reasonable accommodation policy/strategy implemented, including adequately funded mechanism for persons with disabilities

The UAE refers to the people with disabilities as ‘people of determination’ in recognition of their achievements in different fields. This page provides information about how people of determination are protected and empowered through services and facilities in the areas of education, health, jobs and more.

CUD assists and supports in the process of assisting people with disabilities and has specific policies and services within the university to assist any student or member of the university who has a disability.

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Every disabled UAE national has the right to benefit from health, rehabilitation and support services at the expense of the UAE, including all surgical operations, whether performed due to disability or not: transplantation, treatment of sores, orthodontics, and hospitalization in specialized centers and others for intensive or regular treatment, including:

Providing all equipment, tools, aids and other necessities for the success of the surgical operations, whether they are permanent or temporary.

Providing consultation and treatment with general practitioners, specialists, consultants, dentists as well as psychological evaluation, audiometry, X-rays, laboratory testing and dispensing of medicines.

Rehabilitation and specialized treatment internal and external physical therapy, work therapy, and speech therapy as well as audio and psychological therapy.

Technical aids and assistive devices including fixed and mobile compensatory devices, earphones, artificial limbs, glass eyes, etc. (orthodontic forms, mobility aids, wheelchairs, sticks, walkers, crutches, sores protection aids and all surgical instruments).


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The country guarantees people of determination equal opportunities in education within all educational, vocational training, adult education and continuing education institutions in regular classes or special classes with the availability of curriculum in sign language or Braille or and any other methods as appropriate.

  • Special Needs Services

Canadian University Dubai pledges to provide an inclusive learning environment and to support the cognitive, emotional and creative development of students with special needs.

Canadian University Dubai ensures that reasonable effort is made to accommodate students with special needs such that their program learning objectives are met. Special Needs Services are provided equally through programs and services.

  • Examination Conflict and Special Considerations

If a student is scheduled for more than two examinations in one day, or has overlapping examinations, the student must report to the Office of the Registrar by the end of the first week after the final exam schedule has been released to make the necessary adjustments to his/her schedule. A student with special needs that requires specific arrangements to enable the writing of exams must submit their requests at least three weeks prior to the examination date to their Academic Advisor. Changes in the dates or times of scheduled examinations cannot be approved.

  • Special Needs Scholarship

We at Canadian University Dubai pledge to provide an inclusive learning environment and to support the cognitive, emotional and creative development of students with disabilities. Special needs may be justified by physical or other disabilities. Students eligible for a Special Needs Scholarship will benefit from a tuition reduction of up to 30%.

Overall Terms and Conditions

  • For students applying for the Special Needs Scholarship at the point of admission to the University, the academic average will be considered by the scholarship committee on a case-by-case basis.

  • For current students, a minimum CGPA of 2.0 is required to be eligible to apply for the scholarship.

  • Deadlines for the fall semester (July 7th) and spring semester (December 20th) must be met.

  • Special Needs Scholarships do not apply for summer semesters.

  • Students are required to provide an up-to-date professionally documented diagnosis that will be kept confidentially.

    • The scholarship application is reviewed by and subject to the scholarship committee’s discretion.

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Canadian University Dubai Health Center provides primary healthcare services and supports the safety and wellness of students, faculty and staff on campus.

Professional, licensed nurses are available to offer first aid and medical care for minor illnesses and injuries, provide health education and promote disease prevention.

The health Center services are free of charge and available on a walk-in basis or by appointment for doctor's consultation. Information regarding the health insurance benefits, coverage and networks is also available.

The Center is equipped with a range of equipment to help maintain and monitor your health. Emergency cases are referred to the ambulance service.

The health Center regularly collaborates with community organizations to conduct awareness raising activities such as no smoking campaigns, cancer awareness events and blood donation drives.

Students with medical needs or disabilities who require regular assistance on the campus may submit a medical report from their physician stating their health condition and special requirements.

All health records, forms and documentations are securely stored. The release or transfer of medical Information requires patient's approval, unless legally authorized, or in a life-threatening situation.

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Canadian University Dubai Student Accommodations offers a clean, safe, and cost-effective living option in Dubai. Whether you’re a UAE resident or an international student, living alongside your university peers can help you to integrate into campus life, and experience a unique multi-cultural environment, conducive to academic success, personal growth, and social development.

Our Accommodations are overseen by resident Officers and are available to undergraduates, Masters students, and students studying English, in separate areas for male and female occupants. Private and family facilities are not available.

CUD offers accommodations for people with disabilities, unlike the regular process, with priority and a wider range of options to fit each person's needs. In addition, an additional discount is given.

Early registration is recommended to secure a place in Student Accommodations as spaces are limited and will be issued on a first come first served basis. Preference is given to first year female students. If you're a returning student, please notify the Accommodations Department of your requirements at least 6 weeks before the start of a semester.

All Accommodations are self-catering and you will need to purchase your own groceries and prepare your own meals, or order meals from nearby restaurants.

Accommodations Location:

Canadian University Dubai Student Accommodations are located in Discovery Gardens, approximately 25 minutes by bus from the University campus. These Accommodations offer furnished 1-bedroom and studio apartments, each with a private bathroom. Discovery Gardens is within a short walk of Ibn Battuta Mall, which houses over 200 shops, including a hypermarket, cinemas and amusement arcades, money exchanges, banking services, restaurants, cafes and food courts.

Included in your accommodation fees are the following items:

  • Bed and mattress

  • Desk and chair

  • Wardrobe

  • Kitchens equipped with appliances such as stove, refrigerator, microwave, water cooler

  • Accommodations Officers providing on-site supervision

  • A community lifestyle encouraging participation in formal and informal social and sporting activities.

Items not covered by the fees that you should make arrangements to bring or purchase such as:

  • Laptop computer

  • Towels

  • Plates, cups, pots/pans, cooking utensils

  • Bedside lamp, electrical adaptors and extension cords

  • Laundry soap, shampoo, soap, toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste, and other such personal items.

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Personal Counseling

Creating and maintaining a healthy balance between your academics and personal life can be a stressful experience. Our Student Counselor is here to guide you through this process and help you overcome challenges, find clarity, build resilience, and reach your goals. She has professional experience and training and is committed to a strengths-based, solution-focused, and multicultural approach to allow you to fully benefit from your university experience and become the best version of yourself.

Common issues university students face include stress, anxiety, time-management, motivation, self-esteem, life transitions, and identity development. With personal counselling, you are given a safe and nonjudgmental environment to discuss, understand, and effectively handle these issues, and any others. While counselling is offered, referrals are provided if further or long-term services are needed. All sessions are strictly confidential.

Academic Accommodations/Accessibility Services

At Canadian University Dubai, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for students of determination and students with disabilities. If you have a documented physical disability, psychological condition, learning difficulty, chronic illness, or other barrier to your learning, you are eligible for academic accommodations.

We work closely and with absolute confidentiality with students to accommodate their individual needs and ensure they have equal opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Academic accommodations include exam scheduling and time limit extensions, note-taking support, learning resources, and a distraction-reduced environment. These are handled on a case-by-case basis that takes into account the student’s unique needs and the course or programmes learning objectives.

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Students at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) have received an inspirational talk from paralyzed athlete, Mr. Chris Khoury, about the importance of positivity and inner strength in day-to-day life.

Khoury, who was paralyzed from the chest down following a motocross accaident in 2009, visited CUD in his capacity as an ambassador for the Wing for Life campaign, a non-profit research foundation that aims to find a cure for spinal cord-related disabilities.

Speaking about his life-changing accident, Khoury said that he made a conscious decision early on to adopt a positive attitude and seize every opportunity that came his way.

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During Covid-19 pandemic, Canadian University Dubai, are thinking heavily about our responsibility as an educator. We are thinking about the impact on our students and members near and far and on our role to help navigate and rise above this impact. We echo His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai’s sentiments when he says, “Education Never Stops”, and we are compelled to look for ways to be flexible and accessible in our part to encourage the pursuit of higher education. Together, we can continue to inspire minds and transform lives.

We are offering counselling services online or over the telephone for students who are experiencing anxiety, fear, or depression during this time. We have connected with travelling students to provide reassurance and guidance where we can. For students with disabilities, we have provided accessible accommodations as they adapt to online learning, and we have delivered self-care packages, containing food items and sanitation products, to all students in dorms.

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