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Welcome to Student Affairs at Canadian University Dubai.

We work with students from their day one on campus until their graduation day (and sometimes even beyond), offering students opportunities and support to be part of both the CUD and wider Dubai communities. Whether you’re looking for career counselling, learning support, sport and activities, or health services, the Student Affairs department can help.

Our Mission

Our aim is to support the University’s academic mission and vision, by creating events and activities that integrate learning, culture, community awareness and social experiences to help students reach their educational, personal, and professional goals.

Our Goals

To link student events to General Education Courses so as to bring valuable learning outcomes

To align with the Schools and Academics, to improve collaboration and involvement of administrative departments of the University

To develop, train and empower the Student Councils

To Increasing awareness of Student Councils and provide students a voice through Student Councils

To work effectively with the Communications Department to ensure activities are promoted to students

To make events and activities as attractive as possible to as many students as possible in order to satisfy the diversity of our student community

To behave ethically as a corporation by raising funds and awareness for charity associations, increasing our CSR levels and developing positive government and NGO relations

To create a positive perspective on student activities and raise pride in the University and the schools

The purpose of the Student Success Center (SSC) is to guide and support you through your personal and academic journey at CUD. Visit the SSC to learn how to manage your time and stress, develop optimal note-taking strategies, understand assignments, improve your math skills, or enhance your English, reading, writing, grammar, and research skills.

Workshops that promote personal development and academic success are offered throughout the semester or upon request. These range from improving study skills, academic writing skills, and exam taking skills to building higher levels of confidence and reaching your academic goals.

The SSC is a place where you can receive personal and academic support, attend valuable workshops, work on your assignments, find resources, and prepare for exams. Academic success is about knowing the right strategies and having the right skills, and we’re here to help you succeed! For more information, email SuccessCenter@cud.ac.ae.

Personal Counseling

Creating and maintaining a healthy balance between your academics and personal life can be a stressful experience. Our Student Counselor is here to guide you through this process and help you overcome challenges, find clarity, build resilience, and reach your goals. She has professional experience and training and is committed to a strengths-based, solution-focused, and multicultural approach to allow you to fully benefit from your university experience and become the best version of yourself.

Common issues university students face include stress, anxiety, time-management, motivation, self-esteem, life transitions, and identity development. With personal counselling, you are given a safe and nonjudgmental environment to discuss, understand, and effectively handle these issues, and any others. While counselling is offered, referrals are provided if further or long-term services are needed.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

Academic Accommodations/Accessibility Services

At Canadian University Dubai, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for students of determination and students with disabilities. If you have a documented physical disability, psychological condition, learning difficulty, chronic illness, or other barrier to your learning, you are eligible for academic accommodations.

We work closely and with absolute confidentiality with students to accommodate their individual needs and ensure they have equal opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Academic accommodations include exam scheduling and time limit extensions, note-taking support, learning resources, and a distraction-reduced environment. These are handled on a case-by-case basis that takes into account the student’s unique needs and the course or programme learning objectives.

Our active campus life has consistently been a draw for new students. From performing arts, sports, technology, culture or community engagement, we have something for every student at Canadian University Dubai. Here’s a snapshot of student activities at CUD:

Performance and Cultural Events

With 127 nationalities represented at Canadian University Dubai, there are a wide range of cultural events held throughout the year. These events celebrate the diverse heritage of out student population through food, fashion, art, music and dance performances from countries all over the world. At all of these events, it is the students that play the main role in representing their own cultures. Such events include Global Day, Entertainment Nights, and UAE and other county's national day celebrations.

Community Involvement

Canadian University Dubai cultivates a strong working relationship with the surrounding community in Dubai, and one way in which students can give back to this community is by participating in fundraising activities. The Student Affairs department is responsible for planning numerous events, all of which have been extremely successful in raising awareness for current issues in the community and around the world. Past events include 5 Days for the Homeless, the Terry Fox Run, Movember, Autism Awareness and Breast Cancer Awareness.

Clubs & Activities

We encourage students to participate in one of the many existing student clubs, as well as providing support in forming new clubs linked to other areas of interest. Some of the current clubs include:

Dance Club

Dancers from different disciplines and backgrounds exchange the culture of their craft, and create never seen before fusions on stage.

Drama Club

The Drama Club brings together talented students, be they writers, actors, directors, make-up artists, or designers. The Club holds its own workshops, teaching students how to act, and is working towards the creation of its own full length CUD Theatre show.

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations (MUN) is an association where students step into the world of a United Nations delegate to debate solutions to some of the world's most pressing global challenges. It is an excellent opportunity to learn about international issues, diplomacy and inter-government relations and develop skills in critical thinking, research and debate.

Music Club

The Music Club provides a meeting ground for vocalists, percussionists, practitioners of stringed instruments, and more, to come together and to understand other forms of music, and to collaborate with each other. The club also invites writers and poets to come and develop songs that can be written and performed on stage.

Robotics Club

The CUD Robotics Club brings together students from across the University to work together in the creation of working robots, providing fun way to develop new skills and to explore the future of technology, while meeting other students from around the University.

Recreational Facilities

Canadian University Dubai offers recreational facilities, including tennis courts, games areas and communal social space.

Sports at CUD

At CUD we recognize that the importance of staying healthy and active and offer a number of sporting activities to our students on campus.

Students are encouraged to take part as an active role in sports at university can help them develop practical skills like team work, discipline, sportsmanship, cooperation, dedication and decision making, supporting both their physical and personality development, and helping them progress in the future.

Our dedicated Sports Program offers students the opportunity for regular training and practices, intra and inter-mural competitions, and our sports teams play matches in tournaments and events across the UAE.

Our facilities on campus include an outdoor sports court and a fully-equipped fitness room. Our sports programs include:

Football training

Basketball team training

Volleyball training

Tennis training

We also have teams representing the university in:

Table tennis



For further information about the Canadian University Dubai Sports Program contact:

Mr. Dusan Popovic

Email: sports@cud.ac.ae

Robotics Club

Robotics at CUD

Robotics is an active area of interest for many CUD students and the CUD Robotics Club, established in Fall 2015, brings together students from across the University to work together to create functioning robots.

Participation in the club is a fun way to develop new skills and explore the future of technology, while meeting other students with similar interests. Members also have the opportunity to take part in external events and competitions, in the UAE and wider region.

The Robotics Club operates under three main categories.

1) Mechanical: This involves working on building a robot from scratch; transforming the imagined robot design into a real robot.

2) Electronics: This involves creating the connection between the different robot parts through various boards, and then connecting to an active object that can be read by a PC or be controlled by a wired or wireless controller.

3) Software: This involves writing codes to make the robots sensor active and readable, and to give commands that make the robot functionally work.

Our Mission

The purpose of the CUD Robotics Club is to empower ambitious students with resources, to enable them to build robots for fun and competitive purposes; to remove barriers from entry into robotics, creating a path to success.

Our Vision

We aim to bring together members from all majors of the University – with different perspectives we will be able to create a community that knows about robots and make it enjoyable at the same time.

Membership Information

If you’re a CUD student with an interest in any aspect of robotics and a desire to learn something new, you are invited to join the Club. For more information you can email Roboto@cud.ac.ae

The Team

Dr. Sherif Moussa

Faculty Supervisor

Farouk Dalhatu


Esraa Elhanfy


Osama Hadi

Communication Coordinator

Atiq Yousuf


Contact us

Email: Roboto@cud.ac.ae