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Fees & Payments

https://www.cud.ac.ae/sites/default/files/files/2020/Undergraduate Student Handbook 20-21.pdf

We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic imposed a financial burden on families in our community. To help where possible, CUD is offering a 30% reduction in fees on all published tuition fees to both new and returning students across all undergraduate and graduate programs for Fall 2020 semester. This fee reduction can be used with applicable scholarships for up to a 60% fee reduction in some cases. Estimated 1st Year Costs Based on Full Time Studies

* *Application Fee included

Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences

Department of Environmental Health Sciences

By Students

• If a student is awarded a Canadian University Dubai scholarship or another form of discount, the amount of the award is applied as credit towards following semesters of registration. Unused amounts when a student graduates are not refunded in cash. Scholarships and other discounts are applied against the cost of tuition. No refund of Scholarship or Discounts is permitted.

• Overpayment of tuition is set aside to offset the cost of tuition for a following semester. The cost of fees and services is non-refundable.

• A refund of tuition is refunded to the provider (the source) in the same manner in which it was received, when the student: o Graduates. o Withdraws from studies at Canadian University Dubai. o Is dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons. o Has their visa to the UAE cancelled.

• To obtain a refund of the overpayment of tuition, an application must be filed when the student meets one of the above conditions. Under Third Party Agreements

• Third Party Agreements outline the coverage of tuition and fees. The agreement limits costs associated with courses, credit hours, and other fees.

• If a student does not uphold the agreement, the student must pay tuition and fees in full immediately or be withdrawn.

• Students are responsible for advising the third party of any changes to their registration, academic progression, or costs related to the completion of the program. The University reserves the right to inform the third party employer or loan agency of the academic performance of the student at any time.

• Academic and financial penalties apply. Third Party Sponsors will be expected to adhere to University policies with respect to payment deadlines, late payment penalties, instalment charges, withdrawals, etc.

• Delinquent accounts will be reported, as required by law, to the UAE Authorities.

• Recovery of paid tuition, if any, at the end of each semester must be defined in the agreement. No recovery of fees is permitted. No recovery of Scholarship or Discounts is permitted.

NOTE: Third Party Agreements do not apply to employees of the United Arab Emirates Government and its agencies

Payment Plans

Students may apply for a Payment Plan if they meet the eligibility criteria. Payment Plan applications must be received prior to the commencement of the Fall and Spring Semesters. The completed form must be received by the tuition payment deadline at Student Accounts in order to provide timely processing.

The application must be accompanied by:

• A signed Application Form submitted to Student Accounts (available on the website);

• An upfront payment of 50% of course fees;

• An upfront payment for the Application Fee (non-refundable).

• A sign off from Student Accounts that there are no outstanding payments. Once the Application Form is received, the University will make a decision within three working days from the date of receiving the application. Students will be notified through email of the success of their application.

* Note that Payment Plans are available on tuition fees only. Incidental fees such as the costs of

Accommodation, visa, and activity fees are not eligible for payment plan and must be paid in full prior to any semester start.

There will be two choices offered for the payment plan:

1. 50% upfront payment and a further 50% payment before the mid semester exams.

2. 50% upfront payment and a further 2 payments of 25% by before end of Week 9 of the Semester.

All payment plan payments must be current to remain on the payment plan through registration. All payment plans will be evaluated in October and March to see if payments are current. If payments are not current, there will be a hold on future registration until payments are caught up or paid in full.

Eligibility Students may opt to go on to a Payment Plan under the following circumstances:

• They are in at least the second year of their degree;

• They are not in the MBA program;

• The student is not on Scholarship of more than 50% in value;

• They pay 50% of the semester tuition fee up front;

• There is no payment plan available for Summer sessions;

• They pay the application and Management Fees with the application;

• No student will be accepted if they have any outstanding debts (these must be cleared before any Payment Plan application will be accepted)