training or programmes to improve access to basic services for all

With the purpose of providing resources, tools and access to education to the local community, specifically knowledge that promotes or helps these people to have basic services such as health, water and energy, the university has a specialized center called the "Learning Resource Center". in providing these resources to the community, where courses are taught that allow the local community to acquire knowledge in the aforementioned fields.

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) at the Canadian University of Dubai provides access to a wealth of electronic resources and loan materials to all students, faculty, staff of the University and the local community in Dubai. We house a print collection of over 14,000 items consisting of books, magazines and multimedia. Our wide range of e-resources includes over 40,000 e-journals, over 200,000 e-books, and over 3,200,000 intelligence reports and analyses. You can also access country reports, theses and dissertations, conference proceedings, videos, and many more electronic resources.

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In order to help people outside the university to have access to education, the university offers an online reserved book service that offers courses that allow people in the community to have access to knowledge about basic services such as water or energy. The local community can reserve the course through the web portal and for free.

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Canadian University on its web portal has some free courses for the local community that allow people to access knowledge that deepens basic services and provides support on how to get these people to access public services more easily.

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With the purpose that the people of the local community who do not have sufficient resources manage to have tools that allow them to access basic services, the university published a course on its web portal on the treatment of the water that falls from the rain, in this way to give it a possibility of having drinking water to the local community.

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With the purpose that the people of the local community who do not have sufficient resources manage to have tools that allow them to access basic services, the university published a course on its web portal on the Solar Power System Fundamentals, This gives the possibility of obtaining solar energy and thus contributing to the local community with the basic energy service.

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In order for people in the local community who do not have sufficient resources to have tools that allow them to access basic services, the university published a course on First Aid on its website, providing the local community with the health basics and how to react to a health emergency.

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Canadian university Dubai (CUD) has joined the campaign to increase public knowledge and understanding of cancer and related illnesses with a week-long program of events to mark Cancer Awareness Week. Faculty, students and local comunnity have come together in both educational and recreational activities to learn more about cancer symptoms, prevention and cure, and to show their support for those affected by the disease. The week opened with a Pink Day, where the campus took on a rose-coloured theme in tribute of the traditional colour associated with breast cancer movement. Day one of the campaign also saw the launch of an interactive exhition by the CUD Art Club, aiming to encourage students and local community from across the University to use their creativity to produce inspirational message of hope.

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Haya Merai, a graduate of the Canadian University of Dubai (CUD) Bachelor of Health Organization Management programme, has returned to the University to promote skin cancer awareness among students and the local community as part of a her current employer, Friends of Cancer Patients. Haya, who is a junior project executive at the Sharjah-based charity, brought the "Mole Talk" campaign to the CUD campus, to help raise awareness of the importance of skin cancer prevention and early detection among the youth of the United Arab Emirates.

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Welcome to Student Affairs at Canadian University Dubai.

We work with students from their day one on campus until their graduation day (and sometimes even beyond), offering students opportunities and support to be part of both the CUD and wider Dubai communities. Whether you’re looking for career counselling, learning support, sport and activities, or health services, the Student Affairs department can help.

Our Mission

Our aim is to support the University’s academic mission and vision, by creating events and activities that integrate learning, culture, community awareness and social experiences to help students reach their educational, personal, and professional goals.

Our Goals

  • To link student events to General Education Courses so as to bring valuable learning outcomes

  • To align with the Schools and Academics, to improve collaboration and involvement of administrative departments of the University

  • To develop, train and empower the Student Councils

  • To Increasing awareness of Student Councils and provide students a voice through Student Councils

  • To work effectively with the Communications Department to ensure activities are promoted to students

  • To make events and activities as attractive as possible to as many students as possible in order to satisfy the diversity of our student community

  • To behave ethically as a corporation by raising funds and awareness for charity associations, increasing our CSR levels and developing positive government and NGO relations

  • To create a positive perspective on student activities and raise pride in the University and the schools

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The purpose of the Student Success Center (SSC) is to guide and support you through your personal and academic journey at CUD. Visit the SSC to learn how to manage your time and stress, develop optimal note-taking strategies, understand assignments, improve your math skills, or enhance your English, reading, writing, grammar, and research skills.

Workshops that promote personal development and academic success are offered throughout the semester or upon request. These range from improving study skills, academic writing skills, and exam taking skills to building higher levels of confidence and reaching your academic goals.

The SSC is a place where you can receive personal and academic support, attend valuable workshops, work on your assignments, find resources, and prepare for exams. Academic success is about knowing the right strategies and having the right skills, and we’re here to help you succeed! For more information, email

Personal Counseling

Creating and maintaining a healthy balance between your academics and personal life can be a stressful experience. Our Student Counselor is here to guide you through this process and help you overcome challenges, find clarity, build resilience, and reach your goals. She has professional experience and training and is committed to a strengths-based, solution-focused, and multicultural approach to allow you to fully benefit from your university experience and become the best version of yourself.

Common issues university students face include stress, anxiety, time-management, motivation, self-esteem, life transitions, and identity development. With personal counselling, you are given a safe and nonjudgmental environment to discuss, understand, and effectively handle these issues, and any others. While counselling is offered, referrals are provided if further or long-term services are needed.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

Academic Accommodations/Accessibility Services

At Canadian University Dubai, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for students of determination and students with disabilities. If you have a documented physical disability, psychological condition, learning difficulty, chronic illness, or other barrier to your learning, you are eligible for academic accommodations.

We work closely and with absolute confidentiality with students to accommodate their individual needs and ensure they have equal opportunity to reach their maximum potential. Academic accommodations include exam scheduling and time limit extensions, note-taking support, learning resources, and a distraction-reduced environment. These are handled on a case-by-case basis that takes into account the student’s unique needs and the course or programme learning objectives.

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The University holds orientation sessions at the beginning of each academic year, and all freshmen admitted to Canadian University Dubai programs are required to attend. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar to find the exact dates of orientation sessions.

During these sessions, students will have a chance to meet with the faculty, program coordinators, and University administrators, who will help them with the following:

  • Familiarize them with the credit system of education followed by Canadian University Dubai

  • Understand and become familiar with the degree requirements

  • Interpret test and placement scores

  • Clarify major and/or career options

  • Select appropriate courses to optimize their academic performances

  • Understand academic warnings and progression policies

  • Review the academic records of graduating students

  • Familiarize them with University services; Learning Resource Centre (LRC), information technology, laboratories, student services, student councils, etc.

For existing students who are achieving subpar results in a course or are not performing up to their expectations, a meeting with an advisor will be scheduled.

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Careers advice is available to assist students in developing their professional goals and objectives, and regular career workshops are held to provide support in finding employment and preparing for life in the workplace. The aim is to make students career conscious and start building their life skills early on. All students are welcome to attend to start improving their life skills and employability, especially final year students.

In career workshops, students can learn how to create a professional CV, design a cover letter, develop their interview skills, use networking and negotiate an offer.

Our mission

The mission of the Career Services is to make a student’s transition from university to professional life a success story. This is meant to be a shared success; therefore, the Career Center invites you to collaborate and work together with your professors, internship mentors, and use the services and resources of the Career Services throughout your studies. Participate in events, start thinking about your career plans and set SMART career goals from your first year on. The Career Center will work to motivate you to take action and discover your possibilities, using your resources strategically. Throughout all events and one-on-one sessions, we will work on improving your life skills and employability, preparing you to enter the 21st century job market.

How can I benefit from Career Services?

Regardless of year of studies, major or interest, every student can benefit from the following services:

  • Advice on career related matters – job and internship search strategies, setting career goals, objectives and a step-by-step plan

  • Improving career correspondence (CV, thank you notes)

  • Improving profiles and visibility on career platforms

  • Assistance in finding internships, part-time or volunteer opportunities

  • Workshops to develop interview skills, online and offline networking and personal branding

  • Our annual Career Fair to be introduced to companies and organizations

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Watch how Career Services can help you get ahead in life


Choosing a career path can be challenging, and an industry-based internship can help you to explore and evaluate your career options while still at University.

Canadian University Dubai works with a wide range of partner companies to provide students with the opportunity to put into practice the skills and concepts learned in the classroom. The internship is an important experiential and academic component of each program and is compulsory for all undergraduate majors.

During an internship, students work for 150-180hrs (dependent upon the program) either on a part-time or full-time basis. Full-time internships involve 30-35hrs per week and part-time internships involve 15-20hrs per week. The host company/organization provides professional staff members to take the student forward in their learning experience.

Internships at CUD are managed by the Career Services, and all open positions will be communicated to you internally on Moodle under Career Services Section.

If you are about to graduate or are a fresh student, prepare your CV and send it to for review indicating “CV Review” in the subject

At CUD we aim to ensure that learning is a lifelong experience.

In the corporate training team, our mission is to develop the human capital of the region through relevant, accessible and demand-driven training and consulting solutions that respond to the changing needs of the global business community.

Our vision is to be the preferred centre for professional development programs for the curriculum and communities we serve, by bringing experienced University faculty and certified trainers to deliver a range of tailored management consulting and corporate training packages, professional courses and certificate programs, as well as academic preparation courses.

The experts affiliated with corporate training and consulting at Canadian University Dubai are Canadian, American or European educated, and have practical experience and industry knowledge of the GCC. They come with international expertise in their areas of training and consulting, and bring considerable experience of supporting corporate clients through these services.

Training sessions are highly interactive and include a complementary blend of face-to-face lectures, real-life case studies, group discussions, set texts, videos, assessments and online learning materials to simultaneously develop your knowledge and skills round you chosen subject.

All of our corporate training services are offered as in-house or tailor-made programs, according to our clients’ needs. Alongside this, several of our programs can also be accessed on an individual basis through our public training courses. Visit the public programs page for more information about these courses.

Our consultancy services are similarly customer-driven and our team of experts combine the latest theoretical concepts derived from academic research with practical knowledge of the industrial environment to help you identify, implement, and evaluate solutions that will enhance your business operations.

Training and consultancy services are available across four main subject areas:

  • Business Management, Economics & Finance

  • Languages, Communication & Interpersonal Skills

  • Information & Communication Technology

  • Creative Arts, Multimedia & Animation

Download our corporate training prospectus for further details.

To make an enquiry, please contact:

Tel.: +971 4 709 6803


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October 16th, 2016 Queen’s University, one of the leading Canadian universities, is offering UAE students an opportunity to pursue higher studies in Canada, through an emerging collaboration with Canadian University Dubai (CUD).

The opportunities and specialisations available at the Kingston campus were highlighted by Mr Kutay Ulkuer, Admissions Manager, Undergraduate Admission and Recruitment, Queen's University, at a presentation recently held at CUD.

One of the oldest universities of Canada established 175 years ago, Queen's is renowned for its engineering, science and business programs, and has a rich history of research. Mr. Ulkuer said the university was looking forward to welcoming CUD students to join its community of 16,000 students at is Kingston campus on the shores of Lake Ontario.

“We have a high retention rate among Canadian universities, and most of our undergraduate students stay on to complete their masters. We are also proud of the fact that 94% of our students find jobs in related fields,” he added.

Students can get a work permit to stay and work in Canada. The university also offers language support for students as well as free one to one mentoring support for those facing academic challenges. It also offers world class research opportunities and there is affordable housing for students on campus as well as outside.

CUD is in the process of signing a partnership agreement with Queen's University in engineering and business programs, to give students a chance to join some of the most sought-after courses in Canada.

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May 16th, 2018: CUD took the opportunity to thank its security and cleaning staff for all its hard work and dedication.

A total of 1015 grocery and personal items, including phone cards, were distributed amongst the individual recipients; each pack contained over 65 items.

The event was organized by CUD’s Humanitarian Club, which gathered the products through a one-month program that involved collecting donations from other staff and faculty members.

Speaking on behalf of the Humanitarian Club, Mam Fatou Cham thanked everyone for their generous contributions received during the past few weeks. Through the support the club received, it was able to successfully surpass its initial target.

Dr. Rami El Khatib, Dean of Student Affairs, speaking on behalf of Dr. Karim acknowledged the efforts of the staff and referred to their dedication and hard work.

A large number of CUD staff turned out to watch the handover to the grateful recipients.

Security and cleaning staff members are present on campus every day, some working long hours, to ensure the University is kept safe and hygienic.

Samuel, on behalf of security thanked the university for its generosity. Abbey from the cleaning staff referred to the family atmosphere in the university and how he and his colleagues were proud to be a part of it.

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April 9th, 2015: Faculty and staff from Canadian University Dubai (CUD) have taken part in a daylong event to celebrate and learn more about Canadian culture and society.

Personnel from across CUD's multinational academic and staff communities were guided by the University's Canadian contingent in a program of events that touched upon Canada's geography, environment, education system, law, sports, arts and culture.

The event began with an address from Guest of Honour, Canadian Consul General, His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Kamarianakis, who opened proceedings with a fascinating overview of Canadian history, politics and society.

Mr. Kamarianakis spoke about how Canada truly forged itself as a country in the early twentieth century, and drew comparisons with the UAE and its multinational society, as well as its cohesion with other cultural and religious identities, within a common framework.

Participants went on to hear from Canadian colleagues about a range of topics from the invention of basketball by Canadian James Naismith, to the establishment of the country's legal framework through the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. After the information sessions, participants were treated to some traditional Canadian cuisine.

The event was organized to reinforce the bonds between CUD and Canadian culture and society, across the organization and its personnel. The institution has a range of formal agreements with universities in Canada that allow students to transfer or complete a semester of study at Canadian institutions.

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February 4th, 2019 CUD Red Theatre: Members of our valued Support Services Team gathered in the Red Theatre in the presence of His Excellency Mr. Buti Saeed Al Ghandi, Chancellor of the Canadian University Dubai, Professor Karim Chelli, President and Vice Chancellor, other distinguished guests, students and staff to receive their graduation awards after completing a six week development Program to improve their skills in reading, writing, IT and hygiene.

The event was organized by CUDCares and was the culmination of a six week project “Learn Together” in collaboration with Ojaz, an initiative set up by Monica Manoj and Rashi Verma to promote learning amongst individuals with limited access to education. They were assisted by a large number of volunteers from the university.

Prior to the presentation, MC Anjola Ogundkun introduced Zarha Hashi, Club Committee member and Treasurer of the Student Council, who outlined some of the past activities of CUDCares.

This was followed by Mam Fatou Cham, President of CUDCares who thanked Ojaz and the willing volunteers who assisted stating that “Although teaching was a foreign field for most of us, we were encouraged and inspired by the commitment and diligence of our workers who, despite a long day’s work, never missed the weekly classes and were always excited to learn something.”

She continued “In the course of six weeks, we have achieved our goal which is a big accomplishment for CUDCares. The greatest mark of success, however, is to see our graduates live up to their full potential.” She then proceeded to praise them, expressing the team’s pride in their achievements and congratulating them on their success. She looked forward to further projects with Ojaz in the future.

The prizes consisting of certificates and gifts were then distributed by Mr. Buti and Professor. Karim.

CUDCares can be proud of their achievements in this project which was supported on many levels throughout the University and is a gesture of gratitude to the support staff in the university.

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DUBAI, 28 April: Canadian University Dubai and Dubai Health Authority have begun a progressive new partnership that promotes higher education to its administrative staff.

In support of Flag Day, an initiative by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which aims to 'blend the sense of nationhood with loyalty to the country to preserve its achievements and inculcate the concept of good citizenship', the newly created Chancellors Scholarship annually grants one of Dubai Health Authority's employees a permanent place in the Canadian University Dubai's popular Masters of Business Administration Program.

The Program is ranked #1 in Dubai by Forbes Middle East and gives one student each academic year the chance to broaden their education and advance further in their career.

The partnership began with Mr Buti Saeed Al Ghandi, Chancellor of Canadian University Dubai, presenting Engineer Essa Al Haj Al Maidoor, Director General of Dubai Health Authority, with the certificate at their Headquarters.

The first recipient of the Chancellors Scholarship will attend the Canadian University Dubai this coming academic year.

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Tuesday October 22, Red Theatre, CUD: As a prelude to the launch of the Bachelor of Creative Industries (BACI) Programme currently awaiting approval from UAE Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs, details of the Programme were announced at a presentation in the Red Theater to Faculty, Staff and current students.

In attendance from Ryerson University was James Nadler, Chair of Creative Industries, at Ryerson University’s Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD), Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Julia Finnegan, Chair of the proposed new Programme welcomed James to CUD. He expressed the hope that the Programme would hopefully be launched for the Spring Semester, Jan. 2018. He went on to outline the aims of the Programme which focuses on management and leadership in the Creative Industries. Managing creative people requires a specific skill set which needs to be learned through practical experience and being involved with those creative people.

There is a flexibility to move between all forms of Creative Industry. At Ryerson, over 40% of students have a firm job offer by the end of their third year of a four year programme. The Ryerson Programme is the first of its kind in Canada and James stated that the opportunity to bring it to the UAE had tremendous potential in view of the expected high demand for managers in creative industries with the current development of the creative sector in the UAE and the advent of Expo 2020.

Students entering the BACI in CUD will have the opportunity to transfer to Canada for their second and third year of study. They will then complete an intensive internship in the UAE during their final year to complete their degree.

Dr. Julia stressed the unique design of the Programme in that rather than receiving a Major degree there would be the opportunity to complete two minor concentrations. One of the extra dimensions to BACI is the creation of a Business Incubator in CUD allowing not only BACI students, but CUD students in general, to explore business opportunities for themselves with the support of Industry experts and dedicated mentors.

The presentation was concluded with some video clips about the BACI and the opportunities available in the UAE in the near future. This was followed by a Q&A session where clarification was provided on various aspects of the Programme.

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Canadian University Dubai Health Center provides primary healthcare services and supports the safety and wellness of students, faculty and staff on campus.

Professional, licensed nurses are available to offer first aid and medical care for minor illnesses and injuries, provide health education and promote disease prevention.

The Health Center services are free of charge and available on a walk-in basis or by appointment for doctor's consultation. Information regarding the health insurance benefits, coverage and networks is also available.

The Center is equipped with a range of equipment to help maintain and monitor your health. Emergency cases are referred to the ambulance service.

The Health Center regularly collaborates with community organizations to conduct awareness raising activities such as no smoking campaigns, cancer awareness events and blood donation drives.

Students with medical needs or disabilities who require regular assistance on the campus may submit a medical report from their physician stating their health condition and special requirements.

All health records, forms and documentations are securely stored. The release or transfer of medical Information requires patient's approval, unless legally authorized, or in a life-threatening situation.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance is mandatory for all students under a Canadian University Dubai visa. Students not under a Canadian University Dubai visa who wish to apply for the health insurance are welcome to do so, please visit the Health Centre, or

email for additional information.

Location & Operating Hours

The Health Centre is located adjacent to the Hall B parking area. It operates the following schedule:

Weekdays: 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Weekends: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Contact Details

Direct Tel: + 971 4709 6207


Health Centre Staff

Karema Kim Fabillon R.N.

  • Nurse

License Number: DHA-P-0006761

Direct Tel: + 971 4709 6207

Cheenee Tolentino R.N.

  • Evening Nurse

License Number: DHA-P-0094203

Direct Tel: + 971 4709 6207

Dr. Hajer Albadry

  • Visiting Physician

License number: 00077656-004

Weekly visit: Tuesday and Wednesday

Timings: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

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Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is set to participate as a team (Students, Faculty & Staff members) in the upcoming Dubai Run on Friday, November 8th, 2019. CUD Students, Faculty & Staff members are invited to join #TeamCUD along with their families for the run. Transportation to the venue and t-shirts will be provided to all registered participants from CUD.

About the run:

For the first time, Sheikh Zayed Road will be open for a public fun run, giving you a unique, on-foot perspective of iconic buildings that you may normally miss!

The event is free and open to all, irrespective of age and ability, to foster a healthy community spirit and encourage people to take part in staying active together.

This event will be one of the highlights of this year’s Dubai Fitness Challenge calendar

Registration is essential prior to the event for all attendees.

Please note strollers and wheelchairs are permitted for the 5 km fun run, however, rollerblades and scooters are not allowed.

Details of the run:

  • Date: Friday, November 8th, 2019

  • Run Location: Sheikh Zayed Road

  • #TeamCUD Meeting point: CUD Front Parking (Hall A – Reception Area)

  • #TeamCUD Meeting time: 5:30 am (CUD Front Parking (Hall A – Reception Area)

  • #TeamCUD Group Picture: 5:45 am (at the venue)

  • Run Starts: 6:00 am

  • Distance: 5 kms

T-shirts will be provided to all the participants. Register now to order your T-shirt & collect your passes. Deadline to register to get your t-shirts is Monday, November 4th, 2019


08-11-2019 05:30 AM


Sporting Events


  • Current Students

  • Faculty

  • Staff

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