Does your university as a body have programmes to assist students who fall into the bottom 20% of household income group in the country to successfully complete their studies?

Corporate Incentives

Canadian University Dubai (CUD) aims to support the development of the UAE by promoting a culture of lifelong learning as part of its corporate and social responsibility. Therefore, CUD is pleased to offer the following value added education incentives to our participating corporate partners.

The Key to Success – Value Added Services

Canadian University Dubai is committed to the academic success of our students. Therefore, in addition to the posted fee reductions, the University offers our participating partners the following personalized employee educational advising services:

  • Annual onsite employee orientation session: CUD admission staff and faculty provide a one day orientation service to our participating partners’ employees interested in furthering their education objectives at CUD.

  • Invitation to CUD Corporate Open House events throughout the year.

  • Personalized admission services: CUD’s Community Outreach Office provides personalized attention to each employee throughout their admissions process.

Fee Reductions

CUD recognizes academic excellence through a wide range of financial incentives for our corporate partners, reflecting all levels of academic achievement.

Graduate Programs (MBA)

  • Automatic 10% fee reduction to all our participating partner employees wishing to study MBA for groups of 12 employees or more.

  • Automatic 5% fee reduction to individual employees wishing to study MBA.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Automatic 15% fee reduction to all our participating partner employees wishing to study in any of CUD’s five undergraduate schools for 12 employees or more.

  • Automatic 10% fee reduction to individual employees wishing to study in any of CUD’s five undergraduate schools.

  • Fee reductions are also extended to the children (aged 16-25) of employees of participating corporate partners; terms and conditions apply.

Academic Excellence (Undergraduate)

  • Automatic 20% tuition waiver, awarded to all our participating partner employees with a high school average of 85% and above. This Award grants a 20% waiver on tuition only for the first semester. 10% automatic fee reduction available on all subsequent semesters.

  • Fee reductions are extended to children of employees of participating corporate partners; terms and conditions apply.


In addition to the above automatic fee reductions, Canadian University Dubai is pleased to offer our participating partner employees a selection of scholarship opportunities. CUD scholarships provide up to 100% waiver on admission fees; terms and conditions apply.


Certificate Programs

Automatic 25% fee reduction to all our participating partner employees wishing to study in any of CUD’s short-term, certificated career programs. Terms and conditions apply.

In case a student qualifies for more than one reduction, scholarship or discount, the student will be given the chance to choose the benefit with the highest value.

CUD Announces Canada Day Scholarships at Business Council Event

June 6th, 2016: Canadian University Dubai (CUD) has announced the launch of its fourth annual Canada Day scholarship awards at a recent event to celebrate the country’s national day, organized by the Canadian Business Council in Dubai.

Established in partnership with the Canadian Embassy, the awards offer the opportunity for students from any nationality, who intend to start at CUD and then move to Canada for higher education, to obtain a 100% tuition fee scholarship for their first year of studies (terms and conditions apply). The initiative has run annually since 2013, to coincide with Canada’s national day on 1st July.

This year’s scholarships were announced by Mr. Brian Banford, Executive Director of Community Outreach and Corporate Relationships, at a gathering convened by the Canadian Business Council to mark the early celebrations for Canada Day 2016. Hosted in collaboration with CUD, Dubai Expat Canadians, and Canadian Alumni in the UAE, the event was also attended by Canadian Consul General, His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Kamarianakis.

Speaking during the celebrations, H.E. Mr. Kamarianakis said, “We are now in our 149th year and we are getting ready for the 150th year of Canada. We have set out an agenda moving forward which includes focusing on our diverse and multicultural societies, focusing on our first nations society, focusing on our youth, growing our economy and growing our society.”

CUD aims to align with this agenda through the Canada Day scholarship; to promote the development of young people and to act as an enabler in their contribution to the advancement of wider society. As well as celebrating the University’s bonds with Canada, the scholarships promote the shared values of cultural diversity, academic excellence and global citizenship.

This year’s scholarships will support two students to embark upon an accredited degree program at CUD starting in September 2016.

To apply, please write to with the following documents:

  • Your passport

  • Your high school transcript

  • A 300 words personal statement that clearly expresses your intent to start at Canadian University Dubai and then move to Canada for higher education.

Last day to receive applications: Monday, 1st August, 2016

Academic advising at CUD

The University holds orientation sessions at the beginning of each academic year, and all freshmen admitted to Canadian University Dubai programs are required to attend. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar to find the exact dates of orientation sessions.

During these sessions, students will have a chance to meet with the faculty, program coordinators, and University administrators, who will help them with the following:

  • Familiarize them with the credit system of education followed by Canadian University Dubai

  • Understand and become familiar with the degree requirements

  • Interpret test and placement scores

  • Clarify major and/or career options

  • Select appropriate courses to optimize their academic performances

  • Understand academic warnings and progression policies

  • Review the academic records of graduating students

  • Familiarize them with University services; Learning Resource Centre (LRC), information technology, laboratories, student services, student councils, etc.

  • For existing students who are achieving subpar results in a course or are not performing up to their expectations, a meeting with an advisor will be scheduled.

CUD Professor Gains Further Recognition

In addition to her nomination for “Best Academic Professor Award” by the Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties (ASDF), Dr. Franziska Apprich has also been recognized as an “Outstanding Scientist” by the Venus International Foundation, an organization devoted to celebrating creative minds in the world and which recognizes qualified and highly cited research professionals, committed to finding solutions to the daunting challenges faced in an ever changing world.

This award was established in 2015 to recognize contribution to fundamental discoveries, new theories, or Insights which have had an impact on Dr. Fran’s discipline and beyond.

To achieve the Award Dr. Fran was required to be recognized and documented with corresponding successes in research including grants, patents, collaboration with industries/institutions, contracts and publications (articles and books).

Dr. Fran attributed the success of achieving the award to her pioneering work in the field of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) a method to overcome exam anxiety; using gaming platforms as part of learning; implementation of artificial intelligence as part of classroom learning; identifying space awareness and space creative commercial opportunities; using social entrepreneurship and employing stimulation of all five senses as part of her teaching methods. The latter includes a proposal for Expo2020 for the creation of an “all senses class-room chair” in collaboration with her students. This chair will stimulate students via seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling; often overcoming problems encountered by different types of learners and incorporating special needs stimuli to succeed. “We all are talented…we just need to find access to these talents and bring them all together.

Dr. Fran has also published and researched “the benefits of an education of the heart’”; as Aristotle claimed: “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”.

“We need to care for our students and inspire them, mentoring rather than teaching, stimulating rather than grading and believing in our students rather than seeing them as a number. To be a professor is a privilege, a huge responsibility and a good professor can change the world for the better.”

Quick Facts about CUD

  • City Walk campus in the heart of Dubai

  • Opportunity to graduate in Canada

  • 50+ international partners

  • 30+ degree programs

  • International program accreditation/certification

  • 120+ student nationalities

Join us at City Walk

Our expanded City Walk campus hosts state-of-the-art amenities focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation, and a non-conventional approach to teaching and learning. Combining all the essential elements of technology, the avant-guarde campus will bring a new experience to students.

City Walk is an open-concept, urban destination in the heart of downtown Dubai with hundreds of dining and entertainment options alongside Downtown skyscrapers. Its ideal location, vibrant community, and contemporary architecture make it a desirable destination for students to learn, innovate, and explore.

The City Walk campus includes:

  • Laboratories

  • Research Facilities

  • Media Studios

  • High-tech Classrooms

  • Multipurpose Theatre

  • Gymnasium

  • Dedicated Student Centre

  • Dining and Entertainment Options

and much more!

15% Study Scholarship*

Receive a 15%* fee reduction when you enrol for Fall 2021

In addition to other scholarships you may qualify for (up to 60% in fee reductions available)

All prospective students are eligible to apply.

Terms and conditions apply

AED 10 Million in scholarships

Canadian University Dubai and GEMS Education have announced a partnership that will offer scholarships exclusively to GEMS Education students. The value of the scholarships is AED10 million.

GEMS Education students who study at Canadian University Dubai will be able to study both at the Dubai and Canadian campuses. Choosing to study in Canada will offer a unique career boost for students, as the country offers a path to citizenship once an international student earns a post-secondary degree from a Canadian university.

  • All GEMS Education students will be granted a 15% scholarship to undergraduate programs over and above CUD scholarships*

  • All children of GEMS Education employees will be granted a 20% scholarship on undergraduate programs*

  • CUD will provide 4 annual scholarships to GEMS Education students going from 40% to 100%**

GEMS Education, Canadian University Dubai Announce Scholarships Worth Dh10 Million

GEMS Education and Canadian University Dubai have announced a partnership that will offer scholarships exclusively to GEMS students. The value of the scholarships is AED10 million.

Starting this academic year 2018-2019, Canadian University Dubai will offer a series of scholarships exclusively for GEMS students. Scholarship amounts will vary depending on course of study and the academic merit of GEMS students.

GEMS students who study at Canadian University Dubai will be able to study both at the Dubai and Canadian campuses. Choosing to study in Canada will offer a unique career boost for students, as the country offers a path to citizenship once an international student earns a post-secondary degree from a Canadian university.

GEMS announced the launch of the UniConnect programme last year. The programme is set to include a series of strategic partnerships designed to provide scholarships and financial aid to GEMS students seeking admission at universities within the region and across the globe.

This first partnership with Canadian University Dubai also provides for dedicated career training for GEMS students.

Dr. Karim Chelli, President of Canadian University Dubai, said: “This partnership with GEMS Education illustrates our deep commitment to ensuring a transformational education experience for our students. We also recognise that strong relationships with partners such as GEMS Education enable us to build and shape future leaders.”

Dino Varkey, CEO of GEMS Education, said: “We are proud to announce Canadian University Dubai as our first partner with UniConnect. We look forward to partnering with many more universities in the UAE and internationally – including the Ivy League – as part of our commitment to making quality education accessible for all our students throughout their schooling and beyond.”

Buti Al Ghandi, Chancellor of Canadian University Dubai, commented: “Canadian University Dubai is a locally and regionally ranked, student-centred research university with a global perspective. Our students benefit from the extensive group of partnerships we have with prestigious Canadian Universities across Canada - making us the only university in the region to offer a clear path towards a Canadian Education.”

CUD President Presents Canadian Perspectives in Learning at World Education Summit

March 28th, 2016: President and Vice Chancellor of Canadian University Dubai, Pr. Karim Chelli, has been sharing his expert insights into the Canadian system of higher education at the sixth annual World Education Summit, held recently in Dubai.

Speaking under the theme ‘Learning from the Big Four global education destinations’, Pr. Chelli shared his experience of working across a number of academic institutions in Canada, a country that is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading nations in the higher education ecosystem.

Pr. Chelli’s prepared address focused on the key elements that define Canadian higher education, including the regulatory, legislative and quality assurance frameworks that set the standards for the system.

His presentation to the audience of senior policy makers and practitioners ultimately concentrated on the factors that distinguish Canadian higher education on the international stage, including how the methodology for learning validation is central to the success of graduates of the Canadian system.

Pr. Chelli said, “The Canadian model is built upon outputs, rather than inputs. Learning outcomes are the backbone of the system, meaning that students must demonstrate the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies against a verified matrix.

“Graduates are therefore better equipped for employment as job-related capabilities have already been assessed during their higher education. This system supports validation and accountability, and with the harmonization of learning outcomes, promotes recognition, advancement and lifelong learning.”

Pr. Chelli was among a lineup of distinguished speakers invited to address the Summit, which brought together government officials and senior representatives from top institutions to exchange ideas on the future of global higher education.

Canadian University of Dubai Represented at Strategic Conference on Higher Education

Dr. Hakim Khaili, Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Dr. Kathy O'Sullivan, Executive Director of Student Affairs, have represented Canadian University Dubai at a strategic workshop on higher education held under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The workshop, held at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University in Dubai, was part of the Coordination Council for Higher Education and Scientific Research initiative to bring universities together to work on strategies to promote student retention in higher education institutions in the UAE.

The causes of dropout of students from Government or private higher education were discussed, taking into account the results of the recent survey conducted by a joint team of the Ministry of Higher Education and educational institutions. The workshop participants, drawn from a number of universities across the UAE, worked in different groups and took the opportunity to present their strategic recommendations to His Excellency Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan.