written policies and procedures to identify local stakeholders external to the university and engage with them

Canadian University Dubai is committed to providing students with an international academic experience, guided by the highest educational and corporate ethics, adding value to the personal and professional lives of its graduates, and the communities in which we serve.

Canadian University Dubai promotes Canadian perspectives in learning, research and application, grounded in an appreciation and respect for the diverse culture and values of the UAE.

To accept accountability and value the input of all stakeholders particularly in our operation as a portal to Canadian education, and so make CUD the University of Choice in our target market and simultaneously an employer of choice for all academic, management and support staff.


    • 4.1 To have a clear strategy for collaboration and co-operation with Canadian post-secondary educational institutions and to develop collaborative agreements which reflect this strategy.

    • 4.2 To systematically collect data from stakeholders, internal and external, concerning the performance of the University, its strategic brand position and its opportunities for growth.

    • 4.3 To continue to grow the base of programs and student numbers so as to fulfil the mission and deliver the Strategic Plan of the University.

  • Goal 5:

To account for the needs of all internal and external stakeholders by securing sufficient and relevant resources that are available for the achievement of all strategic and operational goals, thus enhancing the sovereignty of the University as an independent institution of higher education.


    • 5.1 To undertake systematic resource planning for teaching requirements, space requirements, library and student service requirements and for information technology, and to use these plans as a basis for budget development and strategic planning.

    • 5.2 To seek to secure our status as a self-financing organization at the earliest opportunity, using new investments for expansion and development.

Canadian University Dubai has established numerous partnerships with private and public-sector organizations from across the UAE, as well as international corporations with an established presence in the country. These partnerships are a result of collaboration, complementary interests and common goals, and have helped bring mutual benefit to the University and its partner organizations. We offer our expertise and harness our resources as an institution of higher education, to support the strategic objectives of our associates and collaborators. In turn, we and our student community benefit from partnership initiatives such as internships, placements and job opportunities, professional lectures and research projects, corporate scholarships, and financial support schemes.

CUD always seeking to establish new collaborations that can add value to the University, our partners and the community at large. If you are interested in exploring opportunities for collaboration.

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Career Fair are events that are held regularly at the university, these events are attended by a variety of NGOs, government agencies, international groups and UAE entities to visualize the projects, research and events that are carried out in CUD. In addition to these, several companies present job opportunities for future graduates. One purpose of this event is to identify local stakeholders with whom agreements and collaborations can be made for the benefit of society.

The Career Services Department held a preparation day aimed at helping students get the most out of their interaction with employers. The event was organized by Ms. Naoise Lane, Career Services and Internship Coordinator, on behalf of the Department of Student Affairs.

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The increase in modern computational power and availability of data have propelled Data Science to the forefront of technological revolution. It is being rapidly adopted in almost every aspect of life including business, engineering, and medicine.

This workshop is aimed to bring together stakeholders from Academia and Industry to discuss theoretical aspects and practical applications in Data Science and Machine Learning.


  • “Bayesian Networks: Theory and Applications,” - Dr Linda Smail, Zayed University

  • “Machine Learning Models for Marine Environment,” - Dr Giulia De Masi, Zayed University

  • “Basic Machine Learning Techniques for Discovering Vital Public Knowledge: The Stories,” - Dr Farhi Marir, Zayed University

  • “Data Driven Decisions and 4th Industrial Revolution,” - Sherief Selim, Microsoft

  • “Watson in the Wild,” - Anchal Bhalla, IBM

  • “Getting Started with Data Science,” - Dmitry Denisov, Deloitte

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March 19th, 2019: In preparation for the Canadian University Dubai annual Career Fair on April 10th, the Career Services Department held a preparation day aimed at helping students get the most out of their interaction with employers. The event was organized by Ms. Naoise Lane, Career Services and Internship Coordinator, on behalf of the Department of Student Affairs.

The first part of the event was devoted to a review of student CVs and Ms. Naoise commended the students on their professional approach to their tasks.

The facilitator of the event was Yomna Selim, Success Executive at Oliv Recruitment and Account Management. Formerly InternsME, Oliv’s mission is to reduce MENA youth unemployment by facilitating career support; the organization has grown from an intern recruitment portal to supporting early careers – from internships, to volunteering, part-time jobs and graduate jobs.

Oliv has also used tech projects to enable UAE youth to match their skills with company needs and built internship programs for businesses to help them maximize their talent base.

Ms. Naoise and Ms.Yomna provided the students with advice on how to approach prospective employers, with recommendations including dressing to impress and creating a good impression; carrying out extensive research on target employers; developing a unique approach to the employer e.g. a video CV; and making sure to add the employer to their LinkedIn account to grow their networks.

As a result of the event, the students are now much better prepared to approach prospective employers with greater confidence.

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Dr. Nnamdi Madichie, a professor of business at The Graduate School, Canadian University Dubai, has contributed to the international debate on the future of research into ‘investment for development’ at the United Nations World Investment Forum 2014.

Dr. Madichie was among a multidisciplinary team of academics – including professors from Oxford University, the National University of Singapore, University of Bern, The Graduate Institute (Geneva) and New York University – who were invited to take part in a round table discussion to help shape a policy-orientated research agenda on investment for sustainability, for the next 15 years and beyond.

Organized by the Unites Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the World Investment Forum is a platform for international leaders and stakeholders to debate and promote investment flows that contribute to sustainable and inclusive development across the globe. The biennial event brings together heads of state, global CEOs, academic experts, and leaders of international organizations and civil society groups from 150 countries.

As a member of the Academy of International Business and the Editor in Chief of the African Journal of Business & Economic Research, Dr. Madichie was invited to participate in the round table based on his expertise and research in higher education policies across emerging markets. Discussions focused upon how policy plays a vital role in ensuring that corporate investment is beneficial to the territories, communities and individuals it is directed towards.

Dr. Madichie said, “The forum was an extremely valuable opportunity to come together, not only with academics, but with policy-makers and industry representatives to discuss how we can embrace a trilateral network in supporting sustainable development strategies.

“I have conducted extensive research in the area - from the business of higher education to the development of women’s entrepreneurship, especially in the context of emerging markets, including Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East – and it was pleasing to be able to draw upon this to contribute to the discussions.”

Dr. Madichie’s session culminated in the launch of the Business Schools for Impact, a UNCTAD initiative that aims to support business schools to contribute to sustainable development in the poorest areas of the world, by teaching the skills required to invest and operate in low-income environments with positive social impact.

The four-day event, which is widely regarded as the most important gathering of stakeholders in the international investment community, also tackled the issue of investment in women’s empowerment and gender equality, another of Dr. Madichie’s research interests.

Dr. Madichie revealed, “With dignitaries such as Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary General, UNCTAD; and Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director, UNWOMEN, this was a memorable session for me. I was pleased to have Ms Mlambo-Ngcuka respond to my question on the role of higher education in sustainable development and to acknowledge the importance of a policy agenda in that direction.”

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Representatives from Canadian University Dubai (CUD) were among a select group of delegates invited by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) to a special event celebrating the third annual World Energy Day.

Mr. Koutaiba Ahmed, Senior Manager of Physical Resources and Procurement; and Mr. Ryan Sisson, Lecturer in the School of Environmental and Health Sciences, were among 50 participants in the event that brought together senior stakeholders from key organizations across Dubai.

The Sustainability Workshop facilitated discussions on climate change, the role of organizations in reducing carbon emissions and the development of measurable strategies for efficient energy and water consumption. Hosted in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, the event was attended by leading officials from organizations including Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority and Dubai Airport Free Zone.

Over recent years CUD has undertaken a number of measures towards reducing its carbon footprint, from water-saving initiatives such as sensor-activated taps, to the installation of more energy efficient lighting. The University’s environmental credentials were recognized earlier this year at the DEWA Conservation Awards, leading to an invitation to participate in the World Energy Day Workshop.

Mr. Ahmed said, “The Workshop provided an important platform to discuss the challenges and solutions associated with energy consumption and preservation. There are so many low-cost, practical methods that most organizations can apply, and having implemented just some of these measures we have witnessed tangible results in both cost saving and reduced energy consumption.

“However, as an organization we are looking to go beyond these measures and pursue a long-term strategy that will hopefully position CUD as an exemplar higher education institution in the field of sustainable development.”

Alongside the corporate measures CUD has adopted to operate more sustainably, the student body has taken a leading role in communicating and acting upon the environmental message, developing a series of videos to promote water and energy savings on campus.

Mr. Sisson, who guides the students in their conservation campaigns as well as their environmental education, said, “The Workshop revealed that the UAE is the world’s 14th largest consumer of power, and that the impacts of our current lifestyles and business operations could bring about some worrying environmental consequences for the country.

“As a University we have a great opportunity to play a leading role in educating people about the positive actions we can take to promote environmental sustainability, as well as building our own capacity as a pacemaker in organizational change and development.”

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Dr. Anas Najdawi, Chair of the e-Business program at Canadian University Dubai (CUD), has joined a panel of industry leaders to discuss the impact of ICT innovation at a recent Middle East Innovation Day organized by leading global ICT solutions provider, Huawei.

Addressing the theme ‘Staying on the Cutting Edge of Innovation: The Roles We Play to Drive the Movement’, Dr. Najdawi specifically discussed the emerging initiatives in the arena of smart cities, and the role that education has to play in supporting this agenda.

Dr. Najdawi said, “We have come a long way since technology was first introduced to business. From the automation of business processes and then whole industries, we are now looking to apply this model to entire cities.

“As educators, our role is to work together with the wide spectrum of stakeholders to bring forward a new generation of leaders in this field; to formulate smart education that will equip them with the skills to contribute to the future of this important initiative.”

The panel discussion formed part of Huawei’s first Innovation Day in the Middle East, which was held on the sidelines of this year’s annual technology exhibition, GITEX. Under the theme ‘Leading New ICT – Shape the Future’, the event was also attended by CUD students and faculty, who had the opportunity to hear from global thought leaders in the field of technology.

Among Dr. Najdawi’s fellow panel member were Ferhad Patel, Director of the Reseller Channel Organization for Asia Pacific and Japan at Intel Corporation; Marwan Abdulla Bin Dalmook, Senior Vice President, Managed Services Operations of Smart City and Smart Government Initiative Lead at du; and Safder Nazir, Regional VP, Smart Cities at Huawei.

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Canadian University Dubai is a research-oriented institution, with a broad portfolio of academic publications and expertise. Across our seven academic Schools – Architecture & Design; Business Administration; Communication and Media Studies; Engineering & Applied Science & Technology; Environment & Health Sciences; Liberal Arts & Sciences; and Graduate Studies – the University has made significant research contributions across a range of disciplines.

Goals & Objectives

The research initiatives and projects conducted at Canadian University Dubai are aimed at:

  • Providing a means to reach out to student communities, industry practitioners and the wider business community, and to raise awareness of the great opportunities that research at Canadian University Dubai offers in addressing local and global challenges.

  • Fostering and facilitating broad, multi-disciplinary involvement and interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Creating a web-based resource repository to facilitate research, education, and outreach to the student community.

  • Stimulating industry/business/community interest and investment in university research by demonstrating the way scholarly research can fuel business growth and innovation.

The success of the research initiatives at the University will be measured by:

  • Collaborating with government institutions, industry, and other stakeholders to engage in research activities that directly and constructively impact the UAE's economy and society.

  • Engaging our students in research to broaden their knowledge and enhance their understanding of effective methodologies and scholarly journals in their respective academic disciplines.

  • Providing resources to faculty and students to in their research activities.

  • Organizing international conferences and workshops to serve as forums for researchers and practitioners to exchange, network, present, and discuss their research and knowledge, and contribute towards the sharing of such knowledge among the University and wider community.

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April 10, 2018 Courtyard C, CUD: At this year’s Career Fair, 21 international organizations spoke to students in years 3 and 4 about job opportunities and internships in specific industries and fields. These companies included KPMG, Standard Chartered Bank, Bosch, FedEx, Hilton, RSP, Brewer Smith Brewer Group, Audi, Volkswagen and PwC’s Academy.

Under the supervision of Ms. Orsi Urban, Head of Career Services, over 150 students presented their credentials to the recruitment specialists in attendance.

Students had been fully briefed beforehand and showed up properly attired for interviews, with CVs and portfolios which had been reviewed and vetted by the Career Services Team.

Speaking after the event, Ms. Orsi said that this had been the most successful career event to date and expressed her gratitude to both participating employers and enthusiastic students.

She had already received positive feedback from some of the participants as soon as the annual event ended, and she feels sure the efforts of the students would be rewarded with high-profile opportunities that will lead to successful careers.

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