The Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MOID) has contributed to the urban development of the UAE through federal infrastructure projects such as government houses, buildings, in addition to developing a strong road network linking all seven emirates to facilitate the commute of UAE citizens and residents. In line with Vision 2021 and the National Agenda, MOID strives to achieve an excellent sustainable environment and integrated infrastructure to achieve a high quality of life to all residents.

CUD organizes various events so that the community has access to the facilities, in addition to the university's involvement with art and culture, students are helped with accommodation and parking spaces.

In order to help people outside the university to have access to education, the university offers an online reserved book service that offers courses that allow people in the community to have access to knowledge about basic services such as water or energy. The local community can reserve the course through the web portal and for free.

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Canadian University on its web portal has some free courses for the local community that allow people to access knowledge that deepens basic services and provides support on how to get these people to access public services more easily [2].

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CUD periodically organizes an event known as OpenHouse where the doors are open to the public although the main purpose of the event is to let new people interested in enrolling in the university know about all the benefits that are offered. In addition, families, organizations, and the local community are also allowed to attend. Everyone can use the services provided by the university during this day, in addition to enjoying the events that take place.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, protocols for access have been increased but events have still been able to be adequately conducted.

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Dubai is a cosmopolitan metropolis. A vibrant, forward-thinking city with much to offer. As one of the most compelling places in the Middle East, it has become the preferred regional headquarters for expatriates from across the globe, as well as a regional leader in both culture and tourism. Its diverse economic landscape has created space for technological innovation and development, generating an array of employment opportunities in several fields including: finance, aviation, education, and trade.

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) offers students the chance to immerse themselves in this cultural paradise, providing an international academic experience in the heart of Dubai.

If students prefer to live independently you will need to make alternative housing arrangements. Canadian University Dubai can assist you by providing you with a list of various real estate companies that offer private furnished and unfurnished accommodation.

Students living in accommodations are provided with free-of-charge transportation service to and from campus several times per day. More information on this service is available on our website.

Only students coming from outside of Dubai are eligible for free housing.

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Secure parking is available for a nominal fee per semester on a first-come first-serve basis. There is also free parking available in the large lot on the south side of the campus, and on the streets surrounding the University.

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For many years the university has celebrated the international cultural day, students representing the many cultures and nations that make up the Canadian University Dubai (CUD) family have gathered on campus in a range of activities to celebrate International Cultural Day. Over thirty countries were represented, each displaying their culture in the various stalls throughout the venue.

Visitors to the event were treated to an array of exotic national dishes ranging from Soda Bread from Ireland and Poutin from Canada, to Turon, Puto and Kutsinta from the Philippines, as well as many other appetizing offerings. Throughout the event, the area resounded with the musical contributions of the various participating countries.

every event within the university where people other than the university have access to are carried out respecting any kind of beliefs, tastes or way of thinking that they may have, the university guarantees zero discrimination.

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Members of the various student clubs at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) exhibited their activities in an event to sign up new members for the 2018/19 academic year. Many activities in the fields of art, science and sports were represented during the event, with students responding with great positivity as they curiously made their way from booth to booth to learn more about club activities and the ways that they can make a difference.

The air was filled with the sound of piano music coordinated by the president of the Music Club and the entire hall teemed with students from across the entire University. Around 20 different booths were populated by the various club presidents and their colleagues, who outlined the message and the spirit behind their organizations. Mohammed Ismael, President of the Photography Club, told us that “being part of a club heightens your senses, no matter what your passion is.” CUD encourages students of all cultures and walks of life to join and participate in student activities.

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Dubai Municipality’s Environmental Centre: Recognizing the commitment of UAE towards promoting and generating Sustainable Development and in continuation of the ongoing partnership between Canadian University Dubai and Dubai Municipality’s Environmental Centre for Arab Towns (ECAT) who last year hosted the first-ever forum ‘Executive Program on Sustainability; the Canadian University Dubai and ECAT took another step forward this week by successfully delivering a second forum entitled “Executive Action Forum on Sustainable Development: Generating Economic Development through Integrated Waste and Resource Management in the Middle East.” [10]

The Forum was led by Dr Karlson ‘Charlie’ Hargroves; a world-renowned sustainability transitions consultant, researcher and author and was assisted by Mr. Daniel Conley, Course Tutor.

Aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs, and public officials working in the resources or waste sector needing to gain an up to date understanding of the latest approaches to generate economic development opportunities through integrated waste and resource management in the Middle East, based on world’s best practice, the Forum was designed to provide participants with a clear understanding of the opportunities available to capitalize on proven and emerging waste and resource management practices and to generate economic development opportunities in line with the Dubai Municipality mandatory requirement to reuse or recycle a minimum of 50 percent of C&D waste for new developments.

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