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Career Service

Careers advice is available to assist students in developing their professional goals and objectives, and regular career workshops are held to provide support in finding employment and preparing for life in the workplace. The aim is to make students career conscious and start building their life skills early on. All students are welcome to attend to start improving their life skills and employability, especially final year students.

In career workshops, students can learn how to create a professional CV, design a cover letter, develop their interview skills, use networking and negotiate an offer.

Our mission

The mission of the Career Services is to make a student’s transition from university to professional life a success story. This is meant to be a shared success; therefore, the Career Center invites you to collaborate and work together with your professors, internship mentors, and use the services and resources of the Career Services throughout your studies. Participate in events, start thinking about your career plans and set SMART career goals from your first year on. The Career Center will work to motivate you to take action and discover your possibilities, using your resources strategically. Throughout all events and one-on-one sessions, we will work on improving your life skills and employability, preparing you to enter the 21st century job market.

How can I benefit from Career Services?

Regardless of year of studies, major or interest, every student can benefit from the following services:

  • Advice on career related matters – job and internship search strategies, setting career goals, objectives and a step-by-step plan

  • Improving career correspondence (CV, thank you notes)

  • Improving profiles and visibility on career platforms

  • Assistance in finding internships, part-time or volunteer opportunities

  • Workshops to develop interview skills, online and offline networking and personal branding

  • Our annual Career Fair to be introduced to companies and organizations

Watch how Career Services can help you get ahead in life


Choosing a career path can be challenging, and an industry-based internship can help you to explore and evaluate your career options while still at University.

Canadian University Dubai works with a wide range of partner companies to provide students with the opportunity to put into practice the skills and concepts learned in the classroom. The internship is an important experiential and academic component of each program and is compulsory for all undergraduate majors.

During an internship, students work for 150-180hrs (dependent upon the program) either on a part-time or full-time basis. Full-time internships involve 30-35hrs per week and part-time internships involve 15-20hrs per week. The host company/organization provides professional staff members to take the student forward in their learning experience.

Internships at CUD are managed by the Career Services, and all open positions will be communicated to you internally on Moodle under Career Services Section.

If you are about to graduate or are a fresh student, prepare your CV and send it to for review indicating “CV Review” in the subject.

Student Sponsorship Liaison Office

The Student Sponsorship Liaison Office plans, develops and administers the Sponsorship program at the Canadian University Dubai. It facilitates the coordination between sponsoring organizations and the sponsored students. It provides full support needed to achieve the highest return on investment.

Value Added Services – The Key to Success

Canadian University Dubai offers participating sponsoring partners with the following set of value-added services:

  • Annual onsite employee orientation session: CUD Admission staff and faculty provide a one-day orientation session to participating partners’ employees looking for higher education options.

  • Personalized admission and registration services: CUD’s Community Outreach Office provides personalized assistance to prospective students throughout their admission and registration process.

  • Continuous monitoring and reporting on the academic progression of sponsored students during their enrollment at CUD.

  • Constructive counseling and guidance to sponsored students throughout the academic year.

  • Invitation to CUD Corporate Open House events throughout the year.

  • Assistance with any other related administrative matters.

Fees and Charges Covered by Sponsors

Fees and charges coverage vary from one sponsoring organization to the other. Sponsoring organizations typically cover:

  • Tuition fees

  • Accident insurance

  • Activity fees

  • Residential halls

  • Text books

  • TOEFL/IELTS tests and courses.

Moving Forward – How Students Can Start at CUD

Once the scholarship process is internally completed, the sponsoring organization must submit their “Sponsorship Confirmation” letter to CUD highlighting the covered fees and charges. Once received, the prospective student should approach the Student Sponsorship Liaison Office to initiate his/her admission and registration process.

Rules for Sponsored Students

  • Abide by the rules and regulations of Canadian University Dubai and the sponsoring organization.

  • Abide by the rules and regulations of the Sponsorship Program.

  • Obtain formal approval from sponsoring organization before altering their academic status at CUD.

  • Formally notify the sponsoring body before adding/dropping any program.

For more information, contact the Student Sponsorship Liaison Office at +971 4 709 6843 or

Career Fair Preparation Workshop supports students to explore career aspirations

March 19th, 2019: In preparation for the Canadian University Dubai annual Career Fair on April 10th, the Career Services Department held a preparation day aimed at helping students get the most out of their interaction with employers. The event was organized by Ms. Naoise Lane, Career Services and Internship Coordinator, on behalf of the Department of Student Affairs.

The first part of the event was devoted to a review of student CVs and Ms. Naoise commended the students on their professional approach to their tasks.

The facilitator of the event was Yomna Selim, Success Executive at Oliv Recruitment and Account Management. Formerly InternsME, Oliv’s mission is to reduce MENA youth unemployment by facilitating career support; the organization has grown from an intern recruitment portal to supporting early careers – from internships, to volunteering, part-time jobs and graduate jobs.

Oliv has also used tech projects to enable UAE youth to match their skills with company needs and built internship programs for businesses to help them maximize their talent base.

Ms. Naoise and Ms.Yomna provided the students with advice on how to approach prospective employers, with recommendations including dressing to impress and creating a good impression; carrying out extensive research on target employers; developing a unique approach to the employer e.g. a video CV; and making sure to add the employer to their LinkedIn account to grow their networks.

As a result of the event, the students are now much better prepared to approach prospective employers with greater confidence.

CUD Career Services Prepare Students for Professional Success

Students at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) have been taking advantage of a comprehensive package of guidance and support services from leading names in the career development arena, as they prepare to pursue their professional development goals for 2017.

Facilitated by Orsi Urban, Work Placement and Careers Coordinator at CUD, students have benefitted from a series of skills development and profile-building workshops, delivered by representatives from the University’s strategic careers partner,; the UAE’s biggest internship jobs site, InternsME; and the World’s largest professional network, LinkedIn.

Taking an innovative and interactive approach to engaging students in career networking, John Fawls of LinkedIn UAE hosted a profile picture photo shoot, to help students create a professional image that they could use when setting up their own LinkedIn account. He also encouraged students to take full advantage of LinkedIn while still at university, to build professional networks that could be helpful in their future careers.

Meanwhile, InternsME representative, Noor Irfan, conducted an informal workshop to introduce students to different ways of engaging with prospective employers, demonstrating how a video CV could help candidates to stand out from the crowd, and providing tips on how to achieve a high-ranking professional profile.

Representing CUD’s strategic careers partner,, Hatem Hannoun provided students with an insight into the art of CV writing. Through interactive case studies he demonstrated to students how best to represent themselves in the context of the UAE jobs market.

Hatem said, “At, we encourage students to begin creating their CVs during their university years, because a CV acts as an individual’s timeline. Rather than face the daunting task of having to look back upon graduation and think of the courses, projects, and internships they did during their time as a student, they can start building a CV on an easy-to-use career site like, adding their experiences while the information is still fresh in their head.

“Moreover, a CV can act as a career guide, helping to make the next decision while maintaining an overview perspective of one’s career development, and to assess whether their next course, project or potential internship experience aligns with their career goals.”

Speaking about the workshop, student Elvira Aggoune said, “It provided very useful information and tips on how people look for the right candidate and how you can be that candidate, by building a customized CV that highlights relevant skills and shows an understanding of the job description. The workshop was very beneficial to us as undergraduate students as we don’t yet have much experience of reaching out to employers, so it helped us to focus on what companies are looking for and how best to present ourselves.”

Big Businesses Seek Top Talent at CUD Career Fair

More than 20 international corporations and UAE-based companies have been seeking out the next generation of young professionals ready to make their mark in the regional workforce at the Canadian University Dubai (CUD) annual career fair hosted on campus today.

Global brands including Hilton Worldwide and Audi Volkswagen sat alongside leading local enterprises such as Union Coop and Ducab to engage with CUD students and graduates looking to find opportunities in their chosen professional fields; from business, media and design, to engineering, technology and healthcare.

A wide range of employment and internship opportunities were on offer to students and graduates, with several companies conducting interviews for immediate and forthcoming vacancies during the career fair itself.

Representatives from VFS Tasheel came to CUD in search of talented interns for roles in finance and communications. Priyanka Padiyar, Corporate Communication Manager, said, “We’re looking to hire young self-starters with a fresh perspective to support our communications strategies. It is these young people that have the new ideas and insights we need, along with a good knowledge of social media, which is why we are here today.”

This year saw a strong representation from companies looking to engage with students from CUD’s unique set of programs in the School of Public Health & Health Sciences, with Dubai Health Authority, Emirates Environmental Group and Médecins Sans Frontières all in attendance. Students from CUD’s renowned design programs were also in demand with several architecture, engineering and home interior companies also on campus.

Following a successful outcome from last year’s fair, the Gulf branch of established architectural practice, Brewer Smith and Brewer, were back in search of young design talent. Head of Design, Armin Buchbinder, said, “We took on a CUD intern last year who was able to get involved in various aspects of the business and develop a wide range of experience in a short space of time. This year, again, we are looking for young people with a good portfolio and the enthusiasm to get involved in every opportunity.”

The event was organized by CUD Work Placement and Career Coordinator, Ms Orsi Urban, who said, “We support our students with a wide array of career development workshops that aim to equip young talent with the right skills to successfully navigate the Career Fair. It is exciting to see our students make an outstanding impression on the participating employers and to further their career through this event.”

With a number of successful outcomes from previous editions of the annual event, it is expected that the 2017 Career Fair will bring about exciting, long-term career opportunities for many student and graduate participants.

Students Look to Shape Their Future with Leading Real Estate Group

Students at Canadian University Dubai (CUD) have been given an exclusive insight into employment opportunities with one of the world’s most valuable real estate development companies, during a recent visit from representatives of the Emaar Properties Group.

Under the title ‘Shape your future with Emaar’ students received a presentation from representatives of Emaar’s business development and human resource teams, who shared details about the wide range of executive employment and internship opportunities available for students and graduate across various professional disciplines.

The exclusive career insight session revealed candidates’ prospects for multi-disciplinary and international exposure, as the group now boasts divisions in hospitality, retail, residential, mall and office developments, and operates in more than 25 cities across 13 countries. The presentation also gave an insight into the corporate culture of what is one of the UAE’s best known business organizations.

Also on the agenda was the group’s new ‘Brill’ initiative, an innovative online community aiming to connect brilliant minds across the UAE. Students were introduced to the web-based initiative, which seeks to bring forward solutions to everyday issues from all areas of society, and they were encouraged to present their own innovations through the new, anonymous, problem-solving platform.

Making Career Fairs Work for you

Advice from CUD’s strategic career partner on how to make the most out of a career fair.

It is a pleasure to be an Engineering student at CUD for the resources it provides. CUD’s Telecommunications program provides state of the art equipment for hands on experience in the labs, which helps the students understand the theoretical concepts through experimentation. Another benefit is that CUD students are given the opportunity to interact directly with their professors, which is an asset many students around the world don’t have.

I wanted to combine my love of science and communication in my higher education, which led me to the Telecommunication Engineering degree. As a Canadian citizen based in the Middle East, Canadian University Dubai was the perfect choice for me. The faculty members here are extremely helpful and proactive in bringing real life into the classroom through applied projects and industry guest lectures.

Outside of the classroom, there are always opportunities to learn new things, whether by taking part in competitions, or through course-related internships. I have also enjoyed contributing to the university in other ways, as a member of the Student Council and a volunteer for various events and activities, which has helped improve my employability and enhanced my overall university experience.

I wanted to develop an understanding of how businesses can effectively engage with international markets so that I would be able to add real value to organizations that are seeking to develop globally. I chose Canadian University Dubai because it gave me the opportunity to actually study internationally too, through the Canadian transfer and exchange options.

The courses are very interesting and the program gives me the opportunity to conduct internships with foreign companies, and multinational corporations. The professors are extremely supportive, as is the whole university atmosphere. For me, Canadian University Dubai provides everything I need for a great university experience.

CUD MBA is the most prestigious qualification in the world. It offers the potential for talented young professionals to place themselves in the shop window for the highest paying recruiters in the world. Companies like Emaar, Dubai Investments, Mubadala, RTA , Microsoft, Fed Ex, Marriot and Shuaa Capital treat the MBA qualification as essential for career changers seeking to join their firms. Having my MBA from CUD has given me the extra boost and credibility at work. The program offers so many different options and makes the balancing act of life, school, and work very simple. I really enjoyed the CUD MBA program and I am thankful for the opportunity, the professors and classmates. Signs Mou with the Canadian University of Dubai to Promote Entrepreneurship

Students will benefit from internships, lectures, keynotes from industry leaders and startup incubators

Dubai, UAE, February 6th, 2013: In a major initiative announced today jointly between the Canadian University Dubai and ecommerce leader in the region,, students will have access to internships, lectures and mentoring from industry pioneers to nurture their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Saygin Yalcin, vice president, stated: "If you have a look around the world, the hotbed for entrepreneurial activity is most often universities. It is in their university years that students think big and take risks. We want to nurture their ambitions by mentoring them through interactive lectures and internships.

He added: "The Canadian University Dubai is one of the most modern educational institutions in the region. As such, we are confident that through this partnership we will learn a lot from the young minds at the University."

Buti Saeed Al Ghandi, Chancellor of the Canadian University Dubai stated: "The skills a student garners through internships and interactions from those in the industry are a necessity. We are glad that an industry pioneer like, has set an example by devoting their resources to nurture and mentor the young minds in region with this unique partnership".

This first of kind MoU also will result in collaboration on general program courses emphasizing entrepreneurship, research initiatives, and an annual industry conference on entrepreneurship.

Canadian University Dubai to participate in €4 million project to promote education in green technologies

September 12th, 2019: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) is among a consortium of international higher education institutions aiming to promote advanced learning in green technologies through a European Union (EU) funded project worth over 4 million euros.

Dr. Adel Ben Mnaouer, Professor of Engineering in CUD’s Faculty of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology, will collaborate as an associate partner in the GrEen NetworkIng And cLoud computing (GENIAL) project consortium, which has attracted funding from the EU’s Erasmus Mundus program to develop a joint master degree program in this niche area of sustainable technology.

The consortium comprises of prominent European institutions, including Luleå University of Technology in Sweden, France’s University of Lorraine, and Leeds Beckett University, based in the UK. It also draws upon the expertise of eminent professors, such as Dr. Mnaouer, representing academic institutions across Europe and around the globe.

Dr. Mnaouer will act in a strategic advisory role in the development and delivery of the joint master degree, as well as giving lectures, seminars and supervising thesis topics. Speaking about the significance of the program, Dr. Mnaouer said, “As computer networking infrastructure evolves, one of the biggest challenges we face is the demand that it places on our energy resources, not simply powering the equipment, but also cooling the facilities where it is housed.”

He continued, “The practice of green networking seeks to reduce energy consumption by establishing shared data centres and positioning them in colder environments, thereby creating economies of scale and reducing energy consumption related to cooling. As the demand for cloud-based technology continues to grow, the aim of this joint master program is to develop individuals with the specialist knowledge in energy aware networking and computing so that we can continue to advance this infrastructure in an increasingly sustainable way.”

The project funding has been awarded by the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree initiative, which is a prestigious international study program that supports the development and delivery of top-quality degrees through academic cooperation between EU countries and the rest of the world. It is a highly competitive scheme, funding less than 50% of project proposals received, and the GENIAL program is anticipated to attract the top tier of technology graduates from elite institutions to embark on this innovative master program.

CUD Signs Landmark MOU with RAKEZ

November 20th, 2018 CUD Boardroom: Representatives from Canadian University Dubai and Ras Al Kaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) signed an MOU to establish formal links between the two organizations.

The MOU will provide benefits for both parties by encouraging the development of SME entrepreneurship in the UAE. The collaboration with RAKEZ provides CUD students with fundamental resources to establish themselves in industry.

Students from the university will be able to visit the zone, establish contact with and gain hands on experience from existing entrepreneurs, leading to a greater understanding of what is involved in starting up your own business. Internships and Job placements will also be available to CUD students.

To further cement the relationship, representatives from RAKEZ will be available to deliver workshops and lectures for our students with a reciprocal arrangement whereby RAKEZ will have access to CUD programs and courses through our Corporate Training Program.

CUD was represented by Dr. Rami El Khatib, Dr. Eyyad Al Khalaileh and Dr. Hamoud Dekkiche representing faculty along with Mr Hennie Ferreira, Mr. Jeries Khayyat and Mr. Brian Banford representing CUD administration.

Signing on behalf of RAKEZ was Mr. Taner Topcu, Director of Academic Zone who was accompanied Mr. Mohammed Al Dhuhoori, Acting Senior Director of Strategy and Mr. Hussain Al Shamaa, Academic Zone Manager.

Ras Al Kaimah Economic Zone is a world class investment destination established to oversee, regulate and consolidate the services, facilities and zones of Ras Al Kaimah Freezone and RAK Investment Authority.

Speaking on behalf of CUD, Mr. Brian Banford, Chief Advancement Officer for the Canadian University Dubai commented “ the collaboration between RAKEZ and CUD is extremely significant to the future economy of the UAE. As an educational institution CUD prides itself in producing the next leaders of the UAE at all levels.

By partnering with RAKEZ we are providing assurances that these young leaders succeed in their endeavors once they leave university. This partnership allows us to have an open dialogue to provide better resources for young people wishing to become entrepreneurs.”