16.2.6 Does your university as a body have a policy on supporting academic freedom (freedom to choose areas of research and to speak and teach publicly about the area of their research)?

Canadian University Dubai is a research-oriented institution, with a broad portfolio of academic publications and expertise. Across our seven academic Schools – Architecture & Design; Business Administration; Communication and Media Studies; Engineering & Applied Science & Technology; Environment & Health Sciences; Liberal Arts & Sciences; and Graduate Studies – the University has made significant research contributions across a range of disciplines.

Goals & Objectives

The research initiatives and projects conducted at Canadian University Dubai are aimed at:

Providing a means to reach out to student communities, industry practitioners and the wider business community, and to raise awareness of the great opportunities that research at Canadian University Dubai offers in addressing local and global challenges.

Fostering and facilitating broad, multi-disciplinary involvement and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Creating a web-based resource repository to facilitate research, education, and outreach to the student community.

Stimulating industry/business/community interest and investment in university research by demonstrating the way scholarly research can fuel business growth and innovation.

The success of the research initiatives at the University will be measured by:

Collaborating with government institutions, industry, and other stakeholders to engage in research activities that directly and constructively impact the UAE's economy and society.

Engaging our students in research to broaden their knowledge and enhance their understanding of effective methodologies and scholarly journals in their respective academic disciplines.

Providing resources to faculty and students to in their research activities.

Organizing international conferences and workshops to serve as forums for researchers and practitioners to exchange, network, present, and discuss their research and knowledge, and contribute towards the sharing of such knowledge among the University and wider community.

Through the Office of Research Services, Canadian University Dubai continually seeks to foster research collaborations with both academic and business partners to generate knowledge that will be of benefit to wider society. This provides a unique opportunity for researchers within the University to contribute to first class research programs in collaboration with their peers in Canada, the US, Europe, Asia and other international settings

Research initiatives are implemented in close collaboration with partner universities from Canada, including:

University of British Columbia;

Lake Head University;

University of Windsor;

University of Regina;

The University of Western Ontario.

Additional research partnerships have been initiated with:

Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA;

Columbia University, New York, USA;

Multimedia University of Malaysia;

EMLyon Business School in France;

The Qatar Foundation in Qatar.

These partnerships make the university a portal to Canadian and other international education systems and give Canadian University Dubai a global stature.

Faculty members at Canadian University Dubai are engaged in a wide range of ground breaking projects, reflecting the diverse academic expertise that exists among our research community.

With a number of long-established transnational research partnerships, we are applying our expertise in collaboration with leading academics and institutions around the world, and have attracted grants from renowned international research institutes.

From the creation and application of new technologies, to the development of new business processes and techniques, CUD faculty are working across a number of disciplines to bring forward innovations that will help to advance society, both in the UAE and globally. The impact of this research can be seen in the publications and patents that result from these projects, as well as the numerous international research awards conferred on our faculty members.

Explore our complete and ongoing research projects in:

Architecture & Design

Business Administration

Communication & Media Studies

Engineering, Applied Science & Technology

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Public Health & Health Sciences

To promote excellence in research, Canadian University Dubai presents annual awards that recognize and reward faculty members who have made an outstanding contribution to the University's research community.

2015-2016 Research Award Winners

Dr. Hamoud Dekkiche, School of Architecture & Interior Design

Dr. Ikhlaas Gurrib, School of Business Administration

Dr. Louise Lambert, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dr. Adel Ben Mnaouer, School of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology

2014-2015 Research Award Winners

Dr. Chris Enyinda, School of Business Administration

Dr. Sherif Moussa, School of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology

Dr. Mohamed Ben Moussa, School of Communication & Media Studies

2013-2014 Research Award Winners

Dr. Louise Lambert, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dr. Farooq Haq, School of Business Administration

Dr. Firuz Kamalov, School of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology

2012-2013 Research Award Winners

Dr. Rommel Sergio, School of Business Administration

Dr. Ho Hon Leung, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dr. Ikhlaas Gurrib, School of Business Administration

Researcher at Canadian University Dubai covers a diverse range of disciplines and specialisms. Across our seven academic schools, researchers collaborate on national and international studies, speak at conferences around the world, and are frequently called upon to provide their expertise at local and regional events and in media and publications.

You can contact any of our researchers directly to explore opportunities for research collaborations or to obtain an expert opinion in a particular field.

CUD-led Research Reveals Role for Higher Education in Promoting Entrepreneurial Intentions

January 3rd, 2016: Research conducted by a team of academics led by Canadian University Dubai (CUD) Assistant Professor, Ms. Jeanette Teh, has revealed that universities could help stimulate entrepreneurship in the Middle East by providing students with training and support in the field.

The research set out to determine if having an entrepreneurial attitude has a positive impact on the intentions of undergraduate students in Dubai to become entrepreneurs, and whether universities and role models have a part to play in evolving entrepreneurial attitudes into entrepreneurial intentions.

Alongside Ms. Teh in the research team was Dr. Hassan Al-Dhaafri, Assistant Professor in the College of Business Administration, American University in the Emirates, and Dr. Adrienne A. Isakovic, Lead Faculty in the School of Management, Walden University, USA. The findings of the study were presented by Ms. Teh and Dr. Hassan at the 9th Asia-Pacific Business Research Conference held in Singapore in November.

Based on a survey of 135 students, the research found that, “Entrepreneurial attitude is positively and significantly related to entrepreneurial intentions. Further, having a university play a greater role in providing entrepreneurship training and assistance would also increase students’ intentions to become entrepreneurs.”

However, the research also concluded that, contrary to expectations, having a family member as an entrepreneur did not increase the respondents’ intentions to be an entrepreneur themselves. These findings, says Ms. Teh, hold some important messages for educators and policy makers in the region.

She commented that “role models did not have a significant impact on entrepreneurial intentions was surprising, but perhaps helpful for policy makers interested in increasing the rate of entrepreneurship, since we have very little ability to change family or personal circumstances.”

She continued, “Nevertheless, there is much that governments and institutions can do to foster more entrepreneurial intentions and by extension, more entrepreneurial activity. Greater attention can be paid to identifying potential entrepreneurs early during their education and providing specialized training to encourage and develop their entrepreneurial skills.”

CUD is among those institutions promoting a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship from an early stage in students’ studies. The General Education course, Entrepreneurial Theory and Practice provides students with the unique opportunity to learn about the world of business enterprise from Dubai’s own young entrepreneurs.

One group of students is currently putting these entrepreneurial skills to the test as part of the region-wide Ripples of Happiness initiative. Through a social enterprise model they are working to unite the deaf and non-deaf communities of the UAE through the development of an innovative mobile application, Efhamni – Arabic for ‘understand me’ – which teaches users the fundamentals of Emirati sign-language.

Read more about Efhamni: http://www.cud.ac.ae/news/students-develop-app-support-emirates’-deaf-community