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At Canadian University Dubai, all undergraduate students are required to complete a minimum of 150 hours internship work during their third or fourth year of study.

We recognize the important role that companies play in shaping students’ education, by enabling them to put into practice, skills and concepts learned in the classroom.

For companies, hiring a student intern is a flexible, cost-effective way to add real value to their business, while supporting the professional development of tomorrow’s workforce.

Why partner with us?

As a CUD internship partner, you will have access to a talented, ambitious workforce who can help to increase your business productivity, drive innovation, and ultimately become employees of the future.

With a wide range of undergraduate programs, CUD works in collaboration with its internship partners to place students in the following disciplines:

Business: Finance/ Accounting/Marketing/ HRM/ International Business/ e-Business/Events & Tourism Management/Luxury Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain Management/Sports Management

Communications: Advertisement / PR / Journalism/Creative Industries

Architecture/ Interior Design

Environmental Health Management/ Health Organization Management

Telecommunication Engineering/ Network Engineering/Electrical Engineering

Psychology/Applied Sociology

As a CUD internship partner, you will be able to:

Access a young, creative talent pool three times a year (Fall, Spring and Summer)

Assess potential new hires

Help refine our academic programs to meet market demand

Contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda by mentoring the next generation

Receive priority at the CUD career fair and other events.

How it works

Internships at CUD are managed by the Career and Internship Office.

All you have to do is send the job descriptions and conditions along with a brief about the company and the career and internship office will make sure to post the opportunities on CUD internal platforms which are available only to CUD students and Alumni

For more information and support, please write to careerservices@cud.ac.ae

Some Success Stories

Here are some examples of how CUD students have contributed to UAE businesses through the internship program:

Sania Ahuja

Thomson Reuters

Hussein Akberali


Sania Ahuja did a three-month internship at the Dubai office of Thomson Reuters after making an instant impression when the company visited the CUD career fair.

Ms. Hala Bou Alwan, Head of Risk Market Development for the company’s Global Growth and Operations team said, “Sania is an outstanding performer; she keeps surprising me with her talent and creativity, and the passion she shows in everything she does. She is very dedicated and implements what she learns with high responsibility and a positive attitude. I would love to have Sania as a permanent member in my team.”

Hussein Akberali worked as an intern with PAE as part of his BBA in e-Business program and was later hired as a full-time staff.

Mr. David Klassen, Senior Subcontracts Administrator at PAE’s offices in Dubai said, “Hussein brought the right attitude to his internship in our office, he was always flexible and open to learning something new. He also brought great initiative and after some time, he was able work on special projects independently, which highlighted some of his skills in software application. We saw great potential in Hussein during his internship and were able to bring him on as a full-time employee, where he continues to develop his skills and grow within the company.”

Careers advice is available to assist students in developing their professional goals and objectives, and regular career workshops are held to provide support in finding employment and preparing for life in the workplace. The aim is to make students career conscious and start building their life skills early on. All students are welcome to attend to start improving their life skills and employability, especially final year students.

In career workshops, students can learn how to create a professional CV, design a cover letter, develop their interview skills, use networking and negotiate an offer.

Our mission

The mission of the Career Services is to make a student’s transition from university to professional life a success story. This is meant to be a shared success; therefore, the Career Center invites you to collaborate and work together with your professors, internship mentors, and use the services and resources of the Career Services throughout your studies. Participate in events, start thinking about your career plans and set SMART career goals from your first year on. The Career Center will work to motivate you to take action and discover your possibilities, using your resources strategically. Throughout all events and one-on-one sessions, we will work on improving your life skills and employability, preparing you to enter the 21st century job market.

How can I benefit from Career Services?

Regardless of year of studies, major or interest, every student can benefit from the following services:

Advice on career related matters – job and internship search strategies, setting career goals, objectives and a step-by-step plan

Improving career correspondence (CV, thank you notes)

Improving profiles and visibility on career platforms

Assistance in finding internships, part-time or volunteer opportunities

Workshops to develop interview skills, online and offline networking and personal branding

Our annual Career Fair to be introduced to companies and organizations


Choosing a career path can be challenging, and an industry-based internship can help you to explore and evaluate your career options while still at University.

Canadian University Dubai works with a wide range of partner companies to provide students with the opportunity to put into practice the skills and concepts learned in the classroom. The internship is an important experiential and academic component of each program and is compulsory for all undergraduate majors.

During an internship, students work for 150-180hrs (dependent upon the program) either on a part-time or full-time basis. Full-time internships involve 30-35hrs per week and part-time internships involve 15-20hrs per week. The host company/organization provides professional staff members to take the student forward in their learning experience.

Internships at CUD are managed by the Career Services, and all open positions will be communicated to you internally on Moodle under Career Services Section.

If you are about to graduate or are a fresh student, prepare your CV and send it to careerservices@cud.ac.ae for review indicating “CV Review” in the subject.

Canadian University Dubai alumni are the pride of the University and the best ambassadors of our institution.

The CUD Alumni Office aims to develop, sustain and expand opportunities for our alumni, by connecting them with former classmates, colleagues, professors, and the University community in general, to establish valuable social and professional networks.

Our Alumni office supports and promotes:

Opportunities to reconnect with fellow graduates and University personnel and to support their alma mater in a meaningful way;

Opportunities for career development through lifelong learning (postgraduate study, short courses offered by our Corporate Training services etc.);

Access to employment opportunities;

Recognition, promotion and utilization of professional skills, experience, status and knowledge;

Access to a global alumni community where membership provides unique benefits and services.

Calling our Alumni – You can Make a Difference

Here’s how: Whether you have gone on to earn another degree, get a better job, or enrich your life in other ways, you are living proof of the power of education at CUD. You can share this power with current students who are pursuing the same goal as you, and be a part of their success.

You can work with us to:

Mentor current students by serving as role models and advisors;

Help strengthen our programs by volunteering on a committee;

Increase awareness and financial support for Canadian University Dubai;

Recognize and honor graduates who have succeeded in their careers;

Share ideas to strengthen educational and cultural activities on campus.

To ensure that you are informed about all activities and events at Canadian University Dubai and among our alumni community, please send or update your contact details, by sending us an email at alumni@cud.ac.ae

Alumni Giving

If you’d like to give back to the University community and contribute to the education of current and future students of Canadian University Dubai, either financially, or in kind, please contact us on alumni@cud.ac.ae

Alumni Events and Activities

The Alumni Office works to promote interaction between its members, as well as with the University, and can help facilitate events and activities that provide both formal and informal opportunities to meet.

Social Events

Alumni reunion dinner;

Forming an alumni team for sporting games;

Sports gatherings including tennis, golf, volleyball, soccer, etc.;

Formal or semi-formal dinners or receptions;

Outdoor activities including, group hike, biking, picnic or cookout, boating, etc.

Volunteering/Community Service Events

Volunteer day;

Work with local non-profit organizations on community-based day projects, such as park/community clean ups, support for local shelters, assistance in local schools;

Volunteer as a group to help at a community charity fundraiser;

Sign up for a community walk/run.

Professional/Personal Development & Continuing Education

Events featuring CUD alumni speakers, professors, or local speakers, incorporating a social hour and/or Q&A session, with a focus on higher education topics, diverse events, or topics relevant to the alumni group.

A local career day program, including alumni representatives from local organizations, highlighting current opportunities.

Professional speaker events on a personal development topic: stress management, time management, career management, emotional awareness, etc.

An alumni series, where members of the chapter share knowledge and expertise in their fields that are relevant to the group: personal finance, marketing tools, technology tips, etc.

Recruitment/Student Support

Welcome receptions or event for new alumni or interns;

Tour of a local company, organization, plant, or facility for interns or alumni who are new to the area

Students at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) have been taking advantage of a comprehensive package of guidance and support services from leading names in the career development arena, as they prepare to pursue their professional development goals for 2017.

Facilitated by Orsi Urban, Work Placement and Careers Coordinator at CUD, students have benefitted from a series of skills development and profile-building workshops, delivered by representatives from the University’s strategic careers partner, Bayt.com; the UAE’s biggest internship jobs site, InternsME; and the World’s largest professional network, LinkedIn.

Taking an innovative and interactive approach to engaging students in career networking, John Fawls of LinkedIn UAE hosted a profile picture photo shoot, to help students create a professional image that they could use when setting up their own LinkedIn account. He also encouraged students to take full advantage of LinkedIn while still at university, to build professional networks that could be helpful in their future careers.

Meanwhile, InternsME representative, Noor Irfan, conducted an informal workshop to introduce students to different ways of engaging with prospective employers, demonstrating how a video CV could help candidates to stand out from the crowd, and providing tips on how to achieve a high-ranking professional profile.

Representing CUD’s strategic careers partner, Bayt.com, Hatem Hannoun provided students with an insight into the art of CV writing. Through interactive case studies he demonstrated to students how best to represent themselves in the context of the UAE jobs market.

Hatem said, “At Bayt.com, we encourage students to begin creating their CVs during their university years, because a CV acts as an individual’s timeline. Rather than face the daunting task of having to look back upon graduation and think of the courses, projects, and internships they did during their time as a student, they can start building a CV on an easy-to-use career site like Bayt.com, adding their experiences while the information is still fresh in their head.

“Moreover, a CV can act as a career guide, helping to make the next decision while maintaining an overview perspective of one’s career development, and to assess whether their next course, project or potential internship experience aligns with their career goals.”

Speaking about the workshop, student Elvira Aggoune said, “It provided very useful information and tips on how people look for the right candidate and how you can be that candidate, by building a customized CV that highlights relevant skills and shows an understanding of the job description. The workshop was very beneficial to us as undergraduate students as we don’t yet have much experience of reaching out to employers, so it helped us to focus on what companies are looking for and how best to present ourselves.”

April 10th, 2019: Twenty international corporations and UAE-based companies have been seeking out the next generation of young professionals ready to make their mark in the regional workforce at the Canadian University Dubai (CUD) Annual Career Fair hosted on campus today.

Nearly 300 students took the opportunity to market their skills to high profile organizations from both public and private sectors.

There was a wide range of employment, part time work and internship opportunities on offer to students and graduates, with several companies conducting interviews with candidates on the day.

Global brands including Hilton Worldwide, Emaar Hospitality Group, FedEx and KPMG were joined by leading local enterprises such as Fam Holding and Driven Properties, sourcing CUD students and graduates looking for opportunities in their chosen professional fields from business, media and design, to engineering, technology and healthcare.

This year once again, students from the Department of Environmental Health Sciences were in high demand from companies such as New Country Healthcare and Emirates Environmental Group with whom CUD has already carried out some valuable environmental projects. Students from CUD’s renowned design programs were also in demand with several architecture, engineering and home interior companies also on campus.

Dubai World Trade Centre was impressed by the level of interest shown by the students for internships and part time opportunities in their hospitality department. Their representative, Sudher Tiwari, stated that the importance of commitment and the ability to blend into a multicultural environment, which is an essential skill set in today’s workplace, was demonstrated clearly by the applications they received and the attitudes of the students.

Representatives from Dubai Sports World were impressed by the level of interest they received in their quest for volunteers for Beat the Heat.

Carly Wallington from Tecom Investments FZ LLC commented on the enthusiasm and commitment of the students complementing them on their level of preparation and the quality of their CV’s.

Amor Maudalair from Bosch Middle East referred to previous CUD students receiving internships and was pleased to see the same level of commitment from the students as in the past.

The event was organized by Ms. Naoise Lane, Career Services and Internship Coordinator, who said, “This was the most successful Career Fair so far in terms of the number of exhibitors and the volume of student applications.

“Feedback from the exhibitors was very positive and they had remarked on the efficiency of the organizers and the commitment of the students who had prepared themselves well and demonstrated a firm, clear vision of their future careers. Exhibitors had expressed their confidence that many of the interviews would lead to positive outcomes for the students.”