SDG 14: Life Below Water

The marine and coastal environment of the UAE is important for economic, social and environmental reasons. The coast is populated; it is utilized by various industries, such as port operations, petrochemical industries, as well as for desalination. To respond to these competing demands, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE), in collaboration with its partners in the public and private sectors continuously work to improve the protection of marine resources for sustainable development. Based on international standards, MOCCAE is aiming to have by 2020 at least 10% of coastal and marine areas conserved through effective and equitable protected areas and other conservation measures.

Marine Wonder is a marine rehabilitation and educational centre which promotes learning, interaction with marine animals and also serves as a health clinic for them. The focus of Marine Wonder is to raise awareness of the relationship between humankind and the oceans in the current changing world. The project is inspired by organically curved and dynamic traces of the ocean tides. Through a wide variety of encounters and activities, each visitor experiences the recreational, educational and several aquariums and types of marine biology. Water tanks and the theme of water and the ocean with scintillating shapes incorporated into the design provides the feel of surrounded by water. The main goal is to spread awareness of the importance of preserving water and marine organisms and to find solutions to the water pollution problem. The center aims to create an environment, entertainment, and educational place at the same time creating a new type of experience in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Environmental is a small student group that knows the need to take care of the environment, that is why it manages with the university and organizations both nationally and internationally, strategies necessary to generate awareness and projects that help the need for a more sustainable environment.

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Under the subject, “Protect our Species,” CUD’s H3 Club organized the annual Earth Day on campus.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness & educate students about the importance of the Reduce, Re-use and Re-cycle initiative and addressed issues surrounding sustainability and environmental protection and consisted of various presentations, food stalls, challenges, games, raffles which was both entertaining and educational.

Several external organizations took part and there were several booths aimed at supporting “up cycling” or improving and reusing unneeded things.

Students were requested to bring unneeded, light-colored t-shirts (for tie-dyeing), broken electronics, empty batteries and plastic water bottles. The bottles entitled the students to raffle tickets, the winners receiving prizes.

Initiatives made by the university were announced to raise awareness in society about how plastids affect marine life, causing not only pollution but also a decrease in fishing, sick animals and therefore an impact on health and the economy.

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Environmental Health Management Students provides some insightful comments on the importance of caring about environmental safety every day instead of just during this special season.

Dr Albert Fakhoury, Director, Sustainability, and Innovation Center at Canadian University Dubai will share his insights on this topic. For being an environmental activist apart from his roles as World renowned architect and reputable academe, Dr. Albert works closely with the United Nations on important environmental files related to the implementation and advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs worldwide.

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The increase in modern computational power and availability of data have propelled Data Science to the forefront of technological revolution. It is being rapidly adopted in almost every aspect of life including business, engineering, and medicine.

This workshop is aimed to bring together stakeholders from Academia and Industry to discuss theoretical aspects and practical applications in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Machine Learning Models for Marine Environment, is one of the most important topics of the event, since it talks about processes using modern technology to control and monitor marine life, in the face of polluting problems such as oil leaks or contamination with chemical agents, in this way so that government entities can carry out actions quickly and efficiently.

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Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has partnered with global Foods and Beverages company, PepsiCo, to help promote environmental sustainability through the reduction of single-use plastic on campus. The collaboration aims to encourage a culture of refill and reuse through the Aquafina Water Station, a new hydration platform that has already saved an average of more than 1,800 bottles per week since installation.

As part of the agreement, CUD has become an early adopter of the Aquafina Water Stations, enabling the university community to reuse plastic and minimize associated waste. During the first six weeks of operation, the three installations have helped save a total of 11,090 plastic bottles, 109,502 ounces of water, and the equivalent of 14 planted trees. The platform also measures the prevention of carbon dioxide emissions and has helped eliminate over 865Kg of emissions so far.

This process of recycling and less waste of water helps in the process of caring for marine life that is affected by the disposal of bottles and bags in the oceans. In addition to taking care of the water that is an indispensable source of life for UAE.

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