Does your university as a body deliver programmes to recruit students/staff/faculty from under-represented groups?

Many universities in the UAE offer scholarships and grants to recognize leadership potential and outstanding academic achievements. In 1999, H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid announced the creation of scholarships for studying in the American University in Dubai for eligible students. This step reflects the government's commitment to education as the driving force in the accomplishment of Dubai's and the UAE's public agenda.

Many universities in the UAE offer scholarships for students from abroad, based on mutual agreements between the UAE government and other countries. For other scholarships, students can check with the respective university for the available academic and sports scholarship programmes, which are based on certain criteria and requirements.

Special Needs Scholarship

We at Canadian University Dubai pledge to provide an inclusive learning environment and to support the cognitive, emotional and creative development of students with disabilities. Special needs may be justified by physical or other disabilities. Students eligible for a Special Needs Scholarship will benefit from a tuition reduction of up to 30%.

Overall Terms and Conditions

  • For students applying for the Special Needs Scholarship at the point of admission to the University, the academic average will be considered by the scholarship committee on a case-by-case basis.

  • For current students, a minimum CGPA of 2.0 is required to be eligible to apply for the scholarship. • Deadlines for the fall semester (July 7th) and spring semester (December 20th) must be met.

  • Special Needs Scholarships do not apply for summer semesters.

  • Students are required to provide an up-to-date professionally documented diagnosis that will be kept confidentially.

  • The scholarship application is reviewed by and subject to the scholarship committee’s discretion

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) aims to support the development of the UAE by promoting a culture of lifelong learning as part of its corporate and social responsibility. Therefore, CUD is pleased to offer the following value added education incentives to our participating corporate partners.

The Key to Success – Value Added Services

Canadian University Dubai is committed to the academic success of our students. Therefore, in addition to the posted fee reductions, the University offers our participating partners the following personalized employee educational advising services:

  • Annual onsite employee orientation session: CUD admission staff and faculty provide a one day orientation service to our participating partners’ employees interested in furthering their education objectives at CUD.

  • Invitation to CUD Corporate Open House events throughout the year.

  • Personalized admission services: CUD’s Community Outreach Office provides personalized attention to each employee throughout their admissions process.

Fee Reductions

CUD recognizes academic excellence through a wide range of financial incentives for our corporate partners, reflecting all levels of academic achievement.

Graduate Programs (MBA)

  • Automatic 10% fee reduction to all our participating partner employees wishing to study MBA for groups of 12 employees or more.

  • Automatic 5% fee reduction to individual employees wishing to study MBA.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Automatic 15% fee reduction to all our participating partner employees wishing to study in any of CUD’s five undergraduate schools for 12 employees or more.

  • Automatic 10% fee reduction to individual employees wishing to study in any of CUD’s five undergraduate schools.

  • Fee reductions are also extended to the children (aged 16-25) of employees of participating corporate partners; terms and conditions apply.

Academic Excellence (Undergraduate)

  • Automatic 20% tuition waiver, awarded to all our participating partner employees with a high school average of 85% and above. This Award grants a 20% waiver on tuition only for the first semester. 10% automatic fee reduction available on all subsequent semesters.

  • Fee reductions are extended to children of employees of participating corporate partners; terms and conditions apply.


  • In addition to the above automatic fee reductions, Canadian University Dubai is pleased to offer our participating partner employees a selection of scholarship opportunities. CUD scholarships provide up to 100% waiver on admission fees; terms and conditions apply.


Certificate Programs

  • Automatic 25% fee reduction to all our participating partner employees wishing to study in any of CUD’s short-term, certificated career programs. Terms and conditions apply.

In case a student qualifies for more than one reduction, scholarship or discount, the student will be given the chance to choose the benefit with the highest value.

CUD Triumphs in Model United Nations Competition

International Business student, Ginevra​ ​Nencha, has taken the title of Best Delegate at the UAE students’ Model United Nations (MUN) conference held recently in Dubai.

Ginevra, who is President of the MUN association at Canadian University Dubai (CUD), displayed outstanding skills in debate and diplomacy to win the prestigious award in her first official outing at an MUN competition. Going up against representatives from universities across the UAE, Ginevra was among nine delegates from CUD who took part in this year’s event.

In a simulated meeting of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Italian national Ginevra was challenged to take on the role of a delegate representing Thailand at the mock international forum. During the three-day event, she impressed judges as she skillfully debated and collaborated with representatives from 20 other nations, to tackle real-world problems such as drug trafficking and organized crime.

As a first-timer at the competition, Ginevra was overwhelmed to receive the Best Delegate accolade, and believes that her passion for international relations along with her in-depth research and quick-thinking under pressure led her to the award.

She said, “Every one of us who takes part in MUN has a genuine determination to help address international issues. To be fully briefed for an event like this takes intensive preparation, to research and understand the position of your assigned country, as well as those you will be debating with.”

She continued, “The forum itself provides a real insight into what it’s like to be a delegate on the international stage; it requires detailed knowledge, the ability to articulate and persuade, and the skills to recognize and reach out to allies during the course of the debate, in order to come to a final resolution.

“I met some truly extraordinary people during the conference, so to be recognized as the Best Delegate has given me a real boost and encouraged me to take on other challenges and to play my part in helping the voices of young people be heard.”

The MUN initiative was created to provide a platform for young people to learn about international issues, diplomacy and inter-government relations and to develop their capabilities in critical thinking, research and debate. The tradition of MUN conferences began in the 1950s and the Best Delegate award is the centerpiece of these competitive events.

Dubai EnSENble is the UAE’s first choir for the ‘Determined Ones’ are now based in CUD.

The choir was founded by Mr. Rivaan Mager, Music Coordinator and Mr. Dusan Popovic, Sports Coordinator both employers at CUD. They have a passion for working with the people with determination and try to help their various challenges through their shared love of music.

There are also many volunteers who help out, some of them being ‘speech therapists or behavior therapists, all giving freely of their time to ensure the success of the choir.

The choir started in September 2017 and hosted their inaugural concert on November 24th 2017. This saw a full house at the CUD Red Theatre. The concert was the first of its kind in the UAE, and also featured the UAE Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert was a huge success and generated great emotion from the audience.

The choir has performed at various venues, including Global Village, MENA Special Needs Olympics in Abu Dhabi and they even had the opportunity to collaborate with leading schools in Dubai.

This year the choir has many events planned over the next 10 months, they will host their annual gala concert on 23rd November 2018 at 5pm at the Canadian University Dubai. The UAE Philharmonic will once again perform at this prestigious concert. There will also be guest performers from the “Which School Advisor” musician of the year competition and choirs from schools around Dubai.

The choir will also be performing at the Special Olympics World Games held in Abu Dhabi in 2019.

The Canadian University Dubai has been an integral part of the choir’s success, and they support the choir fully and have dedicated a ‘music studio’ for the choir to rehearse weekly. The university also has a passion towards inclusion through music.

The choir is free to join and is always welcoming new members to be part of this choir family. Through our passion for music, we want to show the UAE community that music unites everyone irrespective of our personal challenges in life. The choir rehearses every Thursday at the Canadian University Dubai from 4:30pm-5:30pm.

In addition to coordinating music in CUD, Mr. Rivaan also undertakes peripatetic work in other schools with Determined Ones among their pupils.

As part of CUD’s community engagement , we have teamed up with the LINK Organization. The LINK,’ is a non-profit UAE initiative providing an active community platform where women from different ages and backgrounds can find support to advance professionally and to share workplace challenges,

After hosting the Induction Session, CUD has started its sixth cohort of the Programme. Professors from the University including Ms. Orsi, Dr. Louise, Ms. Dima and Dr. Fran have offered their services as Mentors and are then matched up through the LINK organization who then allocates them to Mentees according to their needs.

The LINK aims to empower women through learning and developmental initiatives, nurturing female talent and strengthening their leadership capacity. Ultimately, the LINK’s vision is to encourage and support women in different stages of their lives and careers.

In the latest arrangement, Shirin Mehri has teamed up with Dr. Franziska Apprich who will act as her Business Mentor. Previous Mentees have included Florelle Cloarec with Ms. Orsi,

After successfully completing projects in educations in Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Tanzania and the United States, Shirin is looking to leave her mark in the Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem in the UAE. Since completing her MSc in Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Babson College, she has immersed herself in the startup and entrepreneurial world of Dubai, working for some of the region’s fastest growing enterprises.

As Operations Manager at BizWorld UAE, she is responsible for overseeing and implementing workshops that aim to instill the entrepreneurial spirit in children in the UAE between the ages of 7 and 15 years.

Commenting on her involvement in the Mentorship programme Shirin stated that with the ever changing educational environment we are experiencing today, she aims to refine her project management skills and work closely with Dr. Fran on a project focusing on Educational Board Games that will engage female students in understanding entrepreneurship both in and out of the classroom.

Dr. Fran and Shirin will be working on an entrepreneurship board game called ‘The Entrepreneuse.’

The game will show the different steps in creating a new company from the licensing process through to becoming profitable (in an amusing way).The game will show how you need team spirit, empathy and kindness to succeed in business and building a successful team and company. Grades and degrees are only part of the game…and a bad grade can be compensated and balanced out with kindness points.

The initiative will be supported by the recently formed Business Incubator initiative in CUD, in cooperation with Ryerson University headed by Dr. Fran, Head of Learning Zones and Incubators

Dr. Fran stressed that supporting young women has always been close to her heart. She has published books on the subject and with the support of Communications students she has created the ‘she for she campaign.’

“I want to inspire Shirin and support her to reach her creative and entrepreneurial potential and become a strong and independent woman.”

Ms. Orsi Urban who brought the LINK Mentoring Initiative to the University said it was important that young women should have the opportunity to learn from female mentors in a structured, safe, encouraging and professional relationship.

The Dubai Real Estate Institute and The Impact Hub Dubai have announced the fifth round of the enterprise competition, Emirati Launchpad, at a recent presentation to students at Canadian University Dubai (CUD).

Emirati Launchpad is an initiative designed to motivate and encourage young Emirati entrepreneurs with a new business concept to pitch their idea and potentially launch their business. The seven-week program focuses on ideating, validating, prototyping and reiterating participant’s business assumptions to define and refine a viable value proposition. In the final week, participants are invited to The Crowdfunding Pitch Competition, where they get the opportunity to transform their idea into reality.

The main objective of the program is to motivate and inspire the younger generation of UAE Nationals to think outside the box and allow them to implement their business ideas through workshops, mentoring and community engagement.

The Impact Hub provides participants with entrepreneurial workshops led by an international facilitation team, 24/7 workspace access and an unrivalled networking platform, offering facilitated discussions with peers, partners, investors. Participants also have access to coaching and mentoring on self-development.

Dr. Katia Vianou Assistant Professor in the School of Communications & Media Studies said, “I think the Impact Hub Dubai and the Dubai Real Estate Institute have created excellent conditions for supporting the success of young Emirati entrepreneurs. We wanted to ensure that the students who have great business ideas and the audacity to transform them into reality could benefit from this opportunity.”

Student Eman Al Madan added, “The program helped me develop my business plan and initiate contact with the right people for my business. I've attended other workshops before, but none of them have been as effective as Emirati Launchpad.”

The challenges posed by city sprawl were the subject of an intensive week of debate and action planning for a group of students from Canadian University Dubai (CUD) who took part in a recent event to introduce young people to the principles and practices of leading change in global society.

The Global Leader Experience, led by UK-based leadership development organization, Common Purpose, was hosted by DP World and brought together university students from across the UAE in an invaluable experience that saw them receive guidance and mentoring from leading business executives as they worked through the four-day challenge.

Members of the CUD delegation, which included Finance and Accounting student Adnan Marei, and Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication major, George Bandak, were first assigned to groups, where they were then introduced to the project brief.

Adnan explained, "Our challenge was to consider a global problem - city sprawl - from a local perspective. We had to look at our own environment, local businesses, transport and service providers, and come up with solutions that could be implemented to deal with the issue here in Dubai."

George continued, "The process allowed us to undertake emersion visits, to meet with some of the key organizations who would be involved in addressing the challenges, such as the RTA and metro operators Cerco, to discuss the main issues and potential solutions."

Throughout the process the students benefitted from the mentoring expertise of senior business executives from private sector organizations, who shared their expertise in a range of areas including investment, operations, HR, media and business development. The teams were also supported by academic mentors and were guided in the development of their solutions by representatives from host organization, DP World.

Both Adnan and George took the opportunity to lead their teams in stakeholder discussions, and by day four, the groups had worked up sets of recommendations proposing concepts ranging from integrated transport systems and greenbelt development, to the creation of self-sufficient comminutes supported by remote services such as distance learning and online shopping.

CUD Business School Professor, Jeanette Teh, was one of the academic mentors for the program. She said, "The interaction with and receiving feedback on their ideas from business professionals, many of whom were high-level executives, from diverse industries was an unparalleled learning experience for our students."

For Adnan, it was an extremely challenging but rewarding four days. He said, "The process pushed us to our limits on a daily basis; it has helped me progress as a leader, as well as developing my skills in presentation, critical-thinking and relationship building."

Speaking of his own reflections on the event, George concluded, "This program was an extremely valuable lesson in leadership. I learnt that leading is not about speaking for your team members, but about supporting each of them to bring forward their ideas and uniting them in a common direction."

On graduating from the program, the CUD participants joined a 50,000 strong worldwide alumni association, and gained access to the Common Purpose Massive Online Innovation Community - an international platform allowing them to connect with like-minded people across the globe.

CUD Professor’s research on Entrepreneurship trends among female Arab engineering students accepted for publication in prestigious U.K. journal

A paper by Dr. Naveed Yasin, Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Management at Canadian University Dubai, titled ‘Assessing the Enterprising Tendencies of Arab Female Undergraduate Engineering Students’ has been accepted for publication in ‘Industry and Higher Education’, a UK journal indexed in ABS and Scopus.

The paper assesses the entrepreneurship characteristics of first-year undergraduate female chemical engineering students. Pre- and post-surveys were conducted among 27 respondents from an entrepreneurship boot camp module as mandated by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).

According to Dr. Naveed, the variables were statistically measured to assess the need for achievement, autonomy, creativity, risk-taking, and locus of control on the enterprising behaviors of students. This was followed by qualitative semi-structured interviews that were examined using Thematic Analysis approach. The comparison between students’ enterprise tendencies indicates improvements in their entrepreneurial abilities and understandings of entrepreneurial behaviour. The most noticeable impact was on students’ risk-taking abilities, followed by creativity, need for achievement, need for control and lastly, their need for autonomy.

Speaking about his research, Dr. Naveed Yasin said, “The value of this paper provides initial exploration and insights towards the enterprising characteristics among an empirically under-explored demographic and non-business group.” He also mentioned that he is currently working on developing a similar program of research at CUD in collaboration with a colleague from Canada.

Before joining the Canadian University Dubai in August 2019, Dr. Naveed had been teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation over the past 10 years in UK and Oman.