Does your university as a body have an admissions policy which is non-discriminatory, or which details and explains the logic for any appropriate positive discrimination policies in admissions, which is publicly posted?

Guiding Principles for Canadian University Dubai Scholarships

  • Scholarships are open to all students of any citizenship who have met all the admission requirements.

  • Scholarships are awarded to full-time students enrolled in four academic courses or more per semester. For Financial Hardship and Special Needs Scholarships, the number of academic courses students must enroll in will be considered on a case-by-case basis, although, where possible, a minimum of four academic courses is recommended. Please note that scholarships can be granted for credit-bearing courses only.

  • Students must maintain the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) necessary in order to continue receiving scholarship funding. The specific CGPA requirements vary according to the type of scholarship applied for. These details are outlined in the specific scholarship descriptions.

  • Scholarships are not valid for summer semesters.

  • Scholarships are only valid for current tuition fees.

  • Students can apply for more than one scholarship, provided they meet the eligibility requirements. In case a student qualifies for more than one reduction, scholarship or discount, the student will be given the chance to choose the scholarship with the highest value.

  • All remaining fees (tuition and housing) must be paid promptly in order to receive and maintain the scholarship

Admission for Undergraduate Studies

To enrol in an undergraduate program at Canadian University Dubai you will need to meet the general requirements for admission and provide a certificate of English language proficiency. Some other prerequisites apply to specific programs.

1. General University Admission Requirements

Completion of secondary education or an equivalent level with the required average. Applicants are accepted in different majors according to the student’s preference and her/his grade average and depending on the capacity of each program

A High School Certificate obtained abroad must be processed in accordance with decrees No. 199/2019 and 883 /2019 of His Excellency the Minister of Education UAE, as follows:

Broadly, a holder of secondary certificates from foreign countries and/or systems is eligible for admission if:

  • The certificate is valid for admission to a public university of the Country in which it was issued

  • The certificate was obtained on completion of at least 12 years of schooling

  • Equivalency Certificate, Issued by Ministry of Education in the UAE.

  • The certificate includes at least six (6) subjects covering the four core fields of: Mathematics, Sciences, Languages, and the Social Sciences & Humanities or Arts

  • A holder of High School Certificates from any country that has two levels of High School Certificate must submit the higher level of certificate

2. English Proficiency Requirements

All students are required to provide a certificate of English proficiency, such as TOEFL (minimum score of PBT 500/61 iBT), IELTS (minimum band 5.0), EMSAT (Minimum Score 1100) or their equivalents on another standardized national, or internationally, recognized test that is approved by the Ministry of Education in the UAE.

This condition of the admission policy applies to all students of all programs whose medium of instruction is English.

Student who would like to join the program of Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries are required to provide a certificate of English proficiency, such as IELTS (minimum band 5.5), EMSAT (Minimum Score 1250) or an equivalent standardized English language test that is internationally recognized and approved by the ministry of education in the UAE.

The minimum Score of English proficiency test is TOEFL score of 450 or its equivalent for programs whose medium of instructions is Arabic. Students should note that in order to transfer to a university in Canada, a higher TOEFL score (normally a minimum of TOEFL 550) or its standardized equivalent may be required, depending on the admission conditions of our partner.


A transfer student admitted to an undergraduate course in an English-medium institution that is recognized by the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs (MOE), who can also provide evidence of having achieved a TOEFL score of 500 (or its standardized equivalent approved by the MOE) upon admission to the sending institution’s undergraduate program. A verified true copy of the test result held by the sending institution may be sent directly to the University

Arabic Proficiency Requirements

  • Admission to programs offered in Arabic Language requires a minimum score of 1000 in Emsat Arabic Language test.

  • For the Programs of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Business Administration, students are required to provide EmSAT in Arabic with a minimum Score of 600/ equivalent.

  • Alternatively, non-native Arabic speakers students can register for a non-credited Basic Arabic Language course at CUD.

3. Placement Tests

3.1 English

  • Only admitted students who have achieved the minimum English proficiency requirement will be allowed to register for courses as per their study plan without any further intensive pre-university English courses.

  • Admitted students with a TOEFL/IELTS score less than the specified minimum requirement will need to register for the University’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program to help them attain the required higher TOEFL/IELTS score. (EAP courses are not transferable). Students will be placed in the appropriate level of the EAP program based on their IELTS or TOEFL score.

  • Registered students in EAP are allowed to enroll in general education courses, in conjunction with the corresponding level of EAP.

3.2 Math

All students admitted to any of the accredited programs, with the exception of the Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Applied Sociology, are required to fulfill the Mathematics requirement. The math requirement may be met by passing the Math Placement Test OR providing a Grade 12 minimum Math score of 70% Advanced Stream OR SAT test minimum math score of 450/ Minimum EmSAT Math Score of 600.

Any student who has not met the mathematics requirement or achieved the required pass mark in the Mathematics Placement Test may be granted conditional admission - but such students will not be permitted to register in any Math or Statistics courses, or any course that has a math Prerequisite, until the successful completion of the necessary remedial-math course.

4. Program Specific Admission Requirements

Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design


1. The above requirements are the minimum academic requirements to be considered by the admission committee of each program

2. Bachelor program in Interior Design has a yearly cap of 20 seats per academic year. The admission decision to the program will be made on a competitive basis using High School Score and Portfolio. Admission committee will also inform applicants who are placed on the waiting list. Admitted students to BSc program in Interior Design will have to pay a nonrefundable seat reservation fee of AED5000.

** The Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies program is designed as a pre-architecture degree as per the Canadian Education System. The program is not a degree in Architecture. Hence; it may not lead to employment as an Architecture professional but rather a pre-professional in the Architecture field.

Faculty of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology

* Conditional Acceptance (for the programs: B.Sc. in Computer Science, B.Sc. in Software Design and, B.Sc. in Cybersecurity)

Those students who achieved high school score below 70% can be accepted conditionally during one semester, subject to the following conditions:

The student must have graduated from the advanced track/equivalent; and

Should achieve a minimum grade of “C” in (MTH-112) Calculus I and (BCS-101) Elements of Computing 1.

Faculty of Management

A personal interview set by the faculty of Management is required.

Conditional admission can be allowed for not achieving the Arabic Language EmSAT score, but not for English Language or overall High School Certificate.

Faculty of Communication, Arts and Sciences

** Conditional Admission

An applicant who does not meet all of the University Admission requirements may be granted conditional admission. The possible circumstances under which such conditional admission may be granted include:

  • Students who do not meet the minimum TOEFL/IELTS English language proficiency requirement: these students may enroll in the EAP program in order to improve their English skills and achieve the required TOEFL/IELTS score

  • Students who do not pass the Mathematics Placement Test: these students must successfully complete the necessary remedial-math course before being allowed to register in any math or math-related courses.

  • Students who do not pass the Mathematics Placement Test: these students must successfully complete the necessary remedial-math course before being allowed to register in any math or math-related courses.

  • Students who have been unable to provide attested certificates or equalization certificates: these students must provide the appropriate certification by the end of their first academic semester.

  • If a student does not fulfill his or her specific probationary admission requirements, he or she may be subject to dismissal from the University.

5. Admission Requirements and Procedures

Prospective students can apply to any of our programs online at Apply online. Students are more than welcome to visit our campus for a personal tour, and one of our officers would be pleased to address any questions with their online application. Alternatively, inquiries can be sent to, prospective students are obliged to abide by the endorsed health and safety measures as per the directives of the Ministry of Education, and Dubai Health Authority to access the Campus.

Once a student has submitted their completed application, they are assigned an Applicant ID by the Admissions Department. (This Applicant ID # should not be confused with the Student ID #, which is given only after a student has accepted an offer of admission).

5.1 Steps and Required Documents

  • General Documents

  • Complete an application online at Apply online

  • Certified copy of Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent.

  • Copy of student passport (valid).

  • Copy of residence visa for non-local students (valid).

  • Copy of Emirates ID

  • Copy of UAE National Family Registry for local students.

  • A valid English Language Proficiency Certificate (TOEFL, IELTS or EmSAT)

  • Proof of successful completion or a letter of exemption of military service from the National & Reserve Service Authority (UAE nationals male only)

  • Recent passport-size colored photograph.

  • Applications from holders of High School Certificates are processed after payment of the non-refundable fee of 525 AED.

  • Additional Requirements for Students holding Foreign Certificates

  • Document proving that the student completed 12 years of school.

  • Certified copy of grades 10,11, 12 certificates and Graduation certificate ( Diploma ).

  • Equivalent certificate from the Ministry of Education in the UAE.

  • Additional Requirements for Kuwait Students

  • Kuwaiti Nationals applicants must attach a copy of Kuwaiti Embassy Approval.

  • Additional Requirements for Visiting Students

  • Approval letter from student's home university with a list of courses allowed to be taken at CUD.

5.2 Attestation of Documents and Certificates

  • Students who have graduated from High Schools within the UAE

  • UAE High School certificates are attested by the Ministry of Education in the UAE. In addition to obtain Equivalency Certificate from Ministry of Education in the UAE.

  • Students who have graduated from High Schools outside the UAE

  • High School certificates must be attested by the Ministry of Education in the country where the issuing High School is based.

  • Certificates and transcripts must be attested by the UAE embassy or consulate in that same country.

  • If the student is not able to have the attestation completed by the UAE embassy or consulate in that same country, they may also be able to obtain the same attestation or equalization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Consulate of the particular country they studied in.

  • Students must obtain Equivalency Certificate from the Ministry of Education in the UAE.

5.3 Students who have studied at Colleges/Universities Outside of the UAE

  • All Certificates and transcripts must be attested by the Ministry of Education in the country where the issuing institution is based.

  • Following that, the student also needs to have the certificates and transcripts attested by the UAE embassy or consulate in that same country.

  • If the student is not able to have the attestation completed by the UAE embassy or consulate in that same country, they may also be able to obtain the same attestation or equalization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Consulate of the particular country they studied in.

  • The student will also be required to obtain an equivalency document of all attested certificates from the Equivalency Department at the Ministry of Higher Education.

6. Foreign Equivalents

The following is a selected list of international equivalent admission requirements; if a prospective student does not see their educational system listed here, they should contact the Admissions Department for more detailed information.

Important Note: All Foregin hight school holders must sumbit Certificate of Equivalency from the UAE Ministry of Education.

American System:

The certificate is awarded after at least 12 years of schooling

Holder successfully passed the grades (tenth, eleventh, and twelfth). The number of subjects in each grade should be at least five, the minimum score of success in each subject must not be less than (D) or 60%. Islamic education and Arabic language are not counted

Holder passed (IBT) with minimum grade 61or (IELTS Academic) with minimum score 5 or (EmSAT Achieve- English) with minimum score 1100

Holder passed EmSAT Achieve - Mathematics not less than 500 or (SAT1-Math) with minimum score 450


UAE National applicants are required to obtain a minimum of:

  • EmSAT Achieve English with a minimum score of 1100

  • EmSAT achieve-Mathematics with a minimum score of 500

  • For an applicant to be considered as a graduate of the advanced Track in secondary education she/he must have successfully studied at least 2 Science and one Mathematics subject at O-Level and ASLevel or A-Level.

British System (IGCSE and GCSE):

A holder of a British system certificate is eligible for admission if:

  • Has completed 12 years of study by the time she/he has finished secondary education and must provide proof thereof.

  • The highest 7 grades obtained will be considered as follows:

  • A minimum grade of C in 5 O-Level subjects, and minimum grade of D in 2 AS-Level subjects or one A-Level subject( Islamic education and Arabic language are not counted).

For an applicant to be considered as a graduate of the advanced Track in secondary education she/he must have successfully studied at least 2 Science and one Mathematics subject at O-Level and ASLevel or A-Level.

Canadian System: High school diploma (grade 10, 11 & 12) with a minimum of 60% or with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 University Track Credits.

Holders a certificate of one of French-Patterned Educational Systems as Algerian ,Lebanese, Moroccan, Tunisian, French.

A holder of a French certificate is eligible for admission if:

  • Has completed 12 years of study by the time she/he has finished secondary education and must provide proof thereof.

  • Obtain the French Baccalaureate in any of the three tracks: Literature, Economics & social, or Scientific with a minimum score of 10/20

Iranian System: Pre-university certificate and transcript of records with a minimum grade of 12 out of 20.

Indian Board Certificates: Grade 12 certificate with a minimum percentage of 55% and Grade 10 certificate results.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program: IB Diploma with completion of six (6) subjects, at least three (3) at the higher level (HL) and a minimum total of 24 points.

The certificate is awarded after at least 12 years of schooling

The student must pass one of the two tracks:

First track:

Successful completion of the IB Diploma (Islamic education should not be counted among the subjects required for obtaining the Diploma).

Second Track:

  • The student must pass six IB subjects according to the following conditions

  • The grade of any subject shall not be less than three

  • The total number of points must not be less than 24

  • The six subjects completed by the student in the IB should cover subjects of (English,mathematics and one subject of sciences) at the SL or HL.

  • Islamic education should not be counted among the six subjects required for the equivalency.

  • Pakistani Board Certificates: Grade 12 certificate with a minimum percentage of 55% and Grade 10 certificate results.

  • Nigerian/West African System: WAEC, NECO, or WASSCE board certificate with a minimum of 7 subjects of C and above and secondary school transcript of results.

7. Deadlines for Admission

Applications for admissions are accepted year-round. Entry can be in the Fall, Spring or Summer.

7.1 Letter of Admission

Upon successful completion of the admission process, the student will receive either a conditional acceptance or fully admitted letter issued by the Admissions Department. If the student is rejected, he or she will also receive a letter notifying him/her of the rejection.

8. Admission Appeals

  • Should a student’s Application for Admission be rejected, he/she may appeal the decision as follows:

  • Inform the Admissions Office of his/her dissatisfaction and request a review, in writing, within thirty (30) days of having received the written reason for the rejection.

  • The Admissions Office will acknowledge receipt of the applicant’s request and forward it to the Admissions Review Panel which is composed of the Program Leader and two faculties, one from the relevant Department and one from a different Department.

  • The applicant may make a presentation to the Panel, but may not be represented by a third party at the Panel.

  • The Panel will submit their decision to the Registrar for his/her approval.

  • The Admissions Office will inform the applicant of the decision in writing.

  • The decision of the Registrar is final and binding. Should the decision be in favor of the applicant, the applicant will be admitted to his/her chosen program or an alternative should no place be available in his/her chosen program. Under no circumstance will a student already admitted to the University be disadvantaged by the findings of the Review Panel.

9. Student Visa

  • International and non-national students are eligible for a UAE Student Residence Visa sponsored by Canadian University Dubai. These visas are only issued to full-time students (students enrolled in 4 courses or more per semester) who have been accepted to the University and have paid the required deposits and fees.

  • Student visas are valid for a period of 12 months and renewable per the duration of the student’s program of study. Visas must be renewed or cancelled within an acceptable period before expiry while in the UAE. Failure to renew or cancel your visa accordingly may result in an absconding status with UAE Immigration and forfeiting of your visa deposit.

  • Students with abscondment status will be dismissed from the University and returned to their home country.

  • Transfer of visa from other institutions is a lengthy process. Students should cancel their visa at their previous academic institution and Canadian University Dubai will apply for a new visa.

  • Once all the documents are available it takes a minimum of 3 working days to process the visa. Completion of medical and stamping of the visa on the passport take a minimum of 10 additional working days.

The documents required are:

  • Colour passport photocopy

  • 4 colour passport photographs (submitted with application for admission)

  • Letter of Acceptance from the University with course details and duration.

*Note that the University cannot guarantee that you will be granted a student visa.

Falsified Admission Documents

Students found to have submitted falsified documents will be dismissed from the University with no refunds and reported to the appropriate authorities.


The Registrar's Office is here to supports new, continuing and graduating students throughout their registration process.

As a new, readmitted, or transfer student, you can confirm your registration in courses by paying the semester’s tuition and fees in full, upon admission or acceptance into your program.

Continuing, readmitted and students who have changed their program can confirm their registration by paying tuition and fees in full, upon reservation of seats in a following semester.

Deadlines to pay fees and the last day to add or drop without academic or financial penalty is published in the Academic Calendar.

Kindly note that the Class Schedule is subject to change, though every effort is made to minimize any such changes.

Process for new students

  • Once accepted or admitted to the University, you may reserve your seats in courses. To confirm your registration, you need to pay your tuition and fees in full.

  • Review the Student Handbook to learn more about your program requirements and the support services on offer at the University.

  • Select courses for your first semester based on the conditions of your admission and the courses required in your program.

  • After payment at the Cashier’s window in Hall C, add or drop your courses at the New Student window in Hall C.

  • Process for continuing students

  • Review the Student Handbook and Catalogue to refresh your understanding of program requirements.

  • Review the Academic Calendar to ensure that you are aware of the start and end date of classes and examinations.

  • If you wish to transfer to another program, please file an Application for Change of Major prior to registering for the next semester.

  • If you wish to take a course at another post-secondary institution in the Emirates, or at a partner institution, please file an Application for a Letter of Permission to transfer those courses back to Canadian University Dubai.

  • If you wish to hold your registration for a semester, please file an Application to Hold Registration and identify the semester that you are likely to return.

  • If you are due to graduate as of the end of the next semester, please file an Application to Graduate and ensure that you are registered in the courses that will fulfil your program requirements.

  • Ensure that you are

  • In Clear Academic Status. If not, you should contact your academic advisor and/or Chair of the program to establish how to ensure that you will be in clear academic status as soon as possible.

  • In Good Financial Standing (no holds, no outstanding amounts).

  • Eligible for full admission to the program (no missing documents, English Language Requirement fulfilled, Mathematics Placement test complete, etc.)

  • External exam proctoring at Canadian University Dubai

  • External exam proctoring is available at Canadian University Dubai for students from external institutions taking distance learning programs.

  • Please contact us if you are a distance learning student, looking for a university to proctor the final exam from your institution and deliver the results back to the distance learning office for processing.

  • We offer a location where you can take your exam securely, as well as an invigilator to ensure that the exam follows the student’s home university policy. The exam is then securely delivered back to the university via courier.

Student Orientation and Academic Advising

Academic orientation and advising is the backbone of any University’s education operations system. The University holds orientation sessions at the beginning of each Academic Year, and all year one students admitted into University programs are requested to attend. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar to find out about the exact dates of the orientation sessions. The students will have a chance to meet with the faculty, program coordinators, and University administrators.

During these sessions, students will have a chance, for instance, to:

  • Familiarize themselves with the credit system,

  • Understand and get familiar with the degree requirements,

  • Interpret test and placement scores,

  • Clarify major and/or career options,

  • Select appropriate courses to optimize their academic performances,

  • Understand academic warnings and progression policies,

  • Understand the academic records of graduating students,

  • Familiarize themselves with University services, library, information technology policies, laboratories, student services, student councils, etc.

For those students who are in probationary academic standing, a meeting with an assigned Academic Advisor will be scheduled to plan an appropriate study plan and understand progression towards graduation pertaining to their specific case. Students with probationary status cannot register without the signature of his or her Academic Advisor