publication of university financial data

CUD has data on the Fees of the different courses and other models of income within the university, these data are the general ones presented at present, for the scholarship discounts are applied in the corresponding cases.

We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic imposed a financial burden on families in our community. To help where possible, CUD is offering a 30% reduction in fees on all published tuition fees to both new and returning students across all undergraduate and graduate programs for Fall 2020 semester. This fee reduction can be used with applicable scholarships for up to a 60% fee reduction in some cases. Estimated 1st Year Costs Based on Full Time Studies

Canadian University Dubai Student Accommodations offers a clean, safe, and cost-effective living option in Dubai. Whether you’re a UAE resident or an international student, living alongside your university peers can help you to integrate into campus life, and experience a unique multi-cultural environment, conducive to academic success, personal growth, and social development.

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