of the Centre of Excellence for Green Development is to help Dubai achieve the aims set out last June in its Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 at the Dubai Global Energy Forum - to make the emirate a role model to the world in energy security and efficiency

Chairman of Dubai Education, Mr Buti Al Ghandi, said: "The Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy launched with the visionary guidance of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the U.A.E. and Ruler of Dubai sets out a roadmap towards energy and water security by 2030.

"Dubai Education L.L.C. is pleased to support this vision through the creation of the Centre of Excellence for Green Development. As we move forward, the Centre of Excellence will fulfil its objectives through constructive collaborations with academic and industry partners. The Centre will provide a forum for discussion and dissemination of ideas and best practices by supporting the communities in which we operate."

For more information visit: www.dxbedu.net or contact kiran@dubai-education.ae

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